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ENT Specialist in GurgaonENT Specialist in Gurgaon

ENT Specialist in Gurgaon

Tobacco is the most preventable cause of these deaths. In India, more than 200,00 people die each year from smoking-related ailments. The good news is that this figure has decreased due to the increasing number of Indians who’ve quit smoking. The bad news is that some of these smokers switched to smokeless or spit tobacco, assuming it’s a secure option. This is untrue – they are only changing the website of the cancer risk from their lungs for their mouth. Head and neck cancer is curable if caught early.

Luckily, most head and neck cancers produce early symptoms. You ought to be aware of the potential warning signs so you can alert your doctor to your symptoms as soon as possible. Remember – effective treatment of head and neck cancer can depend on early detection. Knowing and recognizing the symptoms of head and neck cancer can save your life.

Also, If you are aware of what the medical specialization otolaryngology or otorhinolaryngology is, you are either a medical practitioner or you have had a good deal of issues with your ears, nose or neck. Otolaryngologists are more popularly called ENTs physicians that diagnose the ear, nose and throat disorders. These skilled doctors deliver surgical and medical services for children and adults who’ve ailments or disorders of the neck and head.
Below given is the summary of specialization that treats a major assortment of ailments. Here are a few highlights:

  • Facial Trauma
    This includes injuries to your chin or face. ENTs treat severe fractures or cuts of your own skull, cheekbones or jawbone.
  • Eye Sockets
    Eye socket is the cavity in the skull which encloses an eyeball with its surrounding muscles and ENTs treat problems like fractures in the bones around the eye sockets.

ENT Disorders in Humans
Two healthcare modalities concentrate hearing: audiologists and ENTs.

  • ENTs treat hearing problems which are brought on by problems such as infections, tumors, eardrum injuries, and inner-ear issues.
  • Your voice is made by muscles which get exhausted, injured or diseased. This causes issues with your voice and hence results in worst disorders.
  • Sinus and nasal issues are very common issues, These diseases arise due to hay fever, deviated septum and allergies.
  • ENTs treat thyroid diseases like hypothyroidism (when the thyroid beneath generates) and hyperthyroidism (when the thyroid gland is overactive) and cancer.

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  1. Dr. KK Handa

With more than 21 years of experience to his credit, Dr. KK Handa is presently the Chairman of ENT and Head Neck Surgery at Medanta.

2. Dr. S K Anand

Dr S K Anand is a Consultant – ENT and Audiology.

3. Dr. Deepak Sarin

Dr. Deepak Sarin is an ENT Specialist and Head-Neck Surgeon at Medanta The Medicity Gurgaon. He has more than 20 years of experience in his medical profession.

4. Dr. Atul Kumar Mittal

The Director of ENT department in Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon, Dr. Atul Kumar Mittal has over 22 years of experience in his field.

5. Dr. Anup Sabherwal

Dr. Anup Sabherwal is an ENT Specialist at Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh and Madhukar Rainbow Children Hospital. He has more than 17 years of experience in his field of specialisation.

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