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Fashion designer Qualifications : How Become Fashion Designer

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Fashion designer Qualifications : How Become Fashion Designer

Since ancient times, people want to look beautiful, the role of clothing is ego in this beauty enhancement, so the attraction of both the female or the men is wearing new design clothes, due to the increasing scope in this area, In the field of designer, if you want to be fashion designers in this area, then in this case you are telling us in detail in this page.

Functions in Fashion Design

The cultural impact can be clearly seen in fashion design, it is changing according to the location and time, in which every day the new design is displayed in the market, which attracts customers. Fashion designers have new designs of both men and women’s clothing and other attractions, such as bracelets, necklaces, pants, shirts, lagi, kurti, coat pants, shoes or shoes, fashion designers design clothing, after that If the company likes the design, then it starts production, after the production is finished, it sends the prepared mall to the market for sale, which He benefits.

Eligibility for Fashion Design

Candidates must pass Barvi’s examination with fifty percent marks.

Degree or Diploma in Fashion Design

If you do a Diploma in Fashion Designing Course, its duration is of one to two years, if you want to get degree in this field, its duration is of four years, in this course, the subject of clothing, fashion and design Modern information is provided, through this course, the skills of management are developed within you.

Major institutions for fashion design

Fashion design is done through written examination, group discussion and interview for admission to good institutions.

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
  • Amity School of Fashion Technology, Noida
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai
  • Pearl Academy, Jaipur
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad
  • NIFT-Tia College of Nutritionwear Fashion, Delhi


Arvind Mills
Bharati walmart
Design Ann Décor
Carle International Pvt Ltd
Pal fashion reliance brands limited
Shri bharat international
Tata international
Mega mega

Post of fashion designer

Fashion Designer
Fashion Coordinators
Fashion journalist
Fashion photography
Textile Designer or Fabric Designer
fashion stylist


In order to take admission in Fashion Designing course, fees are different for all institutions, the minimum fees for this course are Rs 21,000 and maximum 6,79,000, the fees for some major institutions are as follows.

Fee is 195,500 in National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
Fees 6,85,000 in National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai
Fee is 6,79,000 in the NIFT -TEA College of Nitwear Fashion, Delhi
Fee in Perl Academy, Delhi is Semester 2.5 lakh to 3.5 lakh
Here, we told you to be a fashion designer, if you have any kind of questions related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, you can tail it through the comments box, we will Waiting for the feedback and suggestions you have made.

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