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How to become a medical representative

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How to become a medical representative

Friends if you want to become a Medical Representative. So in this article, I will tell you all these things that you are a Medical Representative (MR).

How should you get a job in this sector and should you have skills? How to prepare for Medical Representative interview. How to know which pharma company has vacancy You will get all the information related to the Medical Representative job in this post.

Medical Representative

A Medical Representative (MR) is a person who markets and sells products of any pharmacy company. He has to meet a doctor in the hospital and nursing home, and tells him about his product, so that the doctor writes his company’s medicines to the patients. For this, makes good relations with the doctor and chemist

Career Scope in Medical Representative

The pharmacy sector is growing at an annual rate of 13 to 14 percent. Nowadays there is a lot of pharma companies. In such a situation, these companies need medical representatives (MR) to sell and promote the drug. Which makes it more likely to get jobs here.

Apart from this, there will always be demand for medicine. In today’s time, life without medicine can not be imagined. In this way, according to the way the demand for medicine is increasing, pharmaceutical companies are also increasing. With the rise of pharmaceutical companies, the demand for Medical Reoresentative is also increasing. Which can market and sell the products of these companies. Therefore, a very good career can be made in this field in Pharma Marketing i.e. as MR.

How to become Medical Representative

Friends, now it comes that you become a Medical Representative . To become a medical representative, you are at least a graduate, if you have done B-Farm or D-Pharma, it will help you to get more jobs. You must have the right way to communicate and have a basic understanding of English.

Medical Representative Qualification

If you want to pursue a career in healthcare i.e. pharma marketing, then you must be a graduate. If you are a graduate from any stream, you can still become an MR, not necessarily that you are a graduate from the medical sector or not. If you are a graduate in the pharma sector like you are B Pharma or D Pharma or you have a degree or diploma related to the Healthcare Industry, then you can easily find a job in this sector. Because you have an understanding of the Medicine Industry.

If you are from other sector then you will have to develop all the skills that are required for Pharma Marketing. You can learn these skills very easily. These skills like you improve your communication skills, basic knowledge of English language and you will have to get basic information related to medicines.

Nowadays, many institutions are offering Medical Representative courses or related courses. Pharma business marketing courses are also being conducted in its institutes. To do diploma course, you need to pass 12th with Science. For admission to PG Diploma or Degree you must have minimum B.Sc or BPharma. Apart from this, you can take a course in BBA (Pharma Business) after 12th (Maths and Biology). Which will be very beneficial for you.

Medical Representative skills

If you want to become a Medical Representative, then you must have basic understanding of communication skills, manner of talking, presentation skills, personality, body language and English.

Apart from this, you have to develop information about marketing skills and medicine.

Medical Representative Work

Now let us tell you what are the functions of Medical Representative. Medical Representative is the link between Pharmaceutical Compamies and Healthcare Professionals. The main job of Medical Representative (MR) is marketing and selling of its product. Through your marketing skills, the product has to settle in the doctor’s mind. So that the doctor can easily write your product. Apart from this, who are competitors in the market of their product.

Medical representatives have to go to the hospital and contact the doctor. He tells the doctor about his product. An MR tries to get his product in the doctor’s mind through his own marketing skills and communication skills. So that the doctor promotes and writes the product of that company more and more.

Medical Representative Interview

Friends, if you are a fresher in this sector and you want to get a job as a medical representative. So you should prepare for the interview in advance, which will increase your chances of selection. Before going for the interview, know about the profile of that company and what is the product of that company. And also gather information about which disease is the product for. For this, you can take help of any medical operator. Nowadays there are medical stores everywhere.

Because you can also be asked questions related to medicines in the interview, so you should prepare in advance. Which will increase your chances of getting selected.

I am telling you some common questions asked in interviews. If you can answer these questions correctly. So your selection will definitely be there. Along with this, while giving interviews, do not be afraid, nor should you have any hedges.

Some common questions asked in interviews

1) Introduce yourself / Tell me about yourself?
2) What is the medical representative role?
3) Do you know any of our company product.?
4) Why you interested to join in our company?
5) Why we select you?
6) Do you know about our company?
7) What is the expectation of your salary?
8) How do you see yourself in next 5 yrs?
9) What are your weaknesses?
10) What is your strent

Medical Representative salary

There is no shortage of money in the pharma sector. Here you can get the price spoken, just your work should also be that way. If you are a fresher then you can get salary from 8 thousand to 10 thousand. If you have the same experience then you will get salary according to the experience, this salary can range from 15 thousand to millions of rupees. Along with this, promotion also happens and salary also increases.

Medical Representative Training

The company provides skill development training to the candidates appointed in pharmacy companies. They are trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Salesmanship etc. Apart from this, the profile of doctors, knowledge of products and field training are also given, in which information about selling techniques is given. During the field training, the Fresh Medical Representative would have to work under a senior medical representative.

How to know about Medical Representative (MR) Job-

You can join MR’s WhatsApp group for medical representative job information, where the vacancy coming in many companies keeps on updating.

Apart from this, you can send your resume to the mail id of HR department on the site of pharma companies. Periodic advertisements also appear in newspapers. Apart from this, you can also visit You will also get information about the latest vacancy here. In addition to all these, make a familiarity with the drug distributors, stockists, as these people also know about the vacancy.

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