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Gas companies in Atlanta Georgia List 2023 Updated

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Gas companies in Atlanta Georgia List 2023 Updated

1.Southern Company Gas

At Southern Company Gas, we are a dedicated team of innovators, engineers, thinkers and creators. Driven by ingenuity, we fuel the possibilities necessary for building the future of energy.

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers first and foremost. To that end, we’re committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy for our customers, our neighbors and our communities.

Our Business

Distribution Operations

Marketing Services

Wholesale Services

Pipeline Investments

Transportation Services

Contact no:+1 404-584-4000

Address:10 Peachtree Pl NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States


2.Gas South

At Gas South, we’re driven by a simple mission: Be a Fuel for Good. It’s not just a slogan on our website or conference room walls. It’s our core belief that how we treat people is what’s most important.

It’s the way our CEO knows every employee by name. It’s customer service folks who go the extra mile. It’s the volunteer time our employees cheerfully contribute and the 5% of profits we donate to local children in need.


Natural Gas for Business

Small Business

Mid-Large Business

Property Managers

Contact no:+1 877-472-4932


3.Southern Co Services

While Atlanta is our home, we bring energy to homes and businesses across the country. We’ve made our name as a leading producer of clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy, and we approach each day as a vital step in building the future of energy. We’re always looking ahead, and our innovations in the industry—from new nuclear to deployment of electric transportation and renewables —help brighten the lives and businesses of millions of customers nationwide.



Vogtle 3 and 4

Research and Development

Sustainable Technologies

Contact no:: +1 404-733-6756

Address:685 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, United States


4.Natural Gas Association of Georgia

Technological advances and an extensive and reliable energy delivery system have made Natural Gas the most dependable and affordable source of clean energy in the U.S.

The growing use of domestic natural gas reduces our dependence on foreign energy sources and strengthens America’s goals of a strong economy, national security, and environmental stewardship. The NGA of Georgia views natural gas as a foundational energy for America’s, and Georgia’s, future energy policies.


Contact no:: +1 404-881-4510

Address:: 1201 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States


5.Georgia Gas Distributors

Georgia Gas Distributors delivers top-notch service with a focus on value. While many of our customers use our propane to power their forklifts, we provide competitively priced quality propane for all of your commercial needs.

When you’re part of the Georgia Gas Distributors’ family, you’re guaranteed a positive experience with fair prices. Look at the following factors that contribute to our pricing:

Type of delivery (bulk transport loads, bobtail service or cylinder-exchange service)

Quantity of propane you need (this refers to the volume of propane per delivery and annually)


Delivery frequency

Current wholesale cost of propane

Industrial Services

Bulk Fuel

Temp Heat

Curtailment Gas

Propane Tanks & Cylinder Requalification

Dispenser Operations


Contact no:+1 404-857-4440

Address: 1475 Old Chattahoochee Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States



ARP LLC, Petroleum Products, a petroleum reseller based in Atlanta, Georgia, is becoming an industry leader and global supplier of jet fuels and refined products. Established history combined with our joint venture partners for over 25 years, we currently buy and sell a variety of petroleum products.

The company CEO, Gregory Johnson, adopted a code of conduct to provide guidance regarding compliance with high standards of legal and ethical behavior. It covers a comprehensive range of subjects from environmental standards to intellectual property.

This code of conduct also sets the general operations of ethical conduct, honesty and transparency, and fair dealing that apply to any subject matter. To ensure that we deliver optimal value to our customers, we have a team of professional staff who are committed to our core beliefs and values of hard work, transparency, reliability, and integrity.

ARP LLC, Petroleum Products, and its joint venture partners have held faithful relationships with many local and international refineries. Some of them are:

Crestwood Energy, LLC.


GAZ Petsstroy (Russia)

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Noil Petroleum Corporation

NTLK Atlantis (Russia)

Oil Resources (Russia)

OOO “Petrogaz” (Russia)

Phillips Petroleum Company

Shell Oil Company

TCI Group (United States)

World Food & Energy SA

Contact no: +1 678-886-2574

Address: 1170 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States


7.Kynect Independent Associate Business Opportunity

Way back in 2005, Kynect™ founder Rob Snyder bridged the gap between two industries—network marketing and energy—for the first time ever. Innovation on that scale quickly made us the largest network marketing energy company in the world. Under Rob’s passionate leadership, Kynect bucked industry expectations to become more than a financial opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. It grew into a cultural movement inclusive to all.

We know, we know…that’s bold. But ask around. People start a Kynect business to make extra money; they stay because they’re transformed by the family they find here. They stay because they’re given the opportunity to help others pursue their passions, big and small.






Contact no: +1 404-692-4021

Address: 2625 Piedmont Road NE, Suite 56109, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States


8.CITGO Petroleum Corporation

CITGO Petroleum Corporation is a U.S.-based petroleum company with a rich heritage of more than 100 years.

Our history as an American success story began in 1910 with the founding of the Cities Service Company, a then pioneering utility services provider to the sprawling cities of the Midwest.  In 1965, our now familiar and enduring CITGO “trimark” brand was born.

We operate our businesses safely and as good stewards of the environment. If it is not safe, we will not do it. We will comply with environmental regulations and serve as guardians of our natural resources and environment. We recognize that safety, the health of our employees and environmental stewardship are every employee’s responsibility.

We understand that we operate as a privilege in the communities where we serve, not as a right. We promote and participate in a wide variety of social development programs to improve the quality of life of people, especially those who feel the severe backlash of poverty. We also promote the spirit of volunteerism and encourage employees to take active roles in our communities.



Fuels Data Sheets

Petrochemicals & Solvents

Petrochemicals & Solvents Safety Data Sheets


Business Opportunities

International Opportunities

Contact no: +1 404-767-4693

Address:: 3480 Browns Mill Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30354, United States



Propane is also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, often shortened to “LP gas” or “LPG”. It’s an alternative fuel that’s a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. It’s safe, clean, powerful, and reliable—and it’s powering homes and businesses all over the world.

Pricing & Delivery

Payment Plans

Propane Delivery

Propane Pricing

Contact no:+1 989-785-4766

Address: 71 Fairfield Pl NW, Atlanta, GA 30314, United States


10.Natural Gas Company In Georgia – Super Savings Energy

Energy Discount Savings is a retail energy provider serving residential and commercial customers in deregulated states since 2005. The company offers reliable, flexible electric and natural gas supply plans to meet customers’ energy needs.

Are you ready to take control of your energy bill? Find out how Energy Discount Savings or another Energy Discount Savings can help you.

Services Area





New Jersey

New York


See All





Corpus Christi

Fort Worth



Contact no:: +1 470-281-9595


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