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Education YouTube Channels List 2023 Updated

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Education YouTube Channels List 2023 Updated

There are numerous benefits which come with using various educational YouTube channels for study & learn. Video is one of the transformative ways of learning that has been established to persuade the flipped classroom models where the students have chance to assimilate their lecture content at their pace, in addition delving deeper to the content in classroom. Below is the short preview of specific benefits which of YouTube channels for education genre –

  • YouTube video channels inspire & engage students in various ways which are not possible with other traditional lecturing or education methods.
  • Using YouTube education channels helps students in mastery learning in cases where the technical and complex topics are studied.
  • YouTube learning help in thinking & problem solving among students.
  • YouTube educational channels offer a vast resource for the research on the myriad of topics and subjects.
  • Videos from YouTube can be downloaded & accessed with great convenience, whether offline or online.

Top 15 Educational YouTube Channels in India

Below are the top fifteen YouTube channels for education that students will find useful for their studies –

Educational YouTube Channels

1). Arvind Gupta

Who don’t know Arvind Gupta who is developing the scientific temperament with his native experiments by making it a fun to learn various concepts which are hard to grab for the teens & pre-teens in their school or classroom. They possess the most economic model of outreach program of the world where the videos are access by the viewers in around 234 countries all over the world in 18 different languages. He is an aim to transform the conceptual considerate of kids in terms of their maths & Science subject.

The Channel has –

  • Subscribers Base – 71.47K
  • Total number of viewers – 35.68M
  • Total number of videos uploaded – 5350

2). Unacademy

Unacademy remains an undisputed champ when we talk about preparing for the Civil Services particularly for the Essay writing for your IAS Preparation Online. The channel provides study material for your IAS Exam, UPSC Preparation, and IAS Civil Services Exam all in all at expediency of the desktop. The channel is governed by Gaurav Munjal & Roman Saini. They make it easier for IAS candidate to tread on long journey for cracking the exams in your IAS obsessed country. Roman is the IAS officer himself and got AIR 18 in the exam at his age of 22 when he was studying for MBBS from AIIMS. Their duo started Unacademy YouTube channel to serve up millions of UPSC candidates in India. Check out the channel and videos!

The Channel has –

  • Subscribers Base – 49,119
  • Total number of views – 2,923,316
  • Total number of videos uploaded –  323

Link –

3). Learn Engineering

Learn Engineering is the YouTube channel which was founded by Sabin Mathew who is an IIT Delhi and post graduated in 2012. The aim of this channel is to provide the quality engineering education. The channels have videos are intended to clear misconception, generate the passion for engineering & explain the complicated technologies in the simple ways. This channel is on the list of top Indian YouTube channels for education and learning which is focussed on the Engineering educational stuff.

The Channel has –

  • Subscribers Base – 3.37M
  • Total number of views – 275,389,682
  • Total number of videos uploaded –  136

Link –

4). Mahendras

Mahendras is an Official YouTube video Channel of the Mahendra Educational Private Limited represented significant authority in encouraging on web classes for SSC, Bank, Railways & various other competitive exams. This Educational YouTube Channel also publishes test audits, updates, and test examination. The channel is governed by the persons who are master in the government test arrangement, for instance, RBI, SBI Clerk, SBI PO 2017, SBI SO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS SO, RRB Clerk, RRB PO, RRB SO, SSC CGL 2017, RRB NTPC, SSC CHSL & some more.

The Channel has –

  • Subscribers Base – 4.12M
  • Total number of views – 509,798,153

Link –

5). Computerphile

In this modern time, you are enthusiastic about getting strutted with the way to PC & PC code works, the YouTube Computerphile is stunning channel for the reason. This channel feeds the interest of PC weed in you with this channel. With various themes going from the SQL infusion and various programming dialects, this channel has got you protected. This is the sister channel of Numberphile channel that is other intriguing channel, with subjects covering the numbers.

The Channel has –

  • Subscribers Base – 1.65M
  • Total number of views – 129,406,286

Link –

 6). Khan Academy

Khan Academy that is often rated as the best educational YouTube channel on Internet, Khan Academy’s is the YouTube channel that has it all! You can get Algebra & Statistics to History, this channel has curated content from best teachers to educate on significant topics. Choose your favorite area of study on your favorite channel – Khan Academy & learn everything at your own rate with this channel.

The Channel has –

  • Subscribers Base – 5.62M
  • Total number of views – 360,572
  • Total number of videos uploaded –  7635

Link –

7). ExamFear Education

ExamFear Education YouTube channel has 5,600+ educational video lessons. You can get lessons on Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English, Science experiments whish are for the Classes 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th, and Medical Entrance Exam videos with various concepts and tricks that never explained well before. They assure you in-depth learning along with fun.

The Channel has –

  • Subscribers Base – 860K
  • Total number of views – 233,061,873
  • Total number of videos uploaded –  7635

Link –

8). Meritnation

With the claim of India’s biggest online YouTube education portal, the channel’s overall thrust is intended for children who are studied in high school. The channel offers the comprehensive support to the students of class 1st to 12th. This YouTube channel makes classroom education easy ‘school made easy’. The host of this channel is Pavan Chauhan & he has introduced various innovations in various areas like content, reports assessment, delivery formats, gamification techniques & many more to assist students understand their school curriculum.

9). The curious Engineer 

The Curious Engineer is also the best YouTube channel which is directed by Omkar Bhagat. He is a Computer Engineer student. All videos of this YouTube channel offer education via fun loving manner. Most of these videos teach you about myth of engineering & subjects of that. If you are curious about Science, The curious Engineer is the best YouTube channel for you. You can learn science & know about various scientific facts from this channel.

10). 7 Active Studio

7 Active Studio is the YouTube channel owned by the firm named as 7 Active Technology Solutions Pvt.Ltd. that is one of the best educational 3D digital content providers for K – 12. All videos of this channel are customized according to the requirement. All the videos of this channel are made by keeping the top requirements of Students, lecture, & college.  

11). Arun Kumar 

This YouTube channel offers online tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography, Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom 5, and After Effects Tutorials. It is very useful channel for everyone who wants to get master in these skills. This YouTube channel is helpful for the students of same subjects. Arun Kumar YouTube channel is also bet for students who want to learn design through Photoshop. 

12). Edewcate

Edewcate is the world’s most varied YouTube channel for nursery rhyme. This channel provides compilations of Hindi, English, Telugu, Spanish, and French nursery rhymes which are intended to enthral kids from the age group of 2-8 years.  There is no wonder that kindergarteners are churning-out to be the smart.

13). Dr. Praveen Chaudhary

For every student who considers the medical field as their most horrible enemy, now no need to fear. With this best YouTube channel, Mr. Praveen Chaudhary explains core fundamentals by offering video operations & hence giving the dose of ultimate practical knowledge to medical students online. 

14). Pretty Uzlain

Do you want to prepare for Government Exams, & confused about various mathematical simulations? If so, then don’t worry, this YouTube channel will assist you to understand the mathematical simulations used in all such types of Examinations.

Subscriber Base – 16,444

Number of views – 1.29 m

Number of video uploads – 59

Link –

15). Study IQ Education

Study-IQ Education is the instruction stage which is trusted by millions of people all around the globe. With 12 million plus perspectives for every month & 10 lakhs supporters, this channel is the most viewed & most bought in to instruction divert on YouTube in India. It helps students in preparing for various administration tests such as UPSC, Bank PO, SSC CGL, LIC, RBI Grade B, IAS/IRS/IPS, RBI Assistant, State PSC tests such as UPPSC, MPSC, TPPSC, MPPSC, TPSC, RAS , CLAT, HCS, BBA, Hotel Management passage, & many other different tests.

In Conclusion

YouTube channels are more useful than we think. All the directors of these channels are working hard to give a chance to students to be better advised, prepared, & receive some type of education for free. Thus, choose your favorite YouTube channel according to your study requirements.

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