Probing The Current Scenario Of USB Type-C Hub

If you look at the modern notebooks you will see that the USB Type-C is usually available on the Apple MacBook. However, very shortly it will also be available with the OnePlus 2 Android smartphones as well. As of now, the OnePlus 2 users are not access all the features of USB Type C right away such as the reverse charging feature.

This is because there are restrictions in the operating system of the current Android Lollipop. However, it is expected that these restrictions will be over soon and very soon the full potential of the USB Type-C will be unleashed by the next Android variant comes to the market, codenamed M.

The USB Type-C features are expected to add to the built-in support for all types of phone. This opinion is substantially corroborated by Google at the recent I/O conference when it claimed that it is working with several device manufactures to install USB C on several Android M devices.

In addition to that, Google also proved how this new operating system will present a list of option on the screen for the users. These options include:

  • Whether or not the user wants to charge their device singly or
  • In a dual manner by charging their laptop with their phone or vice versa.

As of now, there are not many manufacturers that have announced a phone that is based on the usb c thunderbolt hub. However, considering the benefits of this new technology, you can expect that it will be rolled out soon, probably by the middle of 2019 especially in those high-end smartphones.

The other benefits

Apart from the new plug and speed, you can bet that there are lots of other benefits of USB Type-C.

  • Just like the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, the USB Type-C can also power up devices so that the external hard drive that you use can draw the desired power through the USB Type-C cable from your Mac or PC.
  • Apart from powering up the accessories, the USB Type-C can also power up the entire laptop. The new models come with a power supply of 29 watts and instead of the MagSafe connector it uses the USB Type-C cable instead.
  • On the other hand, the Chromebook Pixel draws its required power over the USB Type-C.

All these features and benefits of using a USB Type-C are a huge plus for the manufacturers because they no longer have to keep a spot dedicated for the traditional power plug on their laptop design.

In addition to that the USB Type-C has the ability to power a laptop as well as transfer data using the same port. It means if your laptop has two or more USB Type-C ports, any of these can be used to plug into the power adapter of your laptop. There is no need for a dedicated power port with the USB Type-C.

This gives the most significant benefit: it can run and power a DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA display and is backwards compatible as well.

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