How to Advertise Your Real Estate Business on Facebook

how to advertise your real estate business on Facebookhow to advertise your real estate business on Facebook

how to advertise your real estate business on Facebook

Advertisement is a backbone for any business, whether it’s a new business or an old, regular advertising of your business products keep you in the race.

The standard mode of advertising is familiar from a century. Whether its print media, electronic media, or some other outdoor mode of advertising. Every business owner approaches various advertising methods based on their individual budget.

Since the social media started capturing the world, the advertising of products has been more easy and targeted to the selected range of consumers/customers. Real estate is one of the industries who is cheering benefits of giving advertisement through various social media portals. Facebook ranks at the top in all, because, it has more than 2 billion users associated with it.

Facebook have been successful to develop a community of people with wide range of their varieties in: –

  • Their living locations
  • Their living styles
  • Their living routines
  • Their travelling destinations
  • Their dreams or future plans etc.

Facebook users updates their profiles, their daily mood statuses, their plans, their timeline activities etc. over the face book page which helps server to read their various profile statuses and accordingly a solid database get created automatically.

Now, let’s understand from real estate agent’s perspective. Being a real estate agent, if you want to rent a home or to sell a flat, then, whom you will look for. Yes, you will look for someone who wants the similar home, have hobbies / activities which are available in the similar location where you are offering home.

Your given details related to facilities, location, price, uploaded pics etc. will help the buyer to decide about buying home and buyer will reach out to you.

Being a real estate agent, if you want to opt Facebook for advertisement, then, following points you should keep in your mind: –

  • Exact location
  • Complimentary Facilities
  • All-inclusive price
  • Nearby tourist locations
  • School/Hospital distance
  • General market distance
  • If on a rent, then all-inclusive rent amount
  • Agent’s commission
  • And share the same ad with all your friends/ subscribers so that they can share it further.
  • Upload pics of building/home/flat inside

If you give the above details in your ad, then this way you will target the customer who is looking for a similar home.

Now there is a special customized page is provided by Facebook where, it creates campaigns to target right goals, set an objective to get a quick result. You yourself can create and run campaigns by using some self-service tools, and liaise up with success check their performance with reports extraction.

Let’s have a look on a few pointers about how to publish your ad: –

  • Make a clear objective

Clear Objective- You should know your purpose behind giving this ad, your vision has to be clear. Whether you want to sell a house or rent a house or to sell a commercial property.  Facebook will accordingly help you out to target the similar viewers.

  • Target your ad viewers

As mentioned in above point, if your objective is clear, then accordingly you can reach out to the relevant viewers. For example, if you are giving ad for a commercial show room and audience who are watching the same ad is actual a student community, the, there will not be any logic to advertise amongst the students, hence the outcome of ad will be zero. So, it’s better your ads reach out to the relevant viewers.

  • Platform, whether on Facebook messenger or on Facebook page

Right platform is very important to give your ad. For example, if you give ad on messenger, then you will not exercise the other features of sharing etc. which is important in page based ads.  So take a thought and understand the various features of different platforms and then go for the right one.

  • Cost analysis

Make a cost sheet for yourself which includes the tenure of your ad. You should anticipate the ad result and accordingly give the length to your ad. Otherwise, later you will find that you have exhausted your budget and you might in a miserable situation.

  • Template

Facebook is capable to accept any mode of ad, i.e. Video clip, image, or a slide show. You have to decide about your mode which is matching with your product. For example, if you’re giving an ad for a flat then it must be with a slide show view so that viewer can see the maximum pics of flat and can visualize it.

  • Post and then Track your ad

After meeting all previously mentioned points, now you can proceed to post your ad.

You can now see the performance of running ad, by checking the comments, viewers, trend of hits etc. You can also create a customized dash board and present it to others for suggestions.

After a few days of tracking, now you should do measuring. See the outcome of your ad, whether you have been successful to receive responses from the people who are looking for a home or any commercial property.

If you find the responses are not so good, then you will have to change your strategy by adding few more contents in your ad to attract viewers. and, you can refer to question and answer cell or reviews cell to answer the queries raised by viewers. Basis on your reply on query raised by viewers comfort them to understand that it’s a genuine deal and dealer is also approachable to answer all queries before raising for the deal.

Facebook is a cheaper and effective mode of advertising for a real estate world, one should advertise with proper tactics and tools to track the performance. Facebook ad industry is growing rapidly because it gives a strength to your business by reaching out Facebook users so easily, and it also has no time frame in a day to be available for viewers as it will be right there on Facebook page on 24*7 basis.

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