What is Business model of Flyrobe

What is the business model of Flyrobe

Flyrobe is one of the best online forums that permit its users to buy and rent the handcrafted ethnic wears. It is like a rental service provider that works online. Customers buy clothes for a specific period and pay a particular amount in relevance. The service of delivery and pick up facilities are free, and it doesn’t cost anything from their customers except the amount of rent. 

It is not like other companies that sell their clothes to customers. It only gives gears on rent. The money-making process of Flyrobe is, it buys clothes at a lower price and rent the cloth at a high price. The difference between the cost price and the rental price is the amount of revenue that they earn. 

Flyrobe would be the right choice for those people who can’t purchase clothes. So they can get them on rent. It offers good quality of clothes at a very reasonable amount. 

Flyrobe charges rent based on period. The customer has to return the outfit before the due date. 

The best part is, Flyrobe provides a wide variety of ethnic wears for both males and females. The men and women can take advantage of the ethnic wears and can try it on the auspicious occasions. The main feature which makes the company most favorable of the customers is that it also offers the best international brands of outfits. 

Flyrobe is doing good work in its field. It is earning money and reputation as well. 

Customers like their services. 

They provide excellent services to their customers. Flyrobe is also achieving the height of success. The reason behind their success is its business model.

Every company sets its business model before starting-up. Business models depend on their consumers who are going to take the benefit of the service. The business model also includes the idea, strategies, which helps in generating more income. Flyrobe is also working on its business model, which helps in achieving success. 

In this article, you would get to know about the business model of the Flyrobe. Below are some points that show the Flyrobe business model on which the company works.

Offers a wide range of designer outfits:

Flyrobe is the best online rental clothe company which provides a wide range of designer clothes for men and women. It also provides the best of international brands. The Flyrobe is quite in demand of the people as it is providing excellent services. Flyrobe offers different attire based on different occasions. It is beneficial for the customers to choose clothes based on events. The best part is, it provides a wide range of great brands like Zara, Armani, etc. It is the best option for those people who desire to wear branded clothes that also at an affordable price. 

Largest marketplace:

Flyrobe is the most significant online clothes rental service provider in India. It provides the facility of the vastest marketplace to the customers. It is offering rental service to its customers over 1800 curators onboard.

Several brand stores:

Flyrobe is so successful in terms of renting their outfits. Customers like the quality of products and their service as well. It already has five brand stores and is aiming at launching ten franchise stores that also within 12 months. They desire to open these stores in the 30 different cities of India. They are earning a considerable reputation online, and now they plan to open an offline store to better communicate with the customers.

Rent outfits at a lower price:

The best service of the Flyrobe is, it provides an enormous range of branded traditional costumes at a little cost. The cost is so cheaper that it is affordable for every kind of person. It gives clothes on rent just for four days. The business model of Flyrobe focuses on providing international brands of outfits available for all the people.

However, the ethnic outfits are very high in rates, and usually, every person can’t afford it, and if it belongs to any brand, it will become more costly.

So, Flyrobe is like a boon for all those customers who desire to wear branded traditional dresses, but because of the rates, they can’t purchase them.

Flyrobe also offers dresses of great designers like Sabyasachi.

Offers services in different cities:

Fly robe provides their clothes rental services in various major cities throughout India. The company focuses on expanding its services in many cities. That is why they are going to expand their services in 30 more cities. 

The Flyrobe business model depends on increasing its services throughout India. 

Partners with well-known designers:

The Flyrobebusiness model depends on creating contacts with renowned designers. They have a massive range of designer outfits that belong to famous designers. The main reason behind it, if the company has partners who are great designers, it will expand more and more.

Partnership with multiple agencies:

Flyrobe is working with many agencies and designers. The main objective behind that if the company has contact with a lot of designers and agencies, there will be a higher chance that they can serve their customers with newer outfits in more comprehensive ranges.

Online renting:

Flyrobe basis on a business model in which they don’t sell clothes online but provide branded traditional outfits to the customers at the meager rate of rent. They offer clothes on rent minimum for four days, and the charging percentage is not much higher so that everyone can easily take it on rent. 

It has become one of the best choices for online renting clothes. People prefer taking clothes on rent from Flyrobe as they also provide a facility for fitting the dress. If the dress does not correctly fit the customer, the company will give free fitting services.

Free pick up and delivery services:

Flyrobe makes every effort through which they can satisfy their clients. They provide free pick up and delivery services for the customers who are unable to come to the store and get the one. They charge nothing but provides the best facilities to their shoppers. 

All of the above is the business model of the Flyrobe company, which makes it so successful that it has become the first choice of the consumers to take ethnic dresses on rent. 

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