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Top 10 government jobs in india 2019 : highest salaries and facilities

Top 10 government jobs in india 2019 : highest salaries and facilities

India’s top 10 government jobs: More salaries and facilities – In today’s time, more salaries in private sector jobs get more compared to government jobs. This is the reason why most people give more jobs to private companies. However, there are some kind of jobs in government sector in which salary package is quite good. Today, we will tell you about ten jobs that are considered best in terms of salaries and facilities.

Even today, the importance of government job has not diminished, and in terms of the society, there is nothing better than government jobs. Apart from Job securities, there are different perks and benefits available, as well as pension after retirement. So in which field would you like to work? So if you are confused with this thing then we can help you with your help in the help of the Digital Marketing Deal team to remove confusion.

The young generation is crazy behind government jobs, most government jobs provide attractive salaries with the highest facilities. Even after the rise of information technology in the country, the craze for government jobs has not diminished even slightly. Working in a government organization increases the status of someone’s reputation. Many government job opportunities are available for candidates with different educational backgrounds. The main features of these government jobs include facilities like high salaries, flexibility in work, job security and retirement.

When we turn to Indian career when it comes to career selection, despite often being a versatile talent, they often choose government jobs as their career choices. I have often seen people struggling for government jobs such as banks, railways, central government jobs or other government jobs after passing engineering degree with good marks.

1. Civil Service Officer

This job is considered the most prestigious and dignified nationwide. Those who pass IAS and PCS exams get the chance to go to this job. Apart from other government jobs, salaries are better for those who work for civil service, and they also get special features. An IAS officer gets 50 thousand to 2.70 lakh rupees per month. Various types of allowances are available in this.

2. Job in PSU

PSU sector jobs are also considered to be the best in public sector jobs. Those employed in Maharatna and Navratna companies get bigger salaries along with home and medical facilities. The PSU sector company, Coal India Limited, gives average salaries of 10 to 12 lakh rupees annually to its workers. At the same time, Indian Oil Corporation gives an average salary of 8 to 9 lakh rupees annually to the employees working here. At the same time, employees get the benefit of accommodation, medical and many other government facilities.

3. Professor in the University

The people of the field of education are also highly respected. This job is to ensure that through this you educate people in your society which is the first requirement of a modern society. Teachers are given special honor at every level. Especially in the country’s major institutes like IIT, IIM, JNU, you get respected by yourself. Professor of teaching in a government college is more than a professor of private sector college professor. The average salary of a professor in a government college is between 80 to 90 thousand rupees. 100 Important GK: For Railways, SSC, Police and other examinations

4. In the Defense Sector

 Defense Sector the job offers you good pay and benefits as well as the dress that makes a different identity for those working in this sector. In the defense sector, senior officials (NDA, CDS) get salary of 50 to 60 thousand rupees. Other than salaries, they get a good grade pay and many other facilities are also available. People who love the country’s service first choose this job. The condition of this job is that after retirement, you can join many types of jobs again. You can live a good life style while working as a defense officer. At the same time, this job offers a better salary package like the other job.

5. Doctor

The salaries of job seekers in AIIMS and other government hospitals are more than those who work in other government sectors. In this profession, a real opportunity is given to serve the poor. New interns who receive internships also receive 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month. While a senior doctor receives Rs 50 thousand to 90 thousand rupees per month. This job also increases the experience and posture as well as increase salaries.

6. scientists

The salary of scientists in the country is also quite good. Under this job, initial job seekers earn average salary of 60 thousand rupees per month in S & Sd grades. Along with this, they also receive various types of allowances. While staying in different cities, they get rent allowance in the same way. As the levels and experience increase, salaries continue to increase from time to time.

7. Job under joint graduate level examination

The combined graduate level examination conducted by the Employee Selection Commission or the organized exam is very important throughout the country. Through this examination, the Staff Selection Commission recruits group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’ candidates for non-gazetted posts. Candidates who have finally got an opportunity of appointment in different Ministries / Departments / organizations of Government of India. Under this, various posts like Assistant Section Officer (Central Secretariat), Assistant (Central Vigilance), Assistant Section Officer (Intelligence Bureau), Assistant Section Officer (Foreign Affairs), Assistant Section Officer (Railway), Assistant Auditor Officer (C and AG) Assistant Section Officer (AFHQ), Income Tax Inspector (CBDT), Inspector (Central Excise), Inspector (Preventive Officer), En Subject Inspector (Post Office), Divisional Accountant, Junior Statistical Officer (Statistics), Inspector (Narcotics), Auditor, Sub-Inspector (NIA), Investor (Investor), Assistant Information Officer (Revenue Department), Sub Inspector Important are important.

8. Raliway

There are many graduates with engineering degree in India. If you are an engineer, then becoming a railway engineer is the best career option. The luxurious home and various other benefits are being provided to the railway engineers by the Government of India. Under the Railway Engineer, the pressure of work is manageable.In addition, Station Master, Traffic Apprentice, Goods Guards, Commercial Apprentices etc. are of special importance.

9.Banking Sector

One of the best jobs in the country is also considered as a job in the banking sector and if the job is from the government bank then it is different. Job securities and pensions are also available, along with good salary and holidays. Officials of RBI Assistant, IBPS or SBI Probationary Officers and Specialist Officers can earn between two and a half million to 10 lakh rupees annually. Clerical level executives can earn more than Rs 3 lakh annually.

10. Paramilitary and Police Department

There is a provision of separate police service in every state of the country. There are several lakh policemen working in police service of all the states. If Para Military Forces are taken, then many such organizations can be named in the country. These can be specifically mentioned in the Central Reserve Police Force, Railway Protection Force, Armed border force, PAC, Border Security Force, Central Industrial Security Force etc. The posts of Sub Inspector and Assistant Sub Inspector are most preferred in Assistant Commandants and State Police Service in the Para Military Forces.

The government job is good for comfort and a safe future and social service, but going in the private sector to make a lot of progress in personal life will be the right decision. Since the Government has approved the report of the Seventh Pay Commission, the debate has now become public on government and private jobs.

According to the above, there was a list of top 10 government jobs in India, this list may change accordingly, so there is no fixed scale. Let us know your opinion in the comments section below and if you have any questions then ask us.

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