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Is Jaslok Hospital a government hospital?

Is Jaslok Hospital a government hospital?

No, Jaslok Hospital is a Private hospital in Mumbai. This is one of the Best Multispeciality hospitals in Mumbai city and known for big health treatment. In this hospital you can easily treatment about cancer disease, heart diseases, Ent problems, Eye problems, Brain related diseases, Orthopedics department, Lung and Stomach problems, Skin problems, Kidney problems, Liver problems. And, Has a large no of team in of every department in this hospital?

In many large hospitals like Bombay Hospital, Jaslok, Hinduja, Lilavati and Kokilaben, poor patients can get free treatment, but due to lack of information about such schemes of government and charity commission, people cannot reach these hospitals. There are 78 hospitals in Mumbai, in which financially poor people get treatment for free and for some, at affordable rates. 

There are 430 such hospitals across the state. Of these alone, 18 percent are in Mumbai. In these hospitals, 20 percent beds have been reserved for the poor. According to data from charity commission, between 70 and 957 poor patients have been given treatment in charity hospitals across the state between 2006 and December 2017.

 In last year, 3 lakh poor patients treated these hospitals in the state, whereas in 18% of the 18% charity hospitals in Mumbai, only 4,56,705 poor patients (6%) took treatment. This shows that there is no awareness among people about these hospitals in Mumbai.

Address of Jaslok Hospital:

15, Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road
Landmark: Near Mahalakshmi Temple
Peddar Road, Mumbai

Website : Jaslok Hospital

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