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Adoption Agencies in Houston, Agencies near me

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Adoption Agencies in Houston, Agencies near me

1.Texas Adoption Center

Contact no:+1 844-893-7943

Address :701 N Post Oak Rd, Houston, TX 77024, United States


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2.Legacy Adoption Services

Contact no:1 713-588-5944

Address :s: 405 Main St #829, Houston, TX 75002, United States

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3.Caring Adoptions

Caring Adoptions is a full service adoption agency that has been finding families for children since 1991. Although located in Houston, Caring Adoptions works with Birthmothers throughout Texas, and Adoptive Parents throughout Texas and the United States.Services include, but are not limited to:

Birthmother placement services, housing, nutrition, clothing, health care, counseling, living/pregnancy related services, and ongoing support and resources

Child health care, counseling, “Cradle Care,” and ongoing support and resources

Adoptive Parent(s) Counseling, financial resources, home study and adoption processing in accordance with TDFPS minimum standards, placement, ICPC (if applicable), post placement, adoption finalization, support activities, parent education, and ongoing support and resources










Contact no:+1 281-920-4300

Address :: 11601 Katy Fwy # 222, Houston, TX 77079, United States


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Chosen Parents Adoptions  is a highly qualified  service that networks with licensed adoption agencies and attorneys throughout the United States. If you are currently dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption, we can describe to you the advantages of multiple services so that you can make an informed decision as to which service will best fit your needs.  For example, some services may specialize in faith based adoptions,  some services offer housing and we can describe the housing that is available. Do you have a preference for  a small personal company with a lot of one on one emotional support , or do you prefer a large corporate agency ? We can tell you the advantages of each . Because we are national , we are able to discuss relocation as well, and let you choose where you would like to relocate to. Don’t get stuck with a service that you aren’t going to be happy with, we will tailor your adoption experience  according to your needs and wants , and make sure that you are matched up with the right professional for you.   Let us explain the difference between an attorney adoption and an agency adoption. There can be advantages or disadvantages to each depending on where your baby is born. There are many  services that advertise online that are neither attorneys or agencies, but that are rather, unregulated adoption facilitators. It is almost impossible for the average person to see through these companies, as they refer to themselves as legal centers, or adoption centers, which gives the reader the impression that they are dealing with an attorney or agency. In addition , they may be thousands of miles away.  We will make sure that you are introduced only to licensed and regulated professionals , and that you have local representation. We are available by phone at (800) 488-3238.

Contact no: (800) 488-3238.

Address :1400 Broadfield Blvd #200, Houston, TX 77084, United States


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5.DePelchin Children’s Center

Contact no: +1 713-730-2335

Address :4950 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77007, United States


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6.Rainbow of Love

Contact no:1 713-779-8877

Address :10103 Fondren Rd, Houston, TX 77096, United States


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7.Loving Houston Adoption Agency

Contact no: +1 832-204-6010

Address :5005 W 34th St Suite 205A, Houston, TX 77092, United States


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8.Gladney Center For Adoption

Contact no:: +1 713-665-1212

Address :Houston, TX 77002, United States


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9.Katherine T. Otte Adoption Consultant

Katherine T. Otte received her B.A. in Child Development from Connecticut College and her Master of Social Work from the University of Houston. She has been involved in the infertility and adoption field since 1980. As a result of her own personal experience with infertility and adoption, Kathie started her business as an Adoption Consultant in 1995, educating, guiding and supporting adoptive couples on their road to adoption. She has shared the joy of the adoption experience with hundreds of adoptive couples over the years. Kathie lives in Houston and is the proud mother of two adopted children.

Contact no:+1 281-558-5515

Address :14934 Cindywood Dr, Houston, TX 77079, United States


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10.Stepparent Adoption Forms

We have helped thousands of families complete their stepparent and adult adoptions.  We help families complete their adoptions without having to pay thousands to an adoption attorney.  Our legal team prepares your legal documents specific to your individual situation.  With our program, you get the documents and the assistance to be able to complete your own stepparent or adult adoption.

Stepparent adoptions can be fairly simple and straight-forward, as long as you have the proper legal documents and the assistance needed to properly process the adoption through the courts.  We have helped families for over 20 years successfully complete their own adoptions.  We know that many families don’t have the financial means to pay several thousand to an adoption attorney.  We help those families complete the adoption, and do it within their budget.  If you are looking to adopt your stepchild, we can help you get the adoption completed.

Contact no:1 800-878-2109

Address : 10685 Hazelhurst Dr B, Houston, TX 77043, United States


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