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Why i am failing again and again – how to face failure

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Why i am failing again and again – how to face failure

In today’s time the number of successful people is very low and the number of failed people is high, the level of competition is becoming more difficult at the present time, due to which the number of successful students is getting decreased, to achieve every success For the same level of diligence is required, if we choose the contest according to our capacity, we will achieve success, we will not fail you on this page About Arno’s elaborate.

Due to fail

Negative people

You get a lot of people in life, in which some people have little ability to think, those people themselves are not successful, and they tell many reasons for their failure, which seems right at the time, but this does not happen These people are of negative view, the percentage of failure and success depends on your thinking.

Dedication to goal

People are successful in their lives, those who are devoted to their goal, many people dream big dreams in life, but due to laziness, they can not achieve their goal; such people are very indifferent and Today’s work stops on tomorrow.

Do not accept education properly

Acceptance of education means not only to achieve bigger degrees but rather to better knowledge of the area related to that degree.

lack of discipline

If every student learns to live in discipline from the beginning, then he always lives in life-long discipline, there is a lot of discipline within the students, due to which he can not achieve success, you should try to remain disciplined, Read the books of successful people and watch the videos of mutual videos, this will change in you.

Good health

The more you work, the more you will need to pay attention to your health, so take special care of your health, otherwise it will have a very negative effect.

Decrease in decision-making ability

Those who want to succeed, they have greater ability to make decisions, they make the right decisions from time to time, they have the benefit and some people do not have the ability to make decisions, know the time After this they know that, such people have to face a lot of loss.

Decrease in concentration

When we think of doing many tasks together, there is a lot of concentration inside us and we are unable to attain a definite goal, which we put on the other side.

New change in ideas

New thoughts should come from time to time in you, it will come only when you try to understand the thoughts of others, you always try to understand others, use your discretion to understand, you are good for yourself Knowledge should happen, then you will succeed.

Here, we told you about failure, if there is any kind of question related to your information, or want to get any information related to it, then you can tail it through the comments box, Waiting for feedback and suggestions made by

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How to face failure :

Identifying Your Negative Thoughts

After failing in the exams, you have negative thoughts in your mind automatically. So you start hating yourself and blame yourself and look at your life negatively because of so much of your life. So you recognize your negative thoughts. As in the case of this, I can not pass this examination, I am not as smart as others, as many negative thoughts come to your mind. You have to identify them and in order to achieve success, those ideas will be converted into positive thoughts.

Tell yourself that this is temporarily

Friends, who is not, who has not seen failure in his work. All the big people even saw Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, failing in his work. But when you fail in the exam, you do not make that failure your life and you do not cry throughout the lifetime of that failure. It’s just a temporal failure that you should understand. And it should also be understood that my life is very big and I have to do very big things from this. Therefore, assuming that failure is a temporary and minor mistake, make preparations for your upcoming exam without tension and toppling the flag at the top of that exam.

Learn from your failures

Friends, maybe you will not agree with your failures, we learn the language that we can not learn any great teacher. If you do not create stress by failing in your failure and learn from that failure then you will get more experience than others to succeed in your field. So you have to analyze your failure and see what was right and what was wrong? I have not been able to make such a mistake because of their failures. In the friends, I want to say that when Thomas Edison failed 1000 times, he did not think that he failed 1000 times, but he thought that I have researched 1,000 methods of not making the bulb. Then today, he has illuminated the whole world. So you have to analyze your failure by analyzing it at that time.

View your role model

Friends, everyone has failed in his work in his life, and only after that failure he has achieved success. Friends, you just see Steve Jobs as the owner of an Apple company as a successful business man. But you do not see how many obstacles he has hit to reach this point. He has faced so many problems. When he was fired from his company, then he would have just kept himself ablished and now Apple is no longer a company. So friends, then you read the stories of your role models and motivate them so that you do not suffer from negative thoughts due to your fluctuations.

Do not Retire Be Present in the Present

Friends, when we fail in our exams, then we decide to leave that field and the experience we have has given rise to the waste and in other fields we do the work without experience or we can do our work Take comfort. But those people can never succeed in their life and in other fields also the problems of the flames. Therefore, after the failure of the friends, you have to work in the present and do your work and seek advice from experienced friends about it.

Revise your Study Method

Friends may be your wrong study method because of your failure. That is why we have to change the technique to do our studies and focus more on our studies. And never compare yourself to others. Because doing this results only negative emotions. Because every person has a special skill, nobody is equal. You choose the subject which you like and the subject you may be able to master.

Maintain self esteem

Friends failure can reduce your self esteem, but you do not have to take that failure to personal and you will not lose courage. Do not let yourself be ashamed when you fail and do not lose your self esteem. Friends, we know that to deal with this situation, it has to be very strong. Still, you think that, due to this minor failure, the value of the value is not reduced. At that time you are with those who can support you.

 Tell about it

Friends, when you have any failure or do not share any fear with anyone and keep it in your heart, then you make that pain bigger and that stays in tension due to that pain. So talk about your pain with your friends or family members and emptying your heart. By doing this, he can help you to overcome that pain. And that can give you experience that is useful to you. You can also share this talk with the online group and get help from them. You should remember that this failure does not matter to your life. You will have to face too much discomfort. But to achieve success you have to see your life as a game.

Friends, if you like this article, you can face your fluctuations in this way, then you should share it with your friends who want to face their problems.

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