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Career in Rural Management

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Career in Rural Management

Why choose Rural Management course?

Rural management is a unique specialization that empowers emerging professionals in the art of planning, implementing and managing the plans needed to improve and bring miracles to the Indian rural landscape. The career growth potential of emerging professionals is the highest in this field. Because the rural area is not yet fully developed in terms of infrastructure or all other facilities, or else the development there is just a name. A lot of investment is required to make these areas similar to the city and bring them into the mainstream. In this context, the investment in these areas is being given a lot of boost by the Government of India. Many multinational companies, government organizations and Indian companies are keeping an eye on the rural economy by entering this field with the possibility of high profits. Therefore, there are wide possibilities of career development in this field.

Role of Rural Management Professionals

The field of rural management demands some skilled professionals who are willing to develop a systematic plan for the development of socio-economic conditions in rural India.

As an expert in the rural management domain, the students will have to work in the ongoing project of the company in such a way that the company will get sufficient and sustainable development in the condition of rural areas along with profit. The additional benefit of improving the living conditions of rural people is an improvement in GDP.

Duration and Types of Rural Management Courses

There are 4 types of courses available in the field of Rural Management. The duration of these courses mainly depends on the level of the courses. Some courses are mentioned below.


After doing 10 + 2, a diploma course in Rural Management can be done. The duration of this course is generally from 6 months to 1 year.


Undergraduate course in Rural Management is known as BA in Rural Management. Generally this course is of 3 years duration. In this, it is necessary to have 10 + 2 pass for admission.

post graduate

Post Graduate degree in the field of Rural Management is obtained in a period of 2 years. On completion of this course, PDGM in Rural Management or MBA degree in Rural Management is awarded.

Doctoral course

The doctoral course is commonly known as PhD. The PhD degree in any field is known as the highest degree. It is usually completed in 3 to 4 years.

How to get admission in Rural Management courses?

After clearly understanding the admission process, it can be very easy to find admission in Rural Management courses. To get admission in this field, you must have complete knowledge of the eligibility criterion and entrance exam so that you can take admission in your favorite institute or college later. Important information is provided about the eligibility criterion and entrance exam below –

Eligibility Criteria- The first condition for passing any exam and getting admission in the institute is to fulfill the eligibility criterion. This is basically a screening process for the selection of talented candidates in any course. Let’s take a look at the eligibility criterion required for admission in some courses.


Diploma in Rural Management is a foundation course. Admission to this course can be taken if you pass 10 + 2 with at least 50 percent aggregate marks.


After passing 10 + 2 at least 50 percent aggregate marks in any stream, you can apply for BA course in Rural Management.


Candidates obtaining minimum 50% aggregate percentage at graduation level from a recognized institute / college can apply for post graduate degree.

Doctoral course

For PhD in Rural Management, the candidate should have a postgraduate degree in Rural Management from an institute recognized by AICTE. After this, the candidate will also have to give entrance exam.

Entrance exam

Admission in all professional courses is based on the marks found by you in the entrance exam. So you should have enough knowledge of all entrance exam so that you can start preparing at the right time and bring high cut off in the exam.


The state board conducts entrance exam for admission in diploma course in rural management. Interested candidates can apply online through the Common Entrance Form.


Apply for undergraduate courses in universities where rural management courses are conducted.

post graduate

Entrance exam for admission in post graduate courses

  • Cat
  • Matt
  • jet
  • IRMA
  • Snap
  • MH-CET
  • MAT

Doctoral courses

Those who have passed post graduate degree in the relevant stream can apply for PhD course in the respective university which conducts PhD program.

Best Institute for Rural Management Courses

The demand for rural management courses is increasing day by day. The main reason for this is to assess the possibility of maximum growth and profitability in the sector by most companies. Under the Rural Management Courses, the patience and determination power of the candidates is tested. So if you choose to make a career through this course, below is a list of some of the best institutes with excellent knowledge for your convenience. . You can apply for these courses in rural management by realizing your dreams –

Serial Number College / Institute Location

1 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

2 Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

3 Institute of Rural Management Anand Gujarat

4 Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar

5 Xavier Institute of Social Service Jharkhand

6 Chandrasekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology Kanpur

7 Xavier University Bhubaneswar

8 Symbiosis Institute of International Business Pune

9 Kerala Agricultural University Kerala

10 National Institute of Agricultural Marketing Jaipur

Career prospects in Rural Management courses

Everyone knows that two-thirds of the population of India lives in rural areas and which class of society is very important for the economic development of the country. Therefore, the selection of rural management course by the youth both of their career and the country Is equally useful in development. Many people are interested in contributing to the upliftment of rural India.

Whether it is salary prospects or job profile or recruiters, there is a dire need of professionals in rural management domain who wish to contribute maximum without any expectation. Let’s have a look at the career prospects of this field –

Job Profile for Rural Management Professionals

After completing any course, everyone has the desire to do a good job and start their career with a good job profile. The relationship of the job profile indicates your designation and level. Below is a description of some job profiles given in the field of Rural Management –

  • Sales / Business Development Manager
  • Rural Development Officer
  • Purchase Vendor Development Officer
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sales Officer
  • National Sales Development Manager

Salary prospects

The salary prospects for the candidates in the field of Rural Management are very bright:

Designation salary (in INR)

Area Executive 4 to 5 Lakh

Marketing & Sales Manager 4 to 5 Lakhs

Rural Manager 1 to 3 Lakh

Senior Program Officer 4 to 5 Lakhs

Research Head 7 to 8 Lakh


Specializations offered to students under Rural Management

The following sub specialization facilities are available under Rural Management –

Rural Planning and Development: The study of this subject develops knowledge and skills related to the rural landscape. For this, the art of the right use of available resources for the overall development of the region is also taught under it.

Natural Resource Development and Management: As the name suggests, this topic deals with topics related to the development of natural resources and how to manage them for the prosperity of the agricultural sector? All its knowledge is imparted inside it.

Rural Marketing and Management: Marketing is an integral part of rural development. Vendors devise strategies for marketing their products and services in this area. All these things are described and the technique of correct marketing is taught under this topic.

Rural Community Facilities and Services: In order to develop the rural landscape, it is very important to pay attention to the development of basic infrastructure facilities like sanitation, drainage etc. and comprehensive information is provided in this subject.

Social Security Problems, Policies and Programs: Law and order is essential for the development of our economy. Under this, a detailed study of Indian law and its impact is done for the rural sector.

Top Companies for Rural Management Professionals

Everyone wants to work in the top brand companies in the country and abroad in their career. Details of the top companies giving jobs to students of rural management are given below. In any of these, the students of Rural Management can make their dream come true by applying for jobs.

  • National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)
  • Bihar Livelihood Promotion Society – Jeevika
  • BAIF Development Research Foundation
  • Vedanta CSR
  • ITC Limited Agri Business Division
  • Godrej Agrovet Limited
  • Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation
  • Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers Association Limited (AMUL)
  • Muthootfincorp
  • IndusInd Bank Limited
  • Macro Foods
  • Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetables (P) Ltd.
  • ADM Agro Industries
  • Supermarket Grocery Supply Private Limited (
  • Kargil

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