Have you ever been to a garden? Oh yes, of course, all of us had been there at some point in time in our lives. Now just go into the flashback and try to recollect the beautiful flowers merrily sitting in the lap of their parent plants. They cut a dash and deck out the entire garden with their ravishing beauty. Now if we pluck one of these flowers so that it can adorn our homes or hair, what would these plants feel like? Ever tried to imagine the pain that these timid plants go through? After bearing the excruciating pain of growing from a bud to a plant and finally bearing a beautiful flower, what it gets in return? Agonizing pain of being separated from its child. They say,

“As you sow, so shall you reap”

 But what these plants had sown was a little seed, and what did they get in return? Nothing, but the pain. This feeling is similar to one which we very frequently experience at our offices, when we burn the midnight oil and work day in and day out to achieve our goals. But alas, when we don’t receive the expected outcomes within the given time frame, our efforts hold no importance to our seniors. That pain plagues us from within.

But have we ever tried to put ourselves on the flip side of the coin? What would our employers have to go through when we don’t achieve our targets? For sure, they experience a hell of a time too!

Now just sit back and ponder upon the fact, that whether rewarding the efforts is good or do we need to reward only the outcomes? Perplexed, right? Not to worry! Here I am to discuss both the pros and cons of rewarding just the outcomes and just the efforts.


Sounds like music to our ears, right? This comes with an implied tag that whatever tidbit of effort we make, we’ll get some lavish rewards. I know you must be feeling happy as a flea in a doghouse! So here are some more advantages, which could put you on cloud nine!


The most important advantage linked to rewarding efforts is ‘motivation’. When people are rewarded for their continuous hard-work and sincerity, they feel motivated to work even with greater enthusiasm the next time. There is a big driving force which makes them achieve the impossible. It raises their morale and inculcates a healthy and positive feeling for work in them. And I think that the most important reason for us to work is the willingness to do it. So dear Managers, it’s an earnest request to you all to kindly acknowledge the efforts that your employees make!


 “Close but no cigar”

Yes, this is one thing that our seniors just simply refuse to accept. We might be just on the brink of completion but they won’t let us take another day or two so that we could complete our project if we have exceeded the given time frame. But well, if I belong to an organization which pays more heed to efforts, then surely I’ll be able to complete my project and who knows it could knock off everyone’s socks! So, rewarding efforts could lead to successful final products.


I know you managers must be frowning at me now. Well, to make you all jolly, here I am to provide you an advantage of rewarding your employees! When you make them all feel like a happy camper after rewarding their efforts, then let me tell you a little secret about them. Their tendency to work with greater commitment and concentration increases by leaps and bounds which surely results in an increase in productivity!

 “Boost is the secret of their energy”

So keep boosting them!


Oh! I can see some of you a bit down in the mouth while others, mostly the employers are full of joys of spring! Well, let this nine-day wonder never cease then! Have a look at the advantages of rewarding outcomes:                              


 It’s true that we should acknowledge efforts also. But then, does it give the employees the power to ‘fake’ efforts? Well, don’t worry I’m not trying to make any allegations here. It’s just that rewarding only the outcomes forces people to make persistent and effective efforts. We don’t just throw arrows in thin air! And moreover, the one with the best outcome surely deserves appreciation. So, rewarding the one who has given the most effective outcome is legitimate.


“Competitors push you to achieve more”

 Rightly said above, with an environment of healthy competition all around, the employees tend to put all their focus into work and try to figure out ways to achieve the maximum outcome with the most optimal methods. In a mad rush to compete with others, they unknowingly bring out the best in them to the forth! So, I must say rewarding outcomes is reaping quite rich rewards!


As they say,

“Growth and comfort cannot co-exist”

 So if your employees are continuously burning the midnight oil to knock you down with a feather, then surely it is a testimony to the fact that your company is getting all the ground-breaking and seminal ideas which would eventually lead to the growth of the company! So cheer!

So, people, I hope you would have got a better idea as to how you think you should go about it. I would just say one thing,

“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you”

Even if you fall prey to a company which rewards only outcomes, then too, don’t lose hope or feel down in the dumps and push yourself to work hard and always remember that,

“Great things don’t come out of comfort zones”

And for those of you who are already grinning like a Cheshire cat because their company rewards efforts too, should remember that they should take up this opportunity to work hard and learn more. So people, choose your way out!