Top 10 Fintech Companies in Boston 2024 – Ranking & Update

Fintech companies in BostonFintech companies in Boston

Fintech companies in Boston

Explore the latest rankings and updates on the Top 10 Fintech Companies in Boston 2024. Stay informed about the leading innovators shaping the financial technology landscape in the vibrant city of Boston.

Top 10 Fintech Companies in Boston 2024

1.Domeyard LP

Domeyard is a quantitative trading firm. We employ a fully automated approach, extracting signals with mathematical models. Armed with petabytes of data, we make predictions and time each trade down to the order of nanoseconds.

Founded in 2013 by a team at MIT (“dome”) and Harvard (“yard”), we placed our first trade from a dorm room and installed our first servers in a bedroom closet. We’ve gone on to make markets in some of the most active instruments in the world, trading up to billions in daily volume across equity indices, interest rates, FX, commodities and metals.

We owe much of our edge to an emphasis on melding machine learning with low latency technology. Our strategies have a quick turnover and typical holding periods from microseconds to several minutes. All this is supported by fast execution and infrastructure built entirely in house.

Address:33 Arch St 30th floor, Boston, MA 02110, United States


2.Vestmark Inc.

\For over twenty years broker-dealers, investment managers, bank trusts, and advisors have turned to Vestmark to help them improve their operating models and to provide better investor outcomes.

In today’s fast-paced, digital environment your investors depend on you to provide an experience that mirrors the speed, transparency, and convenience they have come to expect across all other information exchanges. The future of your firm depends on whether your service model is flexible enough to meet investor demand for information across all channels, all the time.

Since 2001, Vestmark has worked with leading wealth management firms to deliver solutions that provide seamless advice delivery, and compliance with industry regulation, while growing their businesses. Our team of over 400 employees is made up of highly skilled software engineers, implementation specialists, business strategists, and visionaries who maintain an eye toward the future of financial technology.


Back Office Services

Model Trading Service

Manager Marketplace

Model Delivery Service

Adhesion (RIA)

Address:280 Summer St 10th floor, Boston, MA 02210, United States


3.Sandbox Banking

A universal adaptor that plugs into banking systems allowing you to easily connect fintech applications


Connects with major core, LOS and CRM systems

Features a growing catalog of fintech companies

Centrally solves security and audit logging

Functions as an on-prem or hosted solution


Banks & Credit Unions


Contact no:+1 844-687-7225

Address:200 Portland St FL 1, Boston, MA 02110, United States


4.Forward Financing

Forward Financing is a Boston-based financial technology company with the mission to help our people and our customers achieve their full potential. Managing a small business is difficult, and we help owners spend less time finding capital and more time helping their customers and growing their business. While typical financing from a bank is an arduous, months-long process, our dedicated account representatives and simple online application help our customers to receive the funding they need within 24 hours. Trusted by more than 26,000 small businesses nationwide, Forward Financing expands Main Street’s access to credit and helps them to thrive.

Contact no:+1 888-244-9099

Address:53 State St 20th Floor, Boston, MA 02109, United States


5.BackBay Communications

We are an integrated public relations, content marketing and branding firm focused on the asset management, fintech, impact investing and private equity industries.

We help companies build unique brands through research, positioning, design, and integrated, content-driven public relations and marketing programs.

The heart of our mission is helping our clients tell their stories. As a specialist in working with financial services firms, we have a deep understanding of the industry and are able to help clients identify and articulate their key differentiators and value propositions.We utilize our in-depth industry knowledge, experience and connections to execute strategic communications programs that help our clients meet their objectives of building strong brands and driving growth.

Contact no:: +1 617-391-0790

Address: 20 Park Plaza Suite 801, Boston, MA 02116, United States



The volume of data being used to drive investment decisions—from traditional, alternative and proprietary sources—is exploding. And, getting it into a usable format can take months.

The Elsen nPlatform accelerates our ability to use current and point-in-time data so we can develop strategies that meet our clients’ needs.”



Asset Management

Hedge Funds

Pension & Sovereign Funds



Portfolio Managers

Data Scientists


Contact no:1 470-223-5736

Address:21 School St, Boston, MA 02108, United States



EverTrue delivers data, software, and strategy so you can personalize the experience for every donor. Let’s grow your donor base and bring in more major gifts.A collection of original content that celebrates innovative thinking in fundraising. the blog

“I volunteered to help with my reunion fundraising campaign for my college. During that process, I was equipped with spreadsheets filled mostly with out-of-date information, which made it challenging for me to effectively reach out to my classmates and prioritize my efforts. I went on to learn that nonprofits raise $300 billion a year in spite of this inaccurate or inaccessible data.”​


Major Gifts

Annual Giving

Prospect Research

Alumni Relations

Advancement Services

Volunteer Managers


Contact no:+1 855-387-8783

Address:330 Congress St floor 2, Boston, MA 02210, United States



Numerated partners with banks and credit unions to digitally transform business banking.Purchasing financial products from banks is hard for business owners. Most banks offer business customers antiquated buying experiences that are not aligned with their expectations for convenience and speed: time-consuming branch visits, filling out long paper applications, going to the file cabinet for information, and often waiting weeks for credit decisions.


Platform Overview

PPP Lending & Forgiveness

Digital Applications

Digital Account Opening

Digital Lending

Reviews & Renewals

Contact no: +1 857-254-4193

Address: 265 Franklin St floor 11, Boston, MA 02110, United States



The world’s largest and most important organizations spend a lot of money–trillions of dollars, in fact–trying to do things more efficiently and effectively, often by building faster computers, systems, and processes. Yet, no matter how fast we make any server or system, our governments and companies are still led by people.  And, people are often the slowest step in any real system.

People painstakingly manipulate individual cells in spreadsheets. Analysts process, interpret, then re-interpret data for big decisions.  Assistants reschedule meetings, while executives and their teams contemplate “what-if” scenarios.  It all takes time.

Around the office, we call this the problem of human latency. That’s the crux of the problem we set out to solve.

A few years ago, a CFO called us and suggested, “I think I could use Trefis to help me make better forecasting decisions.” Next, someone in corporate development called about “mergers and acquisitions.” And a Head of Sales asked if we could build an ROI model for his team.

Contact no:+1 617-394-8763

Address:111 Devonshire St #730, Boston, MA 02109, United States



The residential appraisal process can take weeks. In a world where we can hail a personal driver within minutes and track exactly how many blocks until our pizza arrives, why should the experience of getting an appraisal (part of the biggest purchase most people ever make) be any different? That’s where Reggora comes in.

Our modern platform for mortgage lenders and appraisers leverages the latest technology, automations, and integrations to simplify and shorten the entire appraisal workflow.



Appraisal Management Platform


Company and Order Management Tools

Contact no:+1 855-929-2349

Address: 321 Summer St 7th Floor, Boston, MA 02210, United States


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