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How 2018 will be the year of Digital Marketing?

How 2018 will be the year of Digital Marketing?

How 2018 will be the year of Digital Marketing?
How 2018 will be the year of Digital Marketing?

The upbringing of the last year was a pleasant ride for the digital marketers. The New Year 2018 is all set to shoot high, and bamboozle you with the change that is going to rock the digital marketing world. Indeed, the reason why 2018 will be the year of the digital marketing is clear. Many of the tech-giants and other big investors will play their cards in the digital marketing world.

What changes will come up this year?

Augmented reality

One of the biggest come-back will be the augmented reality in the social media platforms. Although the augmented reality is not new to us, still to touch the million hearts competitors are ready to beat the Pokémon-Go. Facebook has already declared about their running project, and various other platforms are also working on giving their users the experience of augmented reality.


We all know what chatbots are! Facebook has already installed it in their messenger. Other social media networks will also come up with their chatbots. Several agencies or businesses use these chatbots to communicate with their potential clients. Maybe social media will use them to get hold on their users.

Apart from the social media, the Google is also active to help the audience in increasing their social network experience.

 Neural Machine translation

Translation services provided by Google are one of a kind. And now it is all set to launch even better, Neural Machine Translation.  The system will now translate the whole sentence instead of the discrete words.

Built-in translate for Chrome

To make the services even more accessible, with the partnership with the Google Translate and the Google Chrome, a built-in translate will be available for the Chrome users. The Neural Machine Translation built into Chrome will be made available to same nine Indian languages.


Gboard in 22 languages

With an update, it has launched a new text editing tool which makes it easier to select, copies, paste and resize the keyboard so as to fits into your hand. Also, just like the Google Indic keyboard, Gboard has an auto-correction for the typos.

Auto translated local reviews in Maps

The Google Maps helps many to find their destination each day of the year. Now the users can see the reviews of the places they want in their own language.  All they need to do is, launch the Google Maps; open the reviews and they will get the reviews in both the original as well as the language of your device.

 Machine Learning and AI- An opportunity to catch

One of the hotly debated topics these days is the role of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the institutions. ML and AI have come up as a blessing in disguise for the increasing demands for quality in the corporate world. They will revolutionize the Human Resource (HR) department and will soon to replace it.

ML and AI have are coming up with a lot of opportunities for HR department. They can single-handedly do screening of the candidates, anticipation of the turnover and employee’s appraisals.

 Deep learning- Again a new player

Deep Learning is basically a subset of it, which is a refined version of the AI. Now, the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Is the capability of a machine to intimate the intelligent human behavior. AI’s bottlenecks are handled by Machine Learning (ML), of which is handled by Deep learning.

Unlike AI and ML, Deep learning uses the neural networks to stimulate the human like decision making. Self driving cars, and voice controlled assistance provided in the I Phone are some of the examples of Deep learning using decisions from human behavior.

How will Deep Learning bring a change?

Crowd source tutoring

Now with the inception of crowd source tutoring, it is possible to get help from the peers even from the distant places. AI and ML are responsible for crowd source tutoring, but Deep Leaning has steered up this new system. More and more platforms are coming up with the crowd source tutoring to help learners.

Complementing In

Deep learning will solve the biggest problem, of to teach learners according to their pace. Now, learners can get things at their own pace, also it helps the professors to identify and rectify the mistakes in their teaching.


Old Infrastructure problem

The infrastructure problem, Is one such big hurdle in the Education system that a lack of infrastructure like the access to big libraries, Classroom teaching have grown old with time. Now, to make Education accessible to all, we need something called virtual classrooms, and online libraries, which can be possible from Deep Learning.

Training and support for staff

The training and support staff faces the problem of inadequacy of knowledge. The old system does not provide us enough resources to train our teaching staff in a holistic manner, which in turn affects the quality of the Education system.

Community support

The community support, Is something which is not well equipped in the system. The system does not have the community support for the students or professors to receive help from their peers.


Players like ML, Deep Learning have been the hot topics trending for days and days long. With the onset of this year, changes are sure to come by in the digital marketing world. More and more changes and the improvement in the same will led to a surge in the digital marketing enthusiasts and hence the changes that will make this field better than ever it was!



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