Which phone is better, iPhone or OnePlus?

Which phone is better, iPhone or OnePlus?Which phone is better, iPhone or OnePlus?

Which phone is better, iPhone or OnePlus?

Every phone has its own distinct identity like some companies can have any identity like brand value, good performance, camera, system UI etc. Similarly, both these phones have their own distinct identity. We are going to talk about the two phone companies whose priority in the phone market is very high. The phones of these two companies are the most preferred phones in the market . In the last 3-4yr many people know OnePlus as the best company in the world, which makes high class smartphones in cheap price. While the product, the iPhone is a world-famous product that many people know.

Why you should buy OnePlus?

There are so many reasons to why you should opt for OnePlus:

1. You get a flagship device at a cheaper price.

2.Oxygen OS gives a near stock Android experience.

3.There is also a fingerprint option. The iPhone no longer comes with fingerprint IDs.

4.OnePlus now comes with a 30W warp charger within the box (it’s super-fast), and the iPhone loses it completely here! You have to buy a fast charger for iPhone separately which again you will have to spend a few extra bucks.

Top features of OnePlus mobile

The unique features of the One Plus mobile phone are:

  • Body:

It is made with an aluminum frame (OnePlus 6 and 6T) with a glass front and back part. It has an optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. This type of display produces colors that are brighter. This ensures ideal clarity even in bright sunlight. It has a large screen like 6.5 inches. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

  • Configuration:

OnePlus has OxygenOs, a customized version of Android OS. You will get official update on time. It can be upgraded to the latest version. For example, the Oneplus 5 initially has Android 7.11, which means that if you are still using that mobile, it can be upgraded to Android 9 Pie. This means that whatever OnePlus phone you have will be up to date. It has a high processor octa-core 2.8 GHz powered by Qualcomm.

  • Camera:

Despite having common features. You can take good quality of HD photos and you can take good picture mode. You take a high quality 2160p @ 30ps / 1080p @ 30/60 Ultra 4k video. This means that it is almost equivalent to a DSLR camera.

  • Memory:

It does not support memory card slots. Because it gives you 128/256 GB of internal storage. Unlimited photos and videos can be backed up using Google Photos.

  • Other features:

Even if it has average battery capacity. It has fast battery charging. The sound quality is great.

  • Appearance:

All OnePlus phones always look classy.

  • Screen:

The high refresh rate makes everything you see on the screen smoother than normal. And for gamers, smooth refresh rates mean that your gameplay experiences get better, especially with games that support higher frame rates.

  • Performance:

There was no lack of performance in any OnePlus phone. For regular users, additional performance is always great to ensure multitasking and longevity, of which the latter is always higher for OnePlus devices.

Why you should buy iPhone?

There are so many reasons to why you should opt for iPhone:

  1. Software: Snapping Software. You tap it and over it, unlike my previous Android phone where after a few updates I had to wait for 10 seconds for the dialer to open.
  2. Hardware: iPhone sounds terrible to hold. The aluminum feel on the phone is totally worth it.
  3. UI: Everything in the UI is where you want it to be. You think about it and it is there.
  4. Integration: Integration with other Apple devices makes it special. I own a MacBook Air,                               and after the iPhone, I am able to make phone calls from my laptop.

Top features of iPhone:

The unique features of the iPhone are:


There are not many great-looking Android phones, with a few exceptions such as the gorgeous HTC One and Xiaomi Mi Note. Many people are chunky and plasticy. The iPhone has consistently had a better design than Android phones.

face time:

A major benefit for the iPhone and other Apple devices is the FaceTime feature, which uses the phone’s front-facing camera to enable video chat with other iPhone users in high definition.


 The iPhone camera is so advanced that many people are doing away with their digital cameras and are using their iPhone only for the purpose of taking photographs.


 If you own other Apple products such as Mac computers, iPads and iPods, then the iPhone is the perfect phone. With Apple’s free iCloud service, the iPhone shares data, music, photos, and contacts with all of your other Apple products.

Software updates:

Google releases a new version of Android once a year, just as Apple does for iOS. But many Android users cannot get the latest software until they buy a new phone. This is because Android manufacturers and carriers often do not support the latest and greatest Android versions until Google releases them.

iPhone is different. All current iPhone models can receive the latest iOS updates as soon as they become available and these updates also make the iPhone safe from malware and cyber-attacks.

Customer Support:

I personally have heard many times about queues of service centers of Android brands, and poor responses or no response from service center, but at Apple you don’t even have your time online on chat support to waste your time if your problem See solve or fix and make an appointment and then go to the nearest help center and solve your problem!

Comparison between One plus and iPhone:

  1. Camera and photo quality are better in iPhone than OnePlus
  2. Phone speed is almost same in both phones
  3. Fingerprint lock is faster in OnePlus than OnePlus and face recognition in OnePlus is very fast and amazing.
  4. IPhone has better audio quality than OnePlus
  5. Battery performance is better in OnePlus, especially for games that I personally recommend OnePlus for playing games like PUBG.
  6. Artificial intelligence is better than Siri android AI
  7. Both phones have same internet speed
  8. As you know the price difference is more, but it is worth it for both phones.
  9. The design and looks make the iPhone better than OnePlus and also comes in many colors.
  10. Apart from this, iPhone has many hidden features that let you know when u use which is not seen in android phone


flagship phone but getting expensive day by day without major improvements. 


flagship phone that fits the budget. Probably one of the brands that is becoming popular in the premium segment.

OnePlus is better because it runs on Android, which provides a lot of customization options to the device. It also packs in 6 GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 So Cite. This makes it a great tool for long lasting. iPhones are great, but you can do them on Android phones at a much lower price than iPhones.

So, if you look from the price point of view, OnePlus is better and if the price is not the issue and you love technology and stuff then iPhone is better.


Bhanu Garg: