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Top Solar companies Trivindrum, Solar Installers Thiruvananthapuram 2023 Updated

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Top Solar companies Trivindrum, Solar Installers Thiruvananthapuram 2023 Updated


 ABOUT US:(A brand from KAYTOM Energy Private Limited) is committed to being an energy and environmental leader in the South India enabling widespread, positive  impacts through the development of high-performance products & services related to Solar & Energy Efficiency that conserve our precious natural resources and   safeguard the Earth’s delicate ecological balance.


We design and supply solar systems to suit your budget and requirements from small systems to suit to larger systems offering solutions with and without battery     storage.

PRODUCTS:Solar Products,On-Grid Rooftop Solar Systems,Off-Grid Solar Power Systems,Solar Panels,Solar Grid Tie Inverters.

CONTACT:Corporate office

  Comorin Solar

  T.C – 6/3142, Koodu Buildings

  Kochulloor Junction,

  Medical College P.O, Ulloor,


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  2.Skylight Solar Benivo Power Solutions

About Us:We, Skylight Solar by Benivo Power Solutions have collaboration with European    technology providers, our world class team has good PV industry experience, a   unique development approach & innovative proprietary processes that enable us to deliver leading edge solar module performance wild cutting the cost of the PV value   chain.

We offer outstanding service using high quality products (including Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Cables and all minor components to ensure maximum efficiency and     reliability) delivered at competitive prices, and are marketed under the Skylight Solar by Benivo Power Solutions Brand

Products:Hykon Solar Water Heater,Off-Grid Solar Power systems,Solar Lights,Solar on-grid rooftop system

Contacts:+91 73562 13562

  Sreerudram, Near DPI Junction, Jagathy, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695013.

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3.Envisioning sustainable Energy soloutions

ABOUT US:Envisioning sustainable Energy solutions for all, we provide integrated system solutions especially in Solar Energy. We have state-of-the-art-technological solutions to harness both Electrical and Thermal energy abundant in Sunshine. We are present across the entire value chain- design, development, marketing and installation of energy devices that are efficient, sustainable, and competitive. Today, when the technology is advancing at a fast pace, SEnSOL is at its forefront with innovative solutions. We make solar energy work on customer terms!

Apart from Solar Energy Solution, we offer a wide range of Energy efficient devices for lighting as well as water heating, both of which consumes a major share of energy consumption of homes, hotels, hospitals etc. Energy saved is energy produced, we believe.

PRODUCTS:Solar Water Heaters 100 Ltr,Solar PV Modules (Solar Panels),SOLAR INVERTER PACKS,SOLAR INVERTER PACKS,SOLAR OFF-GRID POWER PLANTS- Commercial Projects,SOLAR Grid-Connected (ON GRID) Power Plants,LED SOLAR STREETLIGHTS,LED Solar Garden Lights,Solar DC Home Lighting System,Solar Charge controller,Solar Power Conditioning Units,Solar Batteries


T.C. 28/2145, Padmavilasom Road,

Pazhavangadi, Fort P.O.,


Kerala, India – 695023


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 4.Helios a bright new world 

About us:Founded upon the creative application of strategies on energy efficiency and renewable energy laid out by the Ministry of new and renewable energy India, our focus is on Energy conservation, Energy use monitoring and Green energy generation.

We are based out of, Trivandrum the capital city of Kerala. We are committed towards providing cost effective quality renewal energy solutions. Our research and development team has planned to introduce various renewal energy products and solutions to save energy for the nation, to be in harmony with the nature and give people non-polluting products to use in the day to day life.

Our aim is to render the best in class products and services to our customers through the work arrangements we have made with various superlative national and international organizations.

Products:Standalone PV Systems

These systems are completely independent of other power sources. They are usually used to power…,Grid Tied PV System

These systems allow you to reduce your consumption from the electricity grid and, in some instances…,Hybrid PV System

This system receives a portion of their power from one or more additional sources. In practice, PV…,

Solar water Heater

Solar water Heater is designed to optimise the performance of the latest bathroom fittings,.

Contacts:Corporate Office

VSRN Solar Power (Helios Solar)

TC 9/390, JNWA – B10

Jawahar Nagar, Kowdiar P O

Trivandrum – 695003

Ph: 0091 471 4099917


Visit us at

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5.Solar Shop Nuturing Energy

About Us:We are a team who believe in executing efficient yet practical and simplified solutions to cater to the energy requirements of our customers. Our dedicated team includes experts who have more than three decades of experience in alternative energy arena and is focused to provide continuos service support along with delivering finest products in the segment.


MIRROR® Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner will run on Solar power during day time and will switch to main grid during night hours. Can also run on Battery


MIRROR® Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner will run on Solar power during day time and will switch to main grid during night hours. Can also run on Battery


Our trained and qualified team of electrical engineers are ready to take any calls on conversion on existing inverters as solar inverters with affordable costOFF-GRID 


Our trained and qualified team of electrical engineers are ready to take any calls on conversion on existing inverters as solar inverters with affordable cost


MIRROR® Solar Integrated Street Light systems use high efficient ultra-bright LEDs to provide lighting anywhere with direct access to sunlight,with Lithium CellON-GRID 


Solar energy provides a good return on investment. We divide the smart power systems into 2 levels;

(1)  Micro Grid System – HVS (2) 48V DC Bus Systems – LVS

Contacts:Mayooram, 2nd Floor, TC 15/3106-3, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram – 695004

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6.Wattsun Energy India

About Us:WattSun Energy India Private Limited is a 3P company, PEOPLE, PLANT and PROFIT. WattSun is South India’s First ISO 50001-2011 Energy Management Systems Certified Company. WATTSUN has established itself as a leader in its line of businesses and believes in customer centric approach based on the brand promise of ‘Never Ending Energy’ by connecting the People, Planet and Profit with technology that offers an empowered and inspired living and reducing the burden of electricity bills from the People. WATTSUN is also providing EPC Service to its major clients in India as well as in Abroad.

Products:Residential Solutions,Commercial Solutions,Industrial Solutions,


WattSun Energy India Pvt Ltd

FF Aiswarya Towers

International Airport Road

Chackai, Trivandrum-695024

Mob: +91 9388106363, +91 9072666514

Off: 91 471 3106363

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About Us:Solar energy systems offer a promising future. They have evolved lightyears, from powering just calculators and watches in the 1980s. Homes can now be completely run on solar power or can benefit from having select appliances like heaters and inverters, solar powered.



Contacts:Phone: +91 93490 05152


Office : V GUARD DISAbout Us:We are a team who believe in executing efficient yet practical and simplified solutions 

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8.Vijaya Trader

About Us:Vijaya Traders can offer complete solar power solutions that integrate with building designs for residential & commercial projects.These solutions can be developed with our ready to order on-grid kits or customised to the specific project utilising various building integrated solar modules.

Our range of products covers all aspects of solar electricity from single solar modules and balance of system components to fully optioned on-grid or off-grid packages. We have formed partnerships with “best of breed” manufacturers of solar monocrystalline pv modules,inverters, controllers, batteries and accessories to provide a cost effective comprehensive solution. We offers solar power products from an extensive range of worldclass manufacturers.Our team is the most experienced in the solar power industry. So, if you’re looking for the logical partner for your solar electricity needs look no further than us.



Vijaya Traders Abhi Nivas Kovalam Trivandrum,Kerala.

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9.Prana Solar

About Us:PRANA RENEWABLE ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED (PREPL) – A company formed in 2012 with high vision of being the most competitive service provider in the solar energy sector. Since formation we have kept our focus clear on the net benefit to our immediate stakeholder – the Clients and also on our biggest stakeholder – the Environment.

We find our place in the marketplace as company filling up the gap in TRUST, PASSION and ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE. 

We know it best – for a 25 years service life of a solar power plant, you need to be careful to choose your solar installer. Hence we strive to achieve engineering excellence and superior quality of our components and workmanship. We believe that to serve our biggest stakeholder, the environment, we need to nurture passion for the greater cause. And nevertheless we acknowledge that for a long standing relationship of over 25 years with you, we need to be credible and trustworthy.\

On these founding principles and knowledge, we have set-out our Vision and Mission statements you can find below.

Products:On GRID,Off GRID

Contacts:751/7, City Plaza, Chenthi, Pongummoodu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – 695011

+91 8281800002

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AboutUs:PRIMERAY is South Kerala’s leading end to end solar services provider based in Trivandrum. With dedicated design and execution teams, we accomplish turnkey solutions related to all solar power requirements. Our core team has decades of technical and business experience which forms the inner strength of Primeray. We very well understand how the limitless solar energy can be best redefined to make a positive difference in your lives.

solar panel installation trivandrum

Our team is always up to date on the latest trends and innovations in solar engineering thereby providing you the best solutions available in market. We only use tested and proven components from the qualified brands available in the market.

Even the most minute factors such as using the right quality wires or setting the solar panels at optimal angles can affect your solar plant performance. Our team of skilled engineers are experts in understanding your daily power consumption and designing the most optimal way to meet your specific needs. Our competitive technicians are masters in installing the most cost effective efficient solar power plant.

At PRIMERAY we believe our customers have every right to know how their hard-earned money invested through us on solar can bring them value. Nothing is hidden, everything is transparent. We happily invest the time to explain and ensure our customers are aware of the following prior to any financial involvement.

Different brands and types of solar plant components available in the market.

The advantages and disadvantages of using each specific component

Cost associated with each component.

Projected performance of the proposed solar power plant design

Potential benefits of installing the right solar power plant

Projected return on investments



Services.Commercial / Residential Solar Power Plants

Primeray is the leading Solar Installation Company in Trivandrum which provides renewable energy solutions. We install On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Power plants for residential and commercial purpose.

On-Grid: Feed the solar electricity generated directly into the utility grid. Using net metering adjust the quantity of power generated with the actual power consumed. Pay for the difference only if you have consumed more power than generated

Off-Grid: Feed the solar electricity generated directly a battery bank and store it for use when required

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters use the solar energy from the sunlight to generate heat which can be then used to heat water for domestic or industrial processes. Solar water heaters come in a wide variety of designs, all including a collector, storage tank and all using the solar energy to heat water. We provide our clients to the best quality solar water heater Installation Service.

Solar Pumps

Solar water pumping system is a system powered by solar energy. It uses solar energy instead of fuel or electricity.A solar water pump is used for extracting water from different sources of water which are then used to meet the water requirements.We Provides solar pumping solutions for every pumping applications.

Contacts:REACH US

TC No. 12/1802, Poonthi Road,

Kumarapuram, Trivandrum-11, Kerala, India.

+91 755 88 666 99

+91 755 88 666 33

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