Top 10 Software Companies in Toronto 2023 | List and Rankings

Software companies in TorontoSoftware companies in Toronto

Software companies in Toronto

1.Konverge Digital Solutions Corporation

Clients have been coming to Konverge for over 25 years for help with leveraging technology to meet their organizational objectives. Konverge’s consulting practice includes Custom Software Solutions, Mobile apps, API Development, Web Applications, Business Analysis, Product Development, and UI/UX Design. In addition, Konverge markets a portfolio of award-winning software solutions.


Custom Software

Mobile Applications

iOS Apps

Android Apps

Windows Apps

Web Application Development

Custom API Development

UX/UI Design

Business Analysis

Software Specification & Requirements

Product Development

Contact no:+1 416-640-2345

Address:400 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1S5, Canada


2.Intelliware Development Inc.

We build software that enables organizations in complex industries to achieve their business objectives. Invest in enterprise-grade software solutions that deliver substantive business value and enduring competitive advantage.


Replatforming & Modernization Services

Enterprise Solutions

Agile Adoption Services

Fintech Platforming

IT Strategy

Product Development

Contact no:+1 416-762-0032

Address:: 200 Adelaide W, Toronto, ON M5H 1W7, Canada



Evenset is a Toronto-based custom software development company. As a young and dynamic firm, we have established a track record among our clients for being reliable, responsive, and committed to delivering the highest quality service. We provide a seamless experience of having a professional team of brilliant software developers beside your project, creating your mobile and web application idea, while letting you focus on the part you are best at.By bringing ideas to life through a fast-paced agile software development process, we owe our success to our team of highly experienced software developers, architects and UI/UX design experts who are committed to creating world-class software with the customer at the centre.


Evenset Led: Many times, clients will contact us with little experience in the world of software, web or mobile design. In this case, Evenset will lead the project and offer as much insight as possible to ensure the final product matches the client’s vision.

Client Led: In cases, where clients have contacted us with pre-established design departments, Evenset focuses on offering advice and consulting on phases we have expertise on.

Co-location: During co-location projects, Evenset works along side clients, either in their office or ours, to ensure that communication is constant and information flow is accurate.

Contact no:+1 647-770-4441

Address:95 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2, Canada


4.Thinkegic Software

Thinkegic Soft is a Software Development Company.We build custom Software, web and mobile apps with our clients to increase their market share and productivity. Our team of experts bring our clients into the development process from start to finish, delivering tangible solutions as early as possible in the process.Our focus is the Software development of web, cloud, and mobile applications – and helping organizations create and sustain digital innovation.


Web Development

Application Development

Cloud Services

Big Data & Analytics

QA & Testing

Contact no:+1 416-616-1991

Address:595 Bay St Unit # 1024, Toronto, ON M5G 2R3, Canada


5.ITnsify – Software Company.

Cloud computing isn’t a trend anymore – it’s a solid managment model for IT that brings more mobility, flexibily and agility to business routines. The Cloud Computing architecture increases our capability to store, access and share meaningful informations with security and simplicity.It isn’t by chance that working remotely and collaboratively is a reality for many people.

Adhere to the cloud computing model is about having remote access – througout the internet – to a shared sort of configurable

computational resources like Netwotk, Servers, Storage, Applications and Services, that could be quickly available according to

user’s needs. By using the tools provided by cloud computing your business can focus on what matters the most, leaving the

IT’s worries in the past.








Contact no:+1 437-970-7100

Address:1 University Ave 5th floor, Toronto, ON M5J 2P1, Canada


6.Continuum Software Solutions Inc

Continuum Software Solutions Inc is an internet marketing company located in the Greater Toronto Area, that specializes in custom website development, mobile application development, custom software development solutions and digital marketing. Our marketing expertise, add values to businesses with search engine optimization, social media marketing, and copywriting services.


Graphics Design

Web Design

Custom Web Development

Opensource Development


Mobile Apps Development


Contact no:+1 437-887-1014

Address:80 Birmingham St Suite C3, Etobicoke, ON M8V 3W6, Canada

Website :

7.Tibco Software

TIBCO Software Inc. was founded in 1997. TIBCO’s revolutionary software allowed communication within the financial markets to occur in real-time and without human intervention. Over the years, TIBCO has evolved, which has allowed our company to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements in our field and increase both revenue and assets. In 2014, Vista Equity Partners acquired TIBCO and aided in business ventures. Since the acquisition, TIBCO has continued to flourish, purchasing and incorporating numerous technology platforms and companies, as well as doubling down on philanthropic efforts.


TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

TIBCO® Data Virtualization

TIBCO Spotfire®

TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery®

TIBCO EBX™ Software

TIBCO® Data Science

Contact no: +61 2 9055 9292

Address:180 John St, Toronto, ON M5T 1X5, Canada


8.Ultimate Software – Toronto Office

At UKG™, our purpose is people. Formed by two leaders in HR solutions, UKG combines the strength and innovation of Ultimate Software and Kronos®. Our love for all things HR and workforce management is matched only by our people-centered culture. Together, we’re committed to inspiring workforces and businesses around the world, helping to pave the way forward for our people, customers, and industry


Human Resources




Talent Management

Time Management

Global HCM

Contact no:+1 800-432-1729

Address:144 Bloor St W #400, Toronto, ON M5S 1M4, Canada


9.Influitive Corporation

Influitive is your strategic partner in customer marketing. Our SaaS product and professional services help companies discover, nurture, and mobilize their advocates to accelerate sales and increase customer lifetime value. We believe the companies that put their customer advocates at the heart of their business are the ones that will win.


Launch Services

Event Services

Managed Services

Hub Services

Data Services

Upshot Customer Storie

Contact no:+1 888-684-0758

Address:111 Peter St Unit 403, Toronto, ON M5V 2H1, Canada


10.Intelex Technologies Inc.

At Intelex, we empower organizations to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace while minimizing their negative social, environmental and human impacts.

We do this by developing web and mobile applications that streamline and simplify environmental, safety and quality management. Intelex’s software solutions help companies around the world ensure compliance, reduce risk and improve performance.



EHS Incidents

Occupation Injury and Illness

Audit Management

Document Control

Training Management

Defect Tracking


Supplier Management

Permits Management

Air Emissions

Job Safety Analysis

Contact no:+1 416-599-6009

Address: 70 University Ave #800, Toronto, ON M5J 2M4, Canada


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1. Q: What is the significance of the updated software companies list for Toronto in 2023?

A: The updated software companies list for Toronto in 2023 offers valuable insights into the city’s top software firms. It helps businesses and individuals find reputable software partners that align with their needs and preferences.

2. Q: How were the software companies ranked on the list?

A: The software companies were ranked based on criteria such as innovation, client reviews, services offered, market presence, and overall reputation. The ranking process ensures that only the most prominent companies are featured.

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6. Q: Is this list exhaustive, or are there other software companies in Toronto as well?

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