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Artificial Intelligence Means, What Can Artificial Intelligence Do

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Artificial Intelligence Means, What Can Artificial Intelligence Do

All of you have heard the name of Artificial Intelligence as well. In fact, the technique used in the robot, automatic machine etc., is called Artificial Intelligence. If artificial intelligence is understood in Hindi then the artificial word would mean “artificial” which means that it was made by man. And at the same time, the word intelligence means “intelligence” i.e. has the power to think. This wisdom which is the power of wisdom goes on growing automatically inside humans. By seeing and feeling seeing something we tell you how to deal with it. In the same way, the power of a kind of intelligence is developed within the robot. This is called Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a serious and big topic in the current round, new discoveries are being done every day in this area. Many books have been written on this subject and many films have also been made. The Bollywood film Robot and Ravan were based on this. The technique is taking a new form every day, in such a way it is natural to know what will happen next in Artificial Intelligence. Its development will be good in the future or worse.

Artificial Intelligence means we can understand in such an easy language that artificially developed intellectual capacity. Artificial Intelligence started in the early 1950s.

It is an attempt to run computers and computer programs like humans on the basis of the same logic on which your brain or our brain works. The purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to make sure that his computer decides what will be his incoming activity.

It is important for such a program to choose the computer according to different circumstances so that they can decide their own activity. The idea behind this is that computers can behave like human beings. Its purpose also is to make the computer ready to the extent that it can easily play chess.

Like the chess rival, these computer programs will also be designed to think about almost every move of the human brain and to think its next move. It has been proved by how successful it was that in May 1997, Deep Blue, the same computer from IBM, defeated the world’s most intelligent chess player Gary Kasparov.

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Artificial Intelligence, if given attention, is made up of two words.

1- Artificial meaning is from an object which is not nature, that is something which man has created.

2-Intelligence – The meaning of the word is the ability to think, understand and learn.

According to the name, it can be defined as such that by developing a system that can have the ability to think, understand and learn artificially, the way humans live in exactly the same way. That is to develop a system that is done in a behavioral response and which is not only like human but also better than humans. At present, this area is being worked fast. It is also called Ai in the short form, which is a form of AI that you see the option of Facebook Friendly.

Actually, AI is not a robot but AI is a system that is inserted inside the robot. It can also be defined in a variety of ways, such as a study in which to develop a technique with the help of which a computer starts behaving and responding like a human. There are many main topics under AI that have knowledge of philosophy, sociology and mathematics and language prominently.

AI can mainly divide into four parts.

1- Robot starts thinking like a human

2- Robot starts behaving like a human

3- Robots can be made logic and ideas so that they can be sensible and intelligent.

4 – Robots understand the facts and understand the facts and vote on ideas

It can be understood from these aforementioned purposes that in an artificial way to develop such systems that can act as human beings, think and respond.

This nature has given the boon of wisdom to humans only, humans also often surprise everyone with the power of their intelligence. Whenever it comes to intellect, many intelligent people are always reminded of it. If at the same time, for the past few years, the understanding of human thinking is growing so fast that today it is ready to challenge the creation of nature in every field.

As the science is evolving, along with the development of artificial things is also happening rapidly. Artificial intelligence is a sample of such a human progression. It is also the result of human’s aspirations. Humans have also invented such techniques with their intelligence, with the help of which they now have the ability to do complex work in a minimum of time. Computerized machines invented in the 21st Century can identify and read the words of any written text just like human beings.

It can also be seen that the aircraft on auto pilot mode is operated by the machine. Unique capabilities of recognizing sounds and voices have been developed through new technologies in computers. But despite such a technique, artificial intelligence is also a limited tool in one form, because its potential depends on its programming. If there is a comparable human mind, then such a limit is not fixed.

Artificial intelligence has made human work quite comfortable. Only a single computer can facilitate the function of the ability of hundred brains. This is in reference to calculations and arguments.

The main application of AI is as follows

1-Expert System

2 – Game Playing

3 – Speech Recognition

4 – Natural Language

5 – Computer Vision

6 – Neural Network

7 – Robotics

8 – Finance

9 – Computer Science

10 – Weather forecast

11 – Aviation

Artificial intelligence can be divided into three parts.

1-Weak Artificial Intelligence

2-Powerful Artificial Intelligence

3- Fantasticity

The advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence are believed to be lesser than that and machines will be used in place of human beings, which can have many disadvantages, that the machine will decide on its own and if it is not controlled It can be harmful to human civilization.


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