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Arizona Contractor’s License School, Contractor near me

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Arizona Contractor’s License School, Contractor near me

  1. Contractor’s Exam Center, Inc.

About us: You can rest assured that the team members at Contractor’s Exam Center have the experience, qualifications, and education necessary to direct you through the entire process involved in obtaining your contractor’s license. We understand how important your license and bond are to your future success, so we make that road as smooth as possible. Our courses and curriculum are the most current available in both Arizona and Nevada.

Product/services: Arizona contractors services, Nevada contractors services.

Address: 5727 N 7th Street, Suite 100 Phoenix, Arizona 85014

(602) 252-8311

Fax: (602) 252-8456


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About us: Bruce Evers has the credentials to make different than the other “schools”. He has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education. Mr.Evers obtained his computer based MBA in 1991, graduating from the University of Phoenix in 18 months with a ranking of first place in his graduating class(4.0 GPA), receiving the Faculty Academic Award. Bruce has been a small business development consultant and strategist for over 28 years. He has helped many small business owners succeed.

Product/services: Licensed, bonded, insured, store, study.

Address: 6717 N. Black Canyon Highway Phoenix, AZ 85015

 (602) 242-2222

Fax: (602) 433-1219


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