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Understand Key Difference between Web and Video Conferencing

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Understand Key Difference between Web and Video Conferencing

Generally, people use terms web conferencing and video conferencing interchangeably as they don’t understand the difference between these two. This article will brief you about the key difference between video conferencing software and web conferencing software. So in case, you are thinking to get the one for your organization, you may make sure to get the one which fits best for your business conferencing needs.

Web Conferencing Software comes with a mechanism which supports real time conference with basic content sharing. The web conferencing software can be accessed using a web browser and it usually supports one or two speakers at max. The other participants used to listen to the predetermined speakers. The web conferencing software generally has mechanism to run the presentation mode to give a presentation online to the participants. The feedback can be collected via the mechanism of Instant Messaging only.

In the general case, the web conferencing software doesn’t allow other participants to interact with audio or video response. In a majority of cases, the web conferencing software is developed with the WebRTC technology. Generally, the web conference conducted with web conferencing software can be joined with a predefined web URL of the conference and name. It has least security mechanism and anyone with the conference URL can join the web conference. The most common utility of this type of conferencing software is for webinars and distance learning. So if your organization has the need of frequent webinars or you offer distance learning sessions, then the web conferencing software is the best fit for you.

Generally, Video conferencing software comes in a form of an application or software, which needs to get installed on your system or server. It requires a perfect setup with mic, webcam, etc. The video conferencing software offer more professional features of conferencing. Thus, it can be used as an alternative of business tour for business professionals. Now, they may have the virtual yet face to face meetings with the video conferencing software. It allows multiple participants interacting with each other with both audio and video with predefined conference rules and standards. It also supports multiple other conference features.

The video conferencing is private and only predefined participants can participate in it. To be participant in the video conference, one needs the PIN of that conference. The video conferencing software also offers more features than web conferencing software such as integration with virtual system. The number of video conference participants is dependent on the capacity of the video conferencing software. The utility of video conferencing software is business meetings, professional project presentation or product demonstration. If you used to conduct more business conferences as part of your business, then the video conferencing software is best fit for you.

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