Having Self Driving Cars a Good Idea? What if we had self- driving cars?

How many of us become a bear with a sore head whenever we move on the roads hustling and bustling with traffic all around us? The persistent honking, frequent breaks and not to miss on the snail pace of the traffic is enough to ruffle someone’s feathers. And then amid all this, a wonderful idea strikes our mind.

What if we were not supposed to drive the car? What if these cars could function on their own? What if we had self- driving cars? But then we toss the idea off, thinking that it is just a figment of our imagination. True, back then it surely was a figment of our imagination but today, in an age when we breathe and live technology, this is a lot more than science fiction and no more than a reality.Having said that, I could see all of you all bright eyed and bushy tailed!

But the question that is still a bee in our bonnet is that do we actually need a self driving car? Well, I know you will throw a hundred arguments on me for this. So let us validate together why is there a need for self driving cars. So are you ready to take a drive in a self driving car? Fasten up your seat belts then!

We might be the master of our own thoughts but we are slaves of our emotions, right? Humans without emotions are beasts, they say. And when these emotions hover over us, we tend to go out of control. And perhaps, what if we begin driving in this state? The result can surely be foreseen, right? But on the other hand, machines don’t suffer from any emotional syndrome. Hence they don’t lose their focus. Have you ever seen a machine sneeze or yawn? Of course not, right? They work 24*7 tirelessly to fulfill our growing needs. So, I believe that self driving cars could help us in minimizing the road rages and accidents that are a boon in today’s world and are the catastrophic results of human error.

Have you ever seen inanimate objects communicating with one another? I know you must be thinking that this is just a harebrained idea! But no, let me tell you that self driving cars can very well communicate with one other and abate potential traffic problems related to weather and construction activities and even in some cases create a self-imposed detour to avoid such problems! All this could be done seamlessly owing to the complex algorithms that these machines make use of. Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back and text while your car is busy handling the traffic problems? This would surely help in blowing away the cobwebs and even utilizing your precious time in some constructive activity. So, this is not just a flight of fancy but an innovation brimming with reality, isn’t it?

These self driving cars are not just a boon for the physically fit people but also for the disabled section of the society. It brings in presents for them as well! Today, the disabled people have to navigate their way to the destination by being dependent on someone else. Or probably they have to throw themselves to the atrocities of the public transports. But with the advent of self driving cars, life could be pretty easy for them. They could easily cut down their difficult navigation and instead spring up with the joys of using a self driving car and happily believe that the world is their oyster!

I know all the ‘anti-self driving car’ people will knock me down saying that this could not combat the problem of traffic in our country. But there’s something in store for you that could spring you up with joy. These self driving cars have sensors which allow cars to travel in close proximity to one another and can incite the illusion of less traffic on roads. The mundane parking procedures would no more be bane of our lives with easy ‘picking and dropping’ facilities making their way with self driving cars. So even you can rejoice now!

So are you ready to sit comfortably in your ‘self driving car’ and have a whale of a time?


Bhanu Garg: