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All of us have a dab hand at something, right? There are some who eagerly wait for the right opportunity to come in their path while others change their monotonous path and paddle their canoe and get hold of the opportunity by its neck and crack the whip so that it does what the person wants. Then they make efficient use of this opportunity. Let this golden opportunity be termed as “startup”.

Just like when you prepare a dish, you take note of all the essential ingredients and tell them to quietly settle down in their seats while you get the utensils ready, similarly, there are certain ingredients which are required for a successful startup. So I’ll just quickly introduce you to the owners of these ingredients, that is, the 10 most useful startup news websites in India. Have a look!

  1. EDGE196:

“Around the world in 80 days”

This platform works exactly on the above quote! It gives you a bird’s eye view of everything you want to know about a startup. EDGE196 gives you a 360-degree view of the “startup world”. I can proudly state that they bring to you an arena of startup stories and features. Their coverage doesn’t restrict to just startup news and stories, but it encompasses startup events as well. Whatever you need to know about a startup, they have the answer to every question! To add an icing on the cake, let me tell you that EDGE196 aims to bring together startups, to empower them with forums like Startup Challenges. Indeed I must say,

“Wonders will never cease when we have this EDGE196 with a view of 360 degrees!”

Want to know more about this website? Here’s the link:


  1. YourStory:

We all think of ourselves as

                                                      “Sunshine mixed with little hurricane”

So why not use this platform to depict our startup stories? A perfect blend of startup stories from all around the world, this website gives you an access to some of the most renowned startup stories along with an array of videos based on budding entrepreneurs, who started their career way back and are now on the crest of a wave. Well, I won’t spill the beans here anymore! If you wish to know more about this website, then follow the footsteps:



                                                       “It’s not that we use technology,

                                                                    We live technology”

Of course, we know how much important technology is for us in today’s world. They say sharing is good but with technology, sharing becomes easier. And this fact is quite evident in our day to day lives. We might end up putting ourselves on the scaffold if technology wouldn’t have been there for our rescue. So this website gives our taste buds a flavor of the technology startups. It is dedicated to tracking technology, innovations, tech products & services and internet companies too! Want to know anything about 3D printing, the blockchain, Internet of Things, and this website is a home to all these and much more! To know what more is in store for you on this website, check this link out.


  1. Inc42:

Inc42 is an Indian media and information platform producing data-backed news. What more? It performs analysis on all the vital elements at the intersection of technology, startups, and business.  Yes, there’s “No fluff, only real stuff”.

Inc42 has brought to the fore the amazing stories of thousands of startups, entrepreneurs, technological innovations & breakthroughs, thought leaders, and businesses. Want to know what notion gets them going? They believe that information is the new age currency and by empowering the readers with the right information, they are playing their part in fostering a healthy, vibrant, strong and progressive ecosystem. Yes, this is not a figment of your imagination! Can’t believe it? See this website then!


  1. TNW India:

Grown from two parts to four pillars, this platform focuses on a cross-generational group. It helps them paddle their canoe through hot waters by allowing them an access to the most efficient technology and providing them with remarkable stories and insights which could instill in them a fierce fire to run their own startup. Not just this, TNW’s avowed intent is to bring such prodigy minds together through extraordinary events and workspaces and act as a voice in the wilderness. Still wondering what it stands for? Check out their website!



                                                 “Why success always starts with a failure?”

Well, this platform loves to hear your comeback stories of startups. Stories where people rise, fall, only to rise again! It is a hub of startup stories, startup news, entrepreneurship and a lot more.  They don’t believe in wool-gathering, rather they make you give a penny for their thoughts! They believe that Startups are altogether a different breed and investing in them is also an entirely different game. And they are the strategizes of this game and tell you to buckle down to be like them!

Want to know their strategies? Check their website.


  1. BizTech Post:

With its bizarre collection of startup news, compelling stories and motivational experiences which could make you champ at the bit, this website is a home to all the information you need about a startup. It is an independent media platform that weaves together a blend of information on technology, startup and entrepreneur/investor ecosystem, digital marketing hacks and much more specially crafted for the needs of a fast-evolving global audience. They believe in propagating the idea of

                                                “Technology can change everything”

And seek to bring about a positive change. They feel that it is their earnest endeavor to relentlessly strive to generate informative and entertaining content that touches upon the lives of people in myriad ways through their medium. Want to know more about them? Log on to their website then!


8. The Startup Journal:

                                                       “People don’t buy goods and services,

                                                       They buy relations, stories and magic”

This is exactly what this website believes in and hence it provides a platform for Indian startup stories, news, resources, entrepreneur interviews and promotes the Indian startup ecosystem. It is the platform for all the eager beavers who wish to know about the startup culture as this website will make you fight tooth and nail and clear the air of “startup doubts”. Wish to know more about the startup news? What is waiting for? Just have a look at this website!



Alright so having said so much about websites, let me give you another easier and smaller way out because as they say, “Small steps add to huge results!”. So make use of that little mobile, oops I mean that BIG mobile which sits lazily in your hand and downloads this Indian Startup news app. It has a galore of startup news from various affluent websites! So friends, the most simple and user-friendly startup news aggregator app is here to help you keep track of the latest news in the big world of Indian Startups.  Yes, of course, I’ll provide you with the link! Here’s the link:


So, people, I have suggested you an array of different paths, probably different strokes for different folks! So, it is for you to decide which one you want to choose. You may choose the line of least resistance for yourself and always remember, the future depends on what you do today. So good luck!

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