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Top Astrologer in Dehradun List 2023 Updated

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Top Astrologer in Dehradun List 2023 Updated

1.Divya Jyotish Kendra – Pandit Ramlakhan Mishra

We are authentic Hindu astrologers and professionals. Our mission is to make specialized Ancient astrology  accessible to people all over the globe in a convenient, effective,  reliable and affordable way. We are experienced professionals who will consistently offer astrology reading and Jyotish related services using a combination of ancient and latest technology, that is  far beyond the ordinary. We strive to combine the very best in time-tested Vedic astrology methods along with top quality enterprise level  technology, innovation and service. 

Expect a solution to all your astrology related problems. Divya Jyotish Kendra offers various services and  consultations. You can seek our professional consultation  for insights and forecasts in matters of your education, career,  marriage, or starting a business. Seek expert’s services to find  out the auspicious day or time or date before embarking on an important  event or occasion. By furnishing your birth date, time and place of  birth, you can avail horoscope reading that will most likely cover  various aspects of life, including money, power, position, income,  career, job, love life, marriage life, business, foreign settlement,  litigation, debt, and physical and mental health.  

Services Offered

Horoscope reading, Match Making, Gems suggestion, Kundali dosh remedy, Vastu, Jap and various Pooja’s.

Contact no: 094129 67751

Address:Maharani Bagh Ln, Ashirwad Enclave, Balliwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248006


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2.Dr. Verma’s Astrological & Reiki Centre

I am Dr.Saanjiv.Kr.Verma (Ph.D. astro) Reiki Grand Master. I belong to Dehradun, Uttaranchal a lovely hilly city in north India.I am working on K.P. ASTROLOGY SYSTEM,(The Stellar Astrology) which is more scientific and accurate. I have chosen the field because of my interest and aim to cure people with therapy like Reiki & Gems. I heal my patients from their disease and pain by these therapies. It is a divine work and every time I heal pain of people, it gives me satisfaction. In these years I have helped people and also educate the students, people who want to learn these cure therapies. I always aimed to spread my knowledge and help others, which I have done successfully for 1000’s of people with 100% satisfaction. The aim of this website too is to spread this knowledge and help people. The Internet is the best technology to broadcast, interact with people who are looking for right information and I hope my website will help and make me connect with people who are in need of these services. Contact me for any query regarding Best astrology, Best numerology, Best palmistry, Best gems and reiki therapy, Best Tarot Card Reader,Best Gemstones,Best Quality Rudraksh










Contact no: 098972 26181

Address:43, Karanpur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


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3.Maa Katyayani Vedic Astrology Dehradun

We organise regular Workshops and Seminars on Vedic Astrology, Spirituality, Bhagwad Geeta and On connection between Astrology and PsychologyVideos on different Aspects of Vedic Astrology can be watched on our youtube channel.

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Significant celestial transitions.

Indian Philosophy

Elements and human body

Yoga Philosophy

Transformational Breathwork

Indian Mythology and creation of the world workshop

Contact no: 080778 22410

Address: Rajpur Rd, Doon Vihar, Jakhan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


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4,Astro Hub

Astrology is an integral part of Hinduism, it is the study of stars & planets and their alignment that affect human affairs. Today, it is not just appreciated by Hindus but other religions of India have also accepted it, they now understand the truth this practice holds. This just not helps one in understanding future possibilities but also helps in identifying ways to prevent unwanted events. To provide such helps, we, Astro Hub, from the ‘Dev Bhoomi- Uttarakhand’ are rendering trustworthy Astrology Services like Astrology Consultancy Services. Being a Vastu Shasatra Expert, our proprietor Ansh and his team also helps thousands of people by rendering Vastu Shastra Consultation Services. We try to resolve their life issues with our knowledge of Shastra and Vedas.











Contact no: 080 6809 6767

Address:50/1, Hill View Colony, Indra Nagar Colony, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


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5.Dev Bhoomi Jan jyotish karyalay

सनातन धर्म और हमारे धार्मिक शास्त्रों में गऊ सेवा का बहुत महत्व बताया गया हैं। इसी भावना का निर्वहन करते हुए आज ‘देव भूमि जन कल्याण धर्माथ गोशाला समिति में’ देहरादून क्षेत्र (बहादरपुर रोड सेलाकुई) में गऊशाला के रूप में दिन-रात गऊ माता की सेवा में कार्यरत है। आज गऊशाला में तक़रीबन 500 गायों की सेवा का पुण्य फल यहां आने वाले गौ भक्त और सेवादार उठा रहें है। यहां आने वाले गौ भक्त इस गऊशाला के बेहद विस्तृत क्षेत्र में चल रही विभिन्न गतिविधियों को देखकर काफी प्रभावित होते है। गऊशाला में गऊ माता की सेवा के लिए काफी प्रबंध किए गये है। गऊमाता की सेवा के लिए लगभग 20 सेवादार हमेशा कार्यरत रहते है। यह सेवादार गऊमाता की हर सुख सुविधा का पूरा ध्यान रखते है। वही देहरादून की सड़को पर घूमने वाली निःसहाय और लाचार गौमाता को सहारा देने के लिएदेव भूमि जन कल्याण धर्माथ गोशाला समिति में में विशेष प्रबंध किए गए है। सड़को पर लाचार, बेसहारा और दुर्घटनाग्रस गऊमाता को आश्रय देने और इलाज के लिए गऊशाला ने व्यवस्था की है। इसके लिए लिफ्ट वाली 2 मेडिकल वैन ‘गौरथ’ और डाक्टरो की टीम सदेव तैनात रहती है। वही गौभक्तों के सहयोग से गऊशाला के परिसर में आधुनिक सुविधाओं वाला एक अस्पताल का भी निर्माणकिया गया है। हमारे सनातन धर्म में दान को विशेष महत्व दिया गया है और जैसा गोस्वामी तुलसीदास ने रामचरितमानस में कहा है कि कलयुग में ईश्वर के नाम और दान का विशेष महत्व होगा। इसी परमपरा का निर्वहन करते हुए और गौभक्त की सुविधा के लिए गऊशाला ने विशेष प्रबंध किये है।

हमारे पास हमारे गोशाला और हमारे निवेश में एक दायित्व और जिम्मेदारी है ज्योतिष कार्य । हमें यह सुनिश्चित करना होगा कि जिन लोगों के पास गोशाला, शाखाओं है, लेकिन पैसा नहीं, अभी भी सबसे अच्छी गोशाला संभव हो सकती है.” ‘पंडित दाताराम जी’

गोशाला ऐसा उद्यम है जिसने उन लोगों तक पहुंचने का प्रयास किया है जो योग्य हैं लेकिन बर्दाश्त नहीं कर सकते हैं, जो चाहते हैं लेकिन हासिल नहीं कर सकते हैं और जो सपने देखते हैं लेकिन उन सपने को महसूस नहीं कर सकते हैं। और मेरा ज्योति कार्य और गोशाला के निर्देशक के रूप में योगदान करने में सक्षम होने के लिए वास्तव में एक विशेषाधिकार है। आज की तेज़ी से चलने वाली दुनिया में जहां कोई यह नहीं समझता कि दिन कब शुरू होता है और जब यह समाप्त होता है, तो किसी को दिल की इच्छा के बाद जाने का साहस होना पड़ता है ताकि जब यह देखने के लिए समय हो कि दुनिया में क्या अंतर आया , कोई आभारी हो सकता है कि किसी ने एक उद्देश्य और अर्थ के साथ जीवन जीता।

Contact no:8958218851

Address: Govind Garh Rd, Yamuna Colony, Govind Garh, Khurbura Mohalla, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


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When people talk about the professionals in astrology then the name of Astrologer Vasudev Shastri Ji always come first. He is a person who is best in the astrology and serving people from many years. He has learned about astrology in his very young age. He belongs to the family that has produced best astrologers. His father and even grandfather is also a famous astrologer. It is all because of his family that he gets interest in it. He has given many predictions to the people that have become true. Even there are many things and events that happened actually after his predictions. He is true astrologer who will help almost every person who comes to him.

Astrologer Vasudev Shastri Ji is the one stop solution to every problem of a person. This is all because of his skills that people are getting in touch of him. He never let any person to stay in problem for longer. His services are all affordable so that any person can come to him and discuss their problem. He brings the happiness in the life of a person. Even many people are able to make it possible. The work that he has done for the society and people has made him today very popular. Many astrological organizations have honored him with the achievement awards.


Job Problem

Business Problem

Husband Wife Problem

Astrology Specialist

Love Affair Problems

Financial Problem

Intercaste Marriage

Contact no:91-9729329872

Address: Jhanda Bazar, Pindarvally, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248004


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7.Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun

Pandit Shardanand Shastri ji is one of the famous vashikaran specialists astrologers in Dehradun. In fact, Pandit ji is not only popular inside the boundaries of this Dehradun but, He enjoys equal popularity in other cities and foreign countries as well Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun. He has the capability of solving life all many problems that might be ruining your life and not letting you enjoy your life at its fullest. There are numerous problems that can be solved by Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun Astrologer Shardanand Shastri ji, some of those problems are Love Problems, Husband Wife Dispute, Divorce between partners, Family Disputes, Get your Ex Back by Vashikaran, Control Someone by Vashikaran, Inter Caste Marriage Problems Solution. Pandit ji has been working for providing solutions in Dehradun for these problems for a long time and all those who have utilized him services, will recommend you to use them too.VASHIKARAN SPECIALIST ASTROLOGER IN DEHRADUNIndia is a most rich country among other countries. That has a rich way of life and tradition. That is woven deep into the very lifestyles of the humans and it is this difference which makes it one of the maximum colourful & enduring countries within the complete world. With its gamut of networks that makes it up, there are numerous information and art which have been handed down from era to technology down the line. One such art is vashikaran it is a totally historical yet it still has effect on the lives of the people even nowadays.Vashikaran is a craft with a purpose to help in controlling the someone minds and the control their mind without their attention and show to be useful for the person who is making it happen. Pandit Shardanand Shastri ji is an famous vashikaran specialist astrologer in Dehradun within the art of astrology, black magic and vashikaran, despite the fact that he is 50 years old with 30 year astrology experience; he has mastered the whole vashikaran process and black magic spells that can be performed only by means of humans. Who have had special training or are talented in performing such feats. There are various facilities for getting services from him besides the ones Vashikaran expert in Dehradun.

Contact no: 084379 67481

Address:1/1, F/F, Gandhi Rd, Dhamawala Mohalla, Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


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8.Astrologer Naveen Rana

Whenever one try to learn astrology he or she always take the help of the internet to find articles and lessons available there.Every day I get dozens of email stating how they got benefited by my articles.This procedure is certainly helpful but still, there are some flaws in it and have its own limitations.

Many of you know this already so to overcome the block from your learning many of you want to learn astrology where actual interaction is possible with the teacher.There are many benefits of doing this and the first and most important is that you get the full attention of the teacher and the same time you can learn more than what one have written in their astrology blog.Usually, I try my best to put maximum through my articles but due to certain factors like ranking in google I tend to skip few parts from my articles.Yes!! This is a truth which one should know.Just like any other astrology teacher out there I also want to give share the knowledge which i have gained over the period of time.For past few years, I am doing astrology classes and trained many students from all walks of life.It is really an enjoyable process/journey where I get to interact with a different kind of individuals.Many of them are still my good friends and we do interactions quite frequently.









Contact no:8979776701

Address: F-5, Post & Telecom Colony, Chukkuwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


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9.Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun | Love Problem Solution in Dehradun

Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun| Best Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun|Top Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun|Genuine Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun| Excellent Vashikaran Specialist in Dehradun|Vashikaran Specialist Pandit in Dehradun|100% Satisfied Work by Pandit JiGet Your Love Back in Dehradun | Love Problem Solution in Dehradun

Love problem solution: We human beings are never perfect in our life we always used to do so many mistakes and in love we also make many mistakes that most of the time cause problems in our love life. Most of the people feel depressed just because of their problematic love life and some wise people without taking any stress takes the help of astrology as Love problem solution in dehradun When a person loses all of its hopes related to his love life, if it takes the help of astrology as Love problem solution in dehradun then it can easily make their life peaceful and free from worries. Bring the trust, understanding and true love back into your life with astrology.Love Problem Solution Pandit Ji In DehradunLove problem solution Pandit ji: Astrology has till now served people in every field and most of the people take the help of astrology in their love life. There are so many problems that come into the love life of a person and a couple who really do not want any kind of the problem into their relationship do take the help of Love problem solution Pandit ji in dehradun to keep their relationship safe from negativities. He knows all kinds of the spells and the rituals with which a person can control the situations around them. The spells should always be recited with good intentions and Love problem solution Pandit ji in dehradun help his clients in that so they can get result soon.Love Problem Solution Molvi Baba Ji In DehradunIt is not really easy to solve the love problems of the people because it is all the matter of love. Love problem solution Molvi Baba ji in dehradun is expert in astrology. There are a number of people who are really very happy by getting solved all of the love problems easily. Every person has different love problems, some have compatibility issues, understanding, trust, lack of interest, love and many more problems. If the person is really worried about their love life then they should take the help of Love problem solution Molvi Baba ji in dehradun so that they can easily get all of their hurdles solved. The love spells can bring your love back into your life.

Contact no:097808 48035

Address:44/2, Gandhi Rd, Ghanta Ghar, Harrawala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


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10.NEW ASTRO WORLD. (Astrologer in dehradun)

Vedpathi pt. sanjay dutt bhadri ( jyotisharya)

Mobile no. 9719148084

We provide the India’s well-known, highly qualified and experienced astrologer Shastries and Pandits. We specialize in horoscope reading all kinds of religious. Computerised kundali and handwrite kundali making. Vedic astrology. remedies. Gemology. gemstones, luckystones. vastu. conducting religious ceremonies – Naming Ceremony, Mundan Ceremony, PaniGrayan Ceremony Birthday Ceremony, Thread Wearing Ceremony,(Janeu Ceremony), SatyaNarayan Puja, Griha Pravesh puja, Vastu Shastra Consultation, New Business, Marriage Ceremony , Sunderkand Puja, Engagement Ceremony, Laxmi Pooja, Ganesha & Durga Puja, Janmashtami pooja, Mata ki Chouki & Jaagran, Maha Mritunjya Jap, Havans, Shradh Puja, Last Right Rituals, Nava Graha Shant, , Ramayan, Mundan, Bhagwat katha, and all other puja etc.

And also available all kinds of puja saamagree and yantras

Mobile no. 9719148084

Contact no:097191 48084

Address:Nakronda Rd, Gularghati, Balawala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


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