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Digital Marketing YouTube Channels List 2023 Updated

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Digital Marketing YouTube Channels List 2023 Updated

So, for all those individuals who cannot afford or otherwise also YouTube is the top platform & a wonderful resource to watch and learn digital marketing for free. There are numerous YouTube channels which can teach the users each & everything about the modern techniques in digital marketing, right from social media strategy, SEO, high-quality leads, business growth, network advice marketing, and each & every other details about digital marketing.

But the major thing is that, among all these YouTube channels which are the most helpful ones & offer the whole A to Z information about digital marketing? In this article, we have listed the best YouTube channels around digital marketing niche which you can subscribe to & learn new things.

1). Gary Vaynerchuk

GARY VAYNERCHUK has a YouTube channel named as GARYVEE and has approx. 1.3 million subscribers. Gary is the serial entrepreneur & CEO and founder of VAYNERMEDIA that is a digital agency and servicing Fortune 500+ clients all across companies. He is also recognized as a creative public speaker endeavour capitalist, 4-time New York’s bestselling author & has been named to both the Crain’s & fortune’s 40 under 40 lists. Gary’s YouTube channel consists of teaching videos of digital marketing and also about his life & fun rants about digital marketing. He also asks do people’s polls on what to make his videos about.

Link :

2). Jay Baer

From a producer of Jay now comes Jay Baer. This is also the best YouTube channel which focuses on the digital marketing leadership. Jay offers inspirational digital marketing tips which are related with marketing, content, social media, etc. From his wide experience as the inspirational digital marketing speaker, he is considerably re-tweeted on Twitter. Jay is also known as author & founder of various multi-million dollar companies.

Link :

3). Moz

Moz is the best digital marketing analytics software. Moz YouTube channel has approx. 43K subscribers. This channel has numerous videos related to SEO. It offers many tips which help you to improve your knowledge all about search engine optimization and other related topics of digital marketing. This channel is stated as the most excellent online marketing society. The YouTube channel has started posting their videos since 2012. This channel helps their users to level-up their optimization & search engine skills. It is also recognized as the great platform for beginners to study all about SEO.


4). Pat Flynn

Pat is the blogger & internet marketer who is well-known for his Smart Passive Income from his blogs. He is pretty good in what he does and he is even done the live case study, starting his new blog on the food trucks from scratch & making it profitable. If you are interested in the podcasting, he is the master podcaster who loves what he does. Following him is not essentially going to connect with the B2B marketers directly. He also produces inspiring and funny content which will give the users enough information to adapt in their marketing style.

Link :

5). SEMrush 

SEMrush is recognized as an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit. You can subscribe the live streams for obtaining upcoming events such as ‘Amping up Your Affiliate Business Sales with Personal Brand’ and ‘How to Control Your Social Media Reach’. The additional playlists of this channel includes ‘Live Site Audit’, ‘Getting Started’, and ‘Social’.

Link :

6). HubSpot

It is the YouTube channel which explains viewers with digital marketing & sales. This channel has approx. 49k subscribers & posted around 1144 videos. The HubSpot channel offers tips & tricks for success & growth in digital marketing field. The channel not only provides useful information about digital marketing but also about the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and many other fields. The HubSpot channel also shares his customer success stories to inspire their viewers. 

Link :


WSCUBE TECH is an Indian YouTube channel which helps people to learn about the digital marketing advancements in our own language. It is the institute which is situated in Jodhpur which also offers online videos on digital marketing courses and tips. WSCUBE has 117+ videos & 19k subscribers. The channel has videos related to SEO, ad campaigns, social media optimization (SMO), marketing with social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Webmaster, off page optimization, Email Marketing, content marketing, search engine working,  etc.

Link :

8). Neil Patel

Neil Patel has posted around 237 videos & has approx. 107,355 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is the social marketing expert. He is also New York’s bestselling author & recognized as the top influencer on web. He is one of the top ten marketers according to Forbes. Neil shares his knowledge about marketing skills, increasing of traffic on your blogs, SEO, etc in a simple way. Neil Patel is a co-founder of the well-known digital marketing software crazy egg, KISSmetrics, and hello bar. Neil helps companies such as Amazon, GM, HP, and NBC to boost their revenue.

Link :

9). Element 3

Element 3 channel does not pop-up on your screen very often but they have various pretty great talks related to Inbound Marketing purposely. If you are the inbound digital marketer or staff inbound marketers, it is the good channel to subscribe, thus, you can get new content when it is available.

Link :


JON LOOMER DIGITAL is the YouTube channel which mainly focuses on Facebook marketing and helps advanced marketers. The channel started in the year 2007, Jon used Facebook marketing for business purpose with the NBA. After this, he went on his own at the end of year 2011 & started his own YouTube blog related to social media marketing. He starts teaching all about Facebook marketing which includes how to add targeted locations in bulk, how to create custom conversions, and how to use clicks for conversion Facebook ad optimization.


Final Verdict

Well, these are the Top 10 YouTube channels for Digital learning Marketing. And, I am sure, all these channels are definitely going to assist you to know about each & everything about digital marketing. By subscribing to some of these YouTube channels which have been discussed above, you will get benefit from rich content to understand the digital market & its challenges. 

Bhanu Garg

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