Top Software Development Companies in India | 2023 Reviews

Software Development Companies in IndiaSoftware Development Companies in India

Software Development Companies in India

In the world which is extensively and increasingly dependent on technology, software is the fulcrum of every technological aspect. In this, ever increasing dependence, development and establishment of software entities has garnered the utmost focus. Also, the reason being its low investment as compared to hardware, and good ROI, software has become the ever-most centre of attraction in individuals enthusiastic of setting software companies, making a future out of it.

                             Software Companies in India

Below are listed some of the best software companies which have shown a remarkable growth in the previous years.

1.Brainerhub Solutions

BrainerHub Solutions is a team of the most creative minds in the custom software and mobile application development industry. Over the last six years, we have established ourselves as the leading software development company in India, driving growth and transformation with our innovative methods. BrainerHub Solution offers India’s best full-stack development, cloud engineering and mobile app development services. In addition to our expertise in full-stack development, cloud engineering, and mobile app development, Brainerhub Solutions also provides a diverse range of services, including marketing, design, and consulting. Quality, transparency, open communication and client satisfaction are the founding pillars of our corporate ethos. We always go the extra mile to deliver our clients the best results and optimum satisfaction. Convert your ideas into state-of-the-art digital solutions with the most competent developers and innovators in India.

Company size: Over 100 employees

Services offered: Custom Software development and Mobile App Development

Office Address:  Ahmedabad, Gujarat 


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2.Xoriant :

Xoriant has been proving itself in providing intelligent and intuitive solutions, across the globe. With 25 years of service in diverse cloud, intelligent,software and Information technology, Xoriant has been exemplary in its business processes and satisfactory customer experience.
With the softwares across fields like Financial services, Telecommunications,High Tech and Automotive,Xoriant endeavours to deliver best results in training, recruitment and developments.

Services Offered –Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management, Customer Communications Management and Case Management platforms.
Client Base –60 countries across the Globe including Kenya, UAE, Cyprus, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada
Office: Globally Located in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and India
India Location –New Delhi

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3.Openxcell :

With more than 8 years of investment in Information technology and outsourcing, Openxcell is an amalgamation of best software developers, planners and creative thinkers. Having delivered more than 700 projects, Openxcell has been a pioneer in retail, ecommerce, shipping and logistics.

Company Size –Over 200 employees
Services Offered –Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Website Development, AI, cloud and ecommerce solutions as well
Client Base –500+ worldwide
Office: USA and India
India Location –Ahmedabad

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4.PccWebworld :

Serving for more than 6 years, in delivering one of the best software solutions
for custom business demands, e-commerce, digital marketing and Designing
PccWebworld has achieved excellence in software products enhancement and development like Lead Management, Inventory Management,CRM and HRMS.

Company size-50+ employees
Services Offered –Custom Software Development, Website design and development, Mobile App Development, Graphic Designing, SEO
Office –New Delhi, India

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5. Synapse :

Synapse, with 15 years of service in Product development and consultancy has been succesful in delivering more than 9000 projects working with the companies spread across USA,Australia,UK,Asian and other European countries. With the motto of impacting lives through technology Synapse has developed products that accelerated the advance technology and solve the challenges of engineering. With the Acquired certificates from partnerships with Google,Big commerce,Kentico Bronze and Shopify, Synapse has built a world wide image of continous success stories, making it upto top 10 software companies in India

Company Size –Over 300 employees
In Business –15+ years
Services Offered –Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Website Development, cloud and ecommerce solutions as well.
Client Base -USA, UK, Australia and other European & Asian countries
Office: Globally Located in USA, UK and India
India Location — Noida

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6.Sun Dew :

With setting its foot in software development and business process consulting
SunDew has grown to be a synonym for technological advancement with a zealous team of software developers, testers, analysts, support and management specialists.
Nurturing each and every aspect, SunDew proves to be a promising name in the world of IT sector.

Client Base –18+ Countries, 180+ Clients
Services Offered –Software Development, Web and Internet Product Development, Business Process Consulting
Office Location: Headquartered in Kolkata, Centre Offices in USA, Switzerland

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7.Kellton Tech :

Kelton Tech has involved itself in various fields of E-commerce, Retail to Media entertainment and Construction.
Providing services to various industries verticals, Kelton Tech has shown a good growth
with its high end products.

Office Location: India, USA, Europe
Services Offered –Software Development, Digital Commerce and Marketing, SAP solutions

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8.Nucleus Software :

With delivery of remarkable software in banking and financial verticals, and various industries, Nucleus Software has an enriching expertise in cash management, automated finance services and more,.
With Client presence across, 50 countries, Nucleus has successfully served more than 100 companies with its flawless development services.

In Business –25+ years
Services Offered –Software Development, IT and Web Development
Location –India and Worldwide
Clients –50+ Countries

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9. Miracle Group :

With crisp methodologies which develops one of the impeccable Software products, Miracle Group has a robust performance on delivery of the services for acquired contracts.
With an agenda of offering transparent and quality services globally , Miracle group has given
itself a promising future.

Client Base –300+ clients across the globe
Office Locations –USA, India
India Location –Chandigarh
Services Offered –Application Development, Software Development and Testing, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics

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10. Icreon :

Modelling the 4 core values -Transparency, Innovation, Creativity and Longevity, Iceron has given itself a name to reckon with, on innovation. In the process of delivering best, Iceron has accelerated its growth in various industry areas.

Services Offered –Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Technology Assessment
Location USA, UK and India
In Business –15+ years

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11. Tvisha Technologies :

For more than two decades, Tvisha Technologies has been symbolizing what a good Information technology structure stands for. With creating a digital workplace for upcoming and trending technologies, Tvisha has proved itself, to be a major competent in IT industry in terms of delivering best IT Solutions. Being a Pioneer in the field of Digital Marketing, Software development and Design, Tvisha has evolved enormously even with its Internally developed products such as Troop Messenger, Votocrat, Feedbuck etc growing up to be one of the top software companies in India

Company size: Over 100 employees
Services offered: Custom Software development, Mobile App development, Graphic Designing, Digtial Marketing,
Website design & Development.
Office- Hyderabad, India; New Jersey, USA


Q1: What are the top software development companies in India? A1: In 2023, India boasts a thriving software development industry, and you can find the top companies listed on this page. These companies have been carefully selected based on their reputation, expertise, and customer reviews.

Q2: How were the companies on the list chosen? A2: The companies on the list were chosen through a rigorous selection process that involved evaluating their services, portfolio, client testimonials, and industry reputation. Only the best and most reliable software development firms in India made it to our list.

Q3: Can I trust the reviews on this page? A3: Absolutely! We take pride in providing unbiased and authentic reviews from real clients who have worked with these software development companies. Rest assured that the reviews are genuine and based on actual experiences.

Q4: What types of software development services are offered by these companies? A4: The listed companies offer a wide range of software development services, including web and mobile app development, custom software solutions, product development, software testing, UI/UX design, and more. Each company has its own expertise and specializations.

Q5: How can I contact these software development companies? A5: You can find contact information for each company on their respective websites or through the links provided on this page. Feel free to reach out to them directly to discuss your project requirements and get personalized quotes.

Q6: Is this list regularly updated? A6: Yes, we strive to keep this list up-to-date with the latest information and reviews. Our team regularly reviews and updates the content to ensure you have access to the most current and reliable information.

Q7: Can I request a quote from multiple companies simultaneously? A7: Of course! We encourage you to reach out to multiple software development companies to compare services and pricing. By getting quotes from several firms, you can make an informed decision and choose the one that best aligns with your requirements and budget.

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