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Things Your Business Should Now About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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Things Your Business Should Now About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you are a business owner and want to accelerate the marketing process but, like Small enterprises don’t want to spend too much time and money on it. Although, they have an effective website, a better position on SERP and ahead of their competitor. But, what happens if you are not ranking within the first five results in Google or even on the first page of SERP for your targeted keywords? Ranking high on the search engine is not an easy task on the internet to continue the business growth. Is it possible for a small organization to compete with recognized and large businesses?

Fortunately, the answer is “yes” and the best option is pay per click advertising. Pay- per-click is generally known as PPC. It is an important approach for small enterprises to develop the brand value, a strong web presence and a steady flow of more leads and web traffic. Before starting, you should know what exactly is PPC advertising?

What is Pay-Per-Click advertising?

PPC advertising is a model of digital marketing where advertiser creates ads and pay some fee each time their ad is clicked on. In other terms, we can say that it is an alternate way of buying visits to your website, rather than trying to earn those visits organically. These ads are displayed within search engine results or in a different manner on many other social media platforms.

The most common types of PPC are through the search engine, such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. PPC allows the advertiser to bid for an ad in a search engine’s sponsored links when a user searches for a keyword that is related to their service offering. The sponsored links are typically featured at the top of the search and bottom of the search or in a sidebar on the right-hand side of the organic results. Every time your ad is clicked, it sends a visitor to your website and for that, you have to pay a small amount of fee to the search engine.


To set up a successful PPC campaign, it requires a lot of research, selection of the right keyword, organizing these keywords into a well-ordered campaign and ad groups and set up PPC landing pages that are improved for conversions. If your ads are beneficial and satisfying to customers, Google charges you less per click, brings to maximize profit for your business.

What type of Small business can benefit from PPC?

Almost every small business can benefit from executing a pay per click marketing scheme to build its solid web presence. All you have to do is to identify the relevant targeted keywords and understand your targeted audience and plan a strategy that will lead to generating more traffic. Here are the few characteristics of the small organization that can lead to enhance the PPC results.

Improved Customer Lifetime Value – Educational service, medical, utility providers, and subscription services can make a high PPC budget because every conversion has the potential to yield a very high lifetime value for every new client.

Maximum Profit Margin – If your advertised service or product has a high profit, your PPC campaign may suggest paying more per click. Home renovations, vehicles, big tickets are the examples.

Niche products – Offering a service or product that is difficult for clients to find locally makes your business a great applicant for PPC advertising campaign. People often rely on web searches to locate unfamiliar or rare products.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Campaign

The profits of using PPC in your digital marketing activities are clear. Moreover, the simplicity of setting up a campaign, PPC advertising provides you:

Campaign Control – you have measurable control over your target customer, location, and keywords. Adapted campaigns and specific URL placement let you enhance relevant traffic to your site.

Conversion Control – As you create targeted landing pages to match your relevant keywords, you can design multiple pages for visitors at different phases in the customer buying cycle.

Cost Control – Geo-targeting and keyword targeting is well-known features of PPC- the ability to remarket campaigns. So if someone searches your keyword more than once, you can bring up your ad again and you don’t need to pay for this.

Customer Control – you can select the how many times the customer will see your ad so they don’t get irritated with ads every time they search the keywords.

PPC gives you more benefits that you cannot get from any other paid marketing or internet marketing strategy.

Pay only for what you use – when we compared PPC with print advertising, you just pay for the ads that are going to be clicked on.

Instant result – You realize the result with PPC in form of increased traffic within minutes or hours. You can observe these result on a daily basis and use them to make instant changes to your campaign. If we compare PPC with SEO, which can take months to gives the result, PPC offers you immediate measurable results.

Dependable process – Any upgrade or alterations to the advertising platform are broadcast well in advance. Compare to SEO, where you are unaware of update of Google’s algorithm.

Points to keep in mind while doing your PPC

ppc strategy

•Search engines are in the business of making money, so they suggest what will be easy for you

•You can start your campaign with a little amount of $5 a day and you can observe the instant results (above). It can take month or year with such a small amount of budget to get any remarkable result that would allow you to make all the improvements and adaptation that are key to PPC.

•Online advertisement is competitive, it can literally take your earned money rapidly without the accompanying ROI if you don’t know complete knowledge of PPC.

Releasing and improving your website is only the first step. Executing an ongoing market strategy that includes Pay Per Click advertising is a vital part of small enterprises success within the digital background. When small organization skip the PPC marketing they are leaving money on the table for their competitors. If you are ready to start with PPC then share your experience with us.

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