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Top 10 Hospitals in Lucknow List 2023 Updated

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Top 10 Hospitals in Lucknow List 2023 Updated

                             Hospitals in Lucknow

Hospitals have a huge role to play the save the lives of many. Without them, the life of the patients gets more difficult. And with the growing trend of the diseases in the present scenario, the need for them has risen by leaps and bounds.

The hospitals like any other sector do face quite much of competition. And in the counter of these, there is a mushrooming of many new and novice players are up in the market. This makes it really difficult to get into the right place for treatment.

Cities like relatively developing ones are up with all these kinds of problems. The quacks as we call them, the one with forge documents who treat the individuals are in a heavy number. The conditions also get worsened for the poor.

Now, you all might be guessing around, what qualities should we look up for getting the right hospital for the treatment?

Well, it’s not a matter to wonder about. What we must look into to consider a hospital for the treatment of ourselves are:

  • Availability of the Doctors
  • Correct certification from the authority.
  • Previous track record.
  • Infrastructure of the hospital.
  • Staff and the qualifications of the doctors.
  • Ease of connectivity.
  • Less waiting time.

In the city of Lucknow, there have been quite much improvements in the infrastructure of the city. And being the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, it owes to have a distinct infrastructure. There are many reputed and good hospitals and the medical centers around the city.

The name and the previous records, all shouts out loud the successes of these institutions. Institutes like Javitri Hospital and Ruksana Medical Center are some of the best hospitals in the city. They portray the best of the qualities and the work culture.

The hospitals like the Medical Super Specialty Hospital are with all the required assistance and the support for the patients even in the emergency cases. The environment across these hospitals makes them stand out from the crowd.

The government has also given the due support to these hospitals to flourish. And help them care for the different sections of the society. Efforts are being brought to diagnose the poor to treat them on very low costs.

The interventionism of the private players has added to the competition and hence the better medical facilities. More such competition could also push the prices of these hospitals, but the ones mentioned are among the range of an ordinary man’s pocket.

  • Aparajita Hospital, Jankipuram

Aparajita Hospital is a hospital in the Jankipuram, Lucknow. It is with the best quality services to offer to the patient. The hospital is with the requisite number of beds to take care of any emergency. Also the hospital is with the new and improvised technology to deal with the complex cases, that might raise in front of the doctors.

The hospital is with proper infrastructure. The staff is also qualified for their work. And the doctors are with the proper and recognized degree from the respective institutes. The hospital has much to share to the patients.

Prominent Features:

  • Critical care and assessment of the patients for 24*7.
  • Life support system and other advanced machinery for the patients in emergency conditions.


B- 1/5, Sahara State Road, Jankipuram, Lucknow – 226021, Sector- G, Near Sahara State Road, Opposite Bhawna Complex

  • Care Hospital and Trauma Center, Sitapur Road

The Care Hospital and Trauma Center is yet another sate of the art hospital. It is well equipped with the best of the trained doctors. It is with the new and the advanced methodology to teach the complex cases of the patients. The capacity of the beds is also quite enough to deal with any of the mishaps.

The hospital comes up with the improved instruments and the machines to support the emergency cases. It is with the proper drinking and sanitation facilities for the patients. The doctors here are quite much cordial to deal with the patients.

          Prominent Features:

  • 24*7 availability of the doctors within the hospital in the emergency ward.
  • Proper accessibility to the purified water and the medicines for the patients within the premises.
  • Ophthalmologists available for the treatment of eyes.

Address: Naya Purava, Fajullaganj , Sitapur Road, Lucknow – 226002 


  • Rukhsana Medical and Trauma Center, Lucknow Road

Rukhsana Medical and Trauma Center is a medical center in the Lucknow with the best of the facilities in the city. It is with the best team of doctors to look into the serious cases of the patients. Also its infrastructure is quite good enough, with sufficient number of beds and drinking water facility to the patients. The presence of the  experienced doctors gives it a plus point.

It has the advanced and new system and machines to deal with the problems on an expeditious note. The doctors are well versed with their duty. And the medicinal availability in the premises makes the life easier for the patients. Previous track records are also quite much promising.

Prominent Features:

  • Advanced treatment methods and the new machinery are being used here to deal with complex cases.
  • The All day and Night long availability for the emergency wards makes it accessible to the patients in the emergency cases.
  • The CCTVs are installed up in the OT’s and various other security norms for the patients stand it apart from the rest of the other hospitals.

Address: No. 20, Ashrafabad, Deen Dayal Road, Lucknow Road, Lucknow – 226003

  • Javitri Hospital Fraternity Center, Telibagh

Javitri Hospital Fraternity Center is a hospital with new and the advanced features for the diagnosis. It is up with a qualified team of doctors and a reasonably good infrastructure. It has enough number of beds to hold the patients in case of an emergency.

The hospital is with the advanced methodology to solve the complex cases. Also the recent influx of the advanced equipments and the life support system instills a hope of trust in them. The hospital is having proper drinking and the sanitation facilities for the patients. The previous track records of the successful operations are also quite high.

Prominent Features:

  • 24*7 availability of the staffs for the patients and of doctors for the emergency ward.
  • The new and advanced equipments to deal with the complex cases.
  • State of the art infrastructure among the best of the places in the lucknow city.

Address: Javitri Hospital BuildingRaibareli RoadTelibagh, Lucknow – 226002Landmark: NEAR  ICICI Bank ATM

  • Samra Hospital, Chowk

Samra Hospital is the next big name in the hospitals of lucknow. It is a renowned hospital of the city with different features and specialities. It is withg the new and the advanced methods to treat the patients. It is with a strong infrastructure, well equipped with the number of beds, sanitation and drinking water facilities.

It is with a team of professionally trained doctors and an all time supportive staff. It takes care of the patients, be it the medical care or any other requirements. Its emergency ward is with the life support systems to handle the emergency cases in there.

Prominent Features:

  • Advanced diagnostic methods and the equipments to deal with the complex cases in the hospital.
  • Well trained staff and experienced doctors up for the help of patients all time.
  • Proper infrastructure for the patients.

Address: Subhash MargChowk, Lucknow – 226003Landmark: NEAR  KGMU Petrol Pump

  • Medics Super Specialty Hospital, Alambagh

Medics Super Specialty Hospital is one of the hospitals in the city with a super specialty tag. It is with the facilities for the patients to treat the wide range of complex problems. It is with the advanced testing labs and special instruments to treat the patients with the best of the equipments.

It is with a strong infrastructure equipped with the new and the advanced labs. It is also with the proper drinking water facilities and proper sanitation coverage. It deals with a heavy lineup of patients daily. The doctors there are well equipped in giving the successful results.

Prominent Features:

  • The hospital is with 24*7 emergency care for the patients.
  • The well equipped staff with experienced doctors all around.
  • Well known for Cardiology, Dermatology, Diabetes, Gynecology.

Address: No. 31, Sector B, lDA Colony, Kanpur Road, Alambagh, Lucknow – 220612Landmark: NEAR  Phoenix Mall

  • Shekhar Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Indira Nagar

Shekhar Hospital is yet another best hospital of the city. It is with the new and the advanced methodologies and features to treat the patients. It is well equipped with the drinking water and sanitation facilities. It is with the enough number of beds for the patients to handle.

The advanced labs for the testing and the life support systems make it one of a kind. It is with a well trained team of doctors with a requisite experience. The staff is also cordial with the patients. The successful operations of the hospitals tells out its success story.

Prominent Features:

  • It is known for the Gynecologists, Obstericians, and the blood bank facility are its key features.
  • It has 24*7 emergency support for the patients to deal with the mishaps.
  • It has its own organ and tissue banks for the patients.
  • There are various advanced machines for the patients.

Address: B Block, Church RoadIndira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016Landmark: NEAR  Bhootnath Market Bus Stop

  • Medico Hospital and Superspeciality Hospital Center, Faizabad Road

Medico Hospital and Superspeciality Hospital Center is a good hospital with the proven results. It is with a strong infrastructure and support system for the patients. It has drinking water and sanitation facilities all around the hospital. It also has advanced features to treat patients.

The advanced labs are there to test for the various complex diseases. It is also up with a well trained staff. The doctors here are well experienced in their fields. The hospital is up with the various other fields for treatment.

Prominent Features:

  • It has a 24*7 support for the patients for emergency support.
  • It has well established labs for testing and Medicare treatments.
  • It has advanced machines and the life support systems to deal with the critical situations of the patients.
  • It is a state of the art hospital of the city.

Address: IsmailganjFaizabad Road, Lucknow – 226002Landmark: NEAR  Dimaond Place

  • Shriram Memorial Hospital, Indira Nagar

Shriram Memorial Hospital is another wonderful result driven hospital in the city. There are enough number of beds and fans for the patients. Also the hospital is well equipped with the drinking water facilities and a well maintained sanitation system.

The hospital is with the best of the culture of the medical system. The doctors are well trained and experienced in their respective fields. And the staffs are also cordial and trained to help out the patients. It is with prominent machines for treatment.

Prominent Features:

  • It is with 24*7 emergency support for the patients with the emergency cases.
  • It takes on the best of the advanced systems to diagnose the patient.

Address: No. A-1030, Indira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016Landmark: NEAR  State Bank of India ATM

  • Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies, Qaiserbagh

Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies is the last in the list. But, it is also one of the best hospitals the city is having right now. It is with the new and the advanced machines to diagnose the patients. The infrastructure of the hospital is quite great.

There is a proper sanitation and drinking water facilities. It is with a well trained staff and the doctors are quite much experienced in their respective fields. The advanced labs are also there to test the disease in its early age.

Prominent Features:

  • It is with the Blood bank, and experienced doctors in gynecology.
  • It is with a 24*7 support for the emergency cases.
  • The advanced labs for the early catching of the diseases.


Daud Plaza ,No. 5, Golaganj, Qaiserbagh, Lucknow – 226018


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