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Corporate Training Services in Delhi NCR

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Corporate Training Services in Delhi NCR

Leadership Training for every organization is a must. As the adage goes, “leaders decide the taste of the organization”. Hence, to have a strong and determined leadership is like the foundation of a tall building. However, there can be nothing more annoying than dealing with a micromanaging boss, a sarcastic boss, an aggressive boss, an egoistic boss, or a not good for anything boss.

Leaders are constantly in public eye, they are looked up by their teams. What’s amazing is that out of roughly 100 people who were interested in leaving their jobs or had already left their jobs, roughly 70- 80%% of them said the main reason because of which they wanted to leave or did leave their jobs, was because of a difficult/ aggressive/ rude/ angry/ irritating/ egoistic boss.

Psychologically bosses tend micromanage or become angry for two reasons— either they have a tough time to trust their team members or they have a lot of internal anxiety that triggers their need to be in-charge or in-control of situations and people to feel better about themselves!

An important fact to note here is that, difficult bosses are so because of their own projections. So, the argument may be more about the boss, and less about you. This understanding can help to stop taking the argument personally or getting hurt by it. 

Here are 3 ways to deal with a difficult boss:

1.  If your boss can feel trusted around you and secured, the lesser he/she will feel anxious and have the need to be aggressive or difficult towards you. It’s mostly a lack of bonding and relationship between the leader and the team that leads to difficult situations. Hence, to manage this situation, constantly communicate with your boss, give them the information they would require beforehand, provide updates from time to time to make them feel important, communicate more and express more, often, and in detail to make them feel that they are in loop. 

  1. Meditate – While this may not be directly a way to handle a difficult boss, it will help you maintain your balance and not take the argument/ remarks/ sarcasm personally. Don’t get caught up with what was said and remember, “it’s more about them and less about you”, loosen up, get rid of the feeling, hurt, emotion and stay strong. 
  2. Maintain integrity, if you commit to deliver a report by 5 pm today, do so. Build trust by delivering on your commitments, deadlines and timelines. Most people often get in the trap of  over-committing and under-delivering. Learn to say no, speak and stand up for yourself assertively.

    Training both leaders and employees become important for organizations to ensure smooth functioning.

Our Corporate Training programs are custom designed for every organization and industry. We understand that the requirements and the depth of learning for top management and executive level differ, hence we conduct different trainings to cater to each level of the corporate set up with the right knowledge, skills and experience. Through our trainings, corporate organization experience better working motivation, higher receptivity, better stress management, openness towards change and the right attitude of employees. 

To take your team to the next level, contact us today at or call us at +91 7830222285 / +91 9958934766

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