How to Become a Tedx Speaker in India 2023 Updated



“What leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas”

And TEDx is a platform which makes ideas happen. Alright, so not beating around the bush any more, let me straight away enlighten you with what TEDx actually is. I know most of you are well acquainted with the ‘x’ factor which is largely present in TEDx. But for the ones who are completely oblivious to this remarkable platform, here I am to fill your pockets with all the information!

Before I go any further, let me ask you one simple question. How many of you have, at some point of time in your lives heard the speeches and experiences of some eminent personality? Now, this prominent personality could range from your school principal to the prime minister to any other person who holds all the corridors of powers! Well, I could see an array of hands raised. Perfect! So, I don’t think it’ll be an Achilles hill for you then, to understand what TEDx actually is. Sure I’ve knocked your socks off! Right?

TEDx is a magnificent event which provides people all over the world, a golden opportunity to listen to the experiences of some of the most renowned experts who are on the crest of a wave and have gained a lot of expertise in their own fields. The most striking feature of this event that could enthral anyone is that the TED talks are not just limited to one field of study and hence provide you with a glimpse of many fields in a short span of time. Be it study, dance, business, healthcare, or any other topic that strikes your mind and sometimes acts as a bee in your bonnet, this platform caters to all the fields. And who knows we might end up making some good connections with people of the same wavelength as ours if we attend this event.

Let me tell you something more. These experts might give us some proficient advice too which could be brimming with expectations and hopes, and might at some point in our life help us to break the back of a beast and jump to victory. So, I think that this is the best opportunity which could help people interact with experts who have a dab hand at something or the other in their own fields.

Now, what if you are one of those people who should not seek enlightenment by sitting in the audience of a TEDx event, but rather should surely be one of those deserving candidates for making a speech, then here’s some good news in store for you!

If you are seeking a platform to showcase your talents and struggles which you experienced while pedalling your canoe through hot waters and would love to share your experiences with the younger generation or perhaps the older one too, then there’s nothing better than TEDx!

Wondering how you could be there, standing right in the centre of the stage, sharing your experiences so that others can learn from them, then I’m here to your rescue! Follow these simple steps to victory

and rejoice!


‘‘An idea that can change their life’’

 So this means you need to dig the earth and scout for an idea that could have a great impact on the people. You don’t have to buy any superfluous idea. The idea could be as simple as ‘self-confidence strategies’. But what needs to make you stand out from others is the plan of execution that you adapt to execute your idea. Some people might think that we could garner self-confidence by making public speeches and appearances while some people believe that if we keep faith in ourselves, it would automatically reflect our confidence outside. So choose your idea which changed your life, your way of thinking and then knocks the audience down with a feather! So put up your thinking caps and go for it!


“Research is to see what everybody else has seen,

And to think what nobody else has thought”

 So the next step is to perform complete research about the various TEDx events that are going around in your area. Here’ some free advice for you! When you approach the TEDx organizers, don’t give them a harebrained idea. Introduce to them a theme which takes them unawares! Figure out the theme of their event and give them a mind-boggling and tempting idea to which they just cannot refuse!


Well, I know the next question which might be crossing your mind time and again is what if I couldn’t find a local TEDx event? Well then, you don’t have to feel down in the dumps at all! We all have heard about the most popular tool ‘social media’. Haven’t we? Yes! The social media will come to our rescue! Perform a thorough search and scout for Facebook pages of the TEDx organizers. Instagram can also be of great help to you.  Send them your profile for consideration. Let them get a taste of your exuberance and understand that you’re not just wool gathering out there. How about sending them your demo video too? Your persona could cut a dash and impress them and compel them to have you as their next speaker!

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“Those antique speeches are great, but they are a dime a dozen!”

 To avoid this situation, follow a more methodological approach. Many of the TEDx organizers accept applications for the post of ‘speakers’. So if you feel you have that spark in you which could ignite the world, then don’t wait for the other shoe to drop and send your applications to them. Now this application submission could be followed by an audition round where they could ask you to speak. Do a double take and charm them with your ‘speaking skills’. Well, there’s a question that is lingering in my mind. How will we come to know about such applications? Oh yes! You are right. We have to follow the Facebook pages of these organizers and also keep ourselves updated on their Instagram blogs and posts. Who knows these may provide us with a second bite at the cherry!

So, people, these were some of the easiest ways which could sail your canoe of becoming a speaker at TEDx. Find the aptest way out for yourself. The way, whose trails when you follow, lead you only to victory!


Bhanu Garg: