Happy News for Corporate Women : Consent of and desire of women employees for night work

It will be mandatory for women to get their consent before taking on duty in a night shift before the implementation of the Business Security, Health and Work Status Code Bill, 2019. In the case of established establishments, women will have to seek permission to work before 6:00 pm and before 6:00 in the morning, under the security, holidays, work hours or other condition set by the government. With the consent of women, creating an atmosphere for duty in night shift will encourage gender equality and it is in line with the demands of various forums including international organizations.

Due to the consent of and desire of women employees for night work, misuse of provision will be avoided. These provisions have been mentioned in the Business Security, Health and Work Status Code Bill, 2019 to amend the laws regulating business safety, health and work conditions. This bill has been introduced in the Lok Sabha.

The Code provides for a comprehensive legislative framework, which is helpful in making rules-regulations, fixing standards and making sub-method according to the requirements of different areas. As a result, the number of articles in the Code has decreased from 622 to 134. This will simplify the law and there will be room for change in the evolving technology and the law will be dynamic.

A bill has been proposed for the registration of an establishment in exchange for multiple registrations. Now among the 13 labor laws, there is a separate registration system for the establishment. This will create a centralized data base and encourage business facilitation. There is a need for separate registration under the 6 laws.

The employer will provide annual free facility of prescribed health check for the above workers of the prescribed age. This will increase productivity as it will be possible to detect the disease. Coverage of employees of a certain age will be encouraged for health testing.

For the first time in the Code, the statutory provision has been made for every employee of the establishment with minimum information fixed by the government. The provision of the appointment letter will be the formal form of employment and the employee’s exploitation will stop.

Under the five labor laws, the place of many committees will be taken by a National Business Safety and Health Advisory Board. The National Board will be trilateral in nature and will be represented by trade unions, employer organizations and state governments.

Bhanu Garg: