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Which is the Best Air cooler in india 2023 Updated

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Which is the Best Air cooler in india 2023 Updated

Indian summer is a period of highly unpredictable hot, dry and humid weather. As the MERCURY surges higher and higher, it becomes highly intolerable to survive without an air cooler or an air conditioner. However, affording an air conditioner is not a feasible option for everyone. It’s not cheap and doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget and may cause a sharp rise in your monthly electricity bill. Apart from that power cut is also another problematic issue that we face in summer times. Now it’s a tough choice to make your home cool even after these boomers. To sum it up symphony air coolers are always playing a fairy tale role to save us from the boiling summers. Symphony introduces various models of air coolers that fit into our specific criteria like budget, water tank capacity, priority of features, fan type or blower type, different technology, room size and purpose etc. before purchasing an air cooler, this summer you should be clear in your thoughts about its actualities.

Room Size / Coverage area – Air coolers come in several sizes to fit the requirements of our room. First thing you need to do before buying an air cooler, take measurement of your room/area. According that you can read about an air cooler that provides particular area cooling. Some air coolers are only compatible for small to medium sized rooms, while some of them provide ideal cooling for medium to large rooms. 

Air cooler type – generally, there are three types of air cooler, a tower air cooler, a personal room cooler and a desert air cooler. There is no difference in their working mechanism, but somehow everyone has a different purpose. Tower air coolers or diet coolers are best for 1 person use, while personal room coolers are best sufficient for more than 2 people. Personal room cooler installed inside a room for better cooling effect. Other than that desert air coolers preferred for a cooling unit to help combat serious heat, it better to fit them in the window for effective cooling.

Water tank capacity – an air cooler having water tank capacity of 9litres to 20 litres considered as a tower/diet air cooler, with water tank capacity of 20 to 40 litres considered as a personal room cooler and water tank capacity of 40-80 litres air cooler considered as desert air cooler. Air coolers equipped with large water tanks ensure nonstop cooling through the night, where you need not to worry about refilling it again and again. 

Features – Every air cooler comes with some different and unique features that can add great benefit to you. There are some important and modern features, should be considered while purchasing an air cooler-

  • Ice cube tray 
  • Unit Remote control
  • Electronic Thermostats
  • Water level controller
  • Castors wheel
  • Timer setting
  • Automatic swing
  • Water tank empty alarm 
  • Automatic shutoff dumpers
  • Multiple speed control knob
  • Compatibility with inverter 

Cooling pads technology – mostly air cooler designed by two cooling pad technology, one is ASPEN wood wool pads and another one is honeycomb cooling pads. Both types of cooling pads fundamentally work in the same manner in an air cooler i.e. to deliver evaporative air cooling. As honeycomb cooling pad is the modern technology to provide better cooling, low-pressure drop along with requiring less maintenance and increased durability of an air cooler. Also, honeycomb cooling pads are thicker than ASPEN wood wool technology and help in order to cool the air well.

Power consumption – Power consumption is driven by its power fan/blower and pump. Higher the power it generates, higher the power it consumes. In general, power consumption of an air cooler varies from 130-230 watts that roughly ranges from 0.2-0.5 units of electricity per hour. Air cooler designed with highly-efficient copper motors which consume less electricity and save more power competitively.

Warranty – How do you feel when you bring something new and it stops working after some time. It can be a small issue that a technician can repair on the spot or it can be a big issue where a whole part needs to be replaced due to technical default. Warranty gives you security for such issues where for a certain period, you are protected against product’s fault as provided in the warranty manual. It’s like medical insurance that a person takes whenever s/he falls ill.

Some best air coolers from symphony to cool you down in summer time –

Symphony Diet 22 i-Litre Air Cooler – if you are looking for a tower air cooler option for a small sized room at affordable rates the air cooler is a convenient option for your personal use. The Symphony diet 22i tower/diet air cooler is designed to ensure that you have a brilliant user experience. 

Features & Benefits –

  • Ideal for rooms up to 42 m3
  • 22 litre water tank capacity, with empty water tank alarm
  • Consume 170 W only, great saving on electricity bill
  • Highly efficient honeycomb cooling pad, provide better cooling
  • I-pure technology, grantee fresh air 
  • Unit remote control, easy to operate

Symphony Touch 35-Litre Air Cooler – Symphony touch 35 litre air cooler is the best example of new age innovation with all modern features, right choice for small to medium sized room. The personal room air cooler designed with stunning look and advanced technology like touch screen panel, voice assist and mosquito repellent that are unheard of in the field of air cooling.

Features & benefits – 

  • Perfect choice for rooms up to 57 m3
  • 35 litre water tank, ensure effortless cooling
  • Consumes less power 185W only
  • Digital touch screen with voice assist function
  • 4 castor wheels, ensure easy mobility 
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal swing
  • Compatible to run on inverter

Symphony Jumbo 51-Litre Air Cooler – Symphony jumbo 51-litre desert air cooler comes with a larger water tank capacity along with larger cooling pad area. The jumbo desert air cooler is an ideal option for expensive areas like medium to large sized rooms. Your need for a king size cooling option ends on this jumbo air cooler.

Features & benefits – 

  • Preferable for rooms up to 113 m3
  • Large 51 L tank capacity, no refill required all day
  • Save electricity, Consume 185 w only
  • Whisper quiet performance, less noise
  • Powerful fan along with Larger cooling pad area
  • multiple speed setting options

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