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Top Security companies in San francisco List 2023 Updated

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Top Security companies in San francisco List 2023 Updated

1.Bannerman Security

In the tech capital of the country, every company has a right to safety. At Bannerman, we’re working to make that happen with a team of customer-oriented, experienced professionals. We’ll arrange and manage front-desk security, reception staff, entry management and other security services for your business, and you can modify schedules and send guards secure instructions through our management dashboard.

Bannerman sources a team of security guards with an average of more than five years of experience. Our technology makes it easier than ever to find and manage reliable staff to ensure your business’s safety.


Providing San Francisco with Specialized and Technology Driven Security Services

Armed Guard Security Services

Armed security solutions for businesses, buildings, and events.

Guard Supervision Security Services

Bannerman technology creates security accountability and digital security guard supervision for businesses and events.

Vulnerability Assessment Security Services

Evaluate and identify opportunities for improving your current security with a vulnerability assessment.

Concierge Security Services

Concierge security services to welcome visitors and safeguard welcome spaces.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Keep your security visible and mobile enough to patrol and respond in multiple locations – Bannerman San Francisco makes it possible.

Standing Guard Security Services

Monitor one space for extended periods of time with a standing security guard.

2.Nob Hill Security

We are a premier building security company, providing professional, reliable on-site security guard services throughout the Bay Area and Northern California, delivering a customer-focused solution tailored to your specific needs and those of your clientele.

Whether we are providing office building security, apartment and condo security, warehouse security, patrol security, or event security, you can count on Nob Hill Security to provide reliable, friendly, and professional Bay Area security services that take your expectations to the next level.

When we say we are client-focused, we mean that in every sense of the word. As one of the top San Francisco security guard companies, our goal is to provide you with the kind of service you would expect if you had to do it yourself. We take ownership of every process, ensuring that your premises are secure and any specific concerns are attended to with care and respect.





Contact no:+1 415-423-0191

Address:25 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States


3.Marina Security Services, Inc.

Marina Security Services is the leading security service provider founded in the San Francisco/Greater Bay Area. Serving local and distant locations with local offices, we provide professionally trained, highly qualified security guards to implement comprehensive security protocols that are customized for your office, corporate or residential, event, and community. We always make sure that our industry-leading security measures effectively address your security needs.

We proactively engage with the community because we believe it is one of the primary solutions to providing the highest-quality safety. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with local businesses, property owners, mid to large sized companies, government agencies, and communities throughout the Bay Area. This enables us to effectively identify and address your unique security challenges.

Our Services:

Customized for Your Needs

Developed over 23 years, Marina Security Services’ attention to detail and adherence to exacting standards deliver results that consistently exceed expectations for our clients in San Francisco, Oakland, and across the entire Bay Area.

Contact no:+1 415-773-2300

Address:465 California St #609, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States


4.Armada Protective Services Inc.

Armada Protective Services Inc. is continually looking for quality security guards to join our firm.

Armada Protective Services provides your business with an array of options that scale to meet your needs. The benefits of uniformed security officer services include:

Industry-specific agents for Financial, Health Care, Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction, Technology, Commercial, Industrial, and countless others.

Cost containment as a contracted partner with well-trained officers instead of the high expense, administration and limits of an in-house effort.

Flexibility to adapt service requirements for special events, company growth or new objectives.

Expertise in security methodology, threat management, risk assessment, and asset protection

Contact no:+1 415-647-8500

Address: 701 Pennsylvania Ave, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States


5.Rambo Security Services, Inc.

Our mission is to provide a noticeable presence and safe environment for the client and any other party involved.  

We are not Police officers.  Our duty is to observe, report, and provide first response to any and all emergency situations.  

As private agents our goal is to act in the best interest of the client and other parties involved, in regards to their safety.  

We are confident that you will be extremely satisfied with the high quality professional services that we offer. We will be happy to evaluate your own unique situation and offer services that we are confident can and will help you achieve all of your security and loss prevention goals. The information in this website should help you become familiar with our company. If you have any questions,   please feel free to contact us. Again, thank you for considering Rambo Security Services, Inc.     

Contact no: +1 415-368-5800

Address:1205 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States


6.Black Bear Security Services

Black Bear Security Services, Inc. provides high quality guard services to businesses, property management associations and government agencies. Our services are focused on respect, integrity and professional management backed by a competent guard staff. Our operational capacity and managerial skills enable us to secure multi functional sites.

At Black Bear Security, we add value to our guard service by providing personal attention to security needs at both the service delivery and management level. We provide our clients with officers who have good interpersonal skills and a clear understanding of our clients’ expectations.

At no additional cost to our clients, a roving field supervisor monitors daily activity reports, responds to incidents and oversees general account activity on a day to day basis.

Guard Services

Commercial Properties

High Rise

Parking Lots

Access Control

Vehicle and Foot Patrols

Life Safety Systems

Radio Communications

Report & Incident Documentation


Security Escort Service

Residential Communities

Gated Communities


Lobby Attendants

Gated Property

Access Control

Industrial Complexes

Gate Guards

Multi – Use Facilities

Government Sites

Access Control

Video Surveillance

Retail Environments

Loss Prevention


Contact no:+1 415-647-5200

Address:2016 Oakdale Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124


7.Securitas Security Services USA

At Securitas, we are leading the transformation of the security industry by putting our clients at the heart of our business. We solve our clients’ security needs by offering highly qualified and engaged people, in-depth expertise and innovation within our protective services. We have an exceptional ability to combine services into solutions and use data to add further intelligence.

Our clients are diverse, both in size and industry. Most of them have truly partnered with Securitas over a long period of time. Our dynamic data-based Securitas Risk Assessments support the on-going evolution of these partnerships over time. Our clients’ needs continue to evolve with a rapidly changing world, but the need to remain safe while maximizing value remains constant. See our client case studies to learn more.


Remote Guarding

Remote Perimeter Protection

Remote Entry/Exit Management

Remote Patrol

Remote Escort

Remote Alarm Verification



Electronic Security

Fire and Safety Services

Global Leader in Risk Management


Contact no:: +1 415-808-1700

Address: 425 Bush St Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States


8.CalBay Protective Services, Inc.

The law enforcement background of many of our officers has enabled us to be a professional liaison with our local law enforcements and provides us with relations not typical for many other security providers.

Many of our officers are recruited from various ranks of law enforcement and many have extremely specialized firearms and driving training.

Our officers pass a methodical background investigation, and on going training that prepares them to better provide the services we offer. On going training is mandatory for employment and is regulated through BSIS, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Risks in the world today encompass a wide spectrum of threats. The threats are present in personal, residential, school and business environments. They exist wherever we go, doing whatever we do. Cal Bay Protective Services was formed to assist persons and businesses in the management of threats. Cal Bay provides security consulting, workplace violence standby, hostile terminations, armed and unarmed guard protective services, security and personal safety, limited executive protection, armed transportation of valuable merchandise by highly trained drivers, bomb threat training for businesses, crime prevention for homes and businesses, and emergency preparedness for homes and business.

Contact no:+1 415-282-0600

Address:1270 Pennsylvania Ave, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States


9.Protech Security Services Inc

Sergio Reyes founded Professional Security Services, Inc. (ProTech Security) in June of 1994 to provide personalized and professional security services to the San Francisco Bay Area commercial market. ProTech Security has grown to become one of the largest regional providers of union affiliated security services in the San Francisco Bay Area. With branch offices in San Francisco and Oakland ProTech Security is ready to provide professional security staffing anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. ProTech Security currently provides and manages security programs for many prestige’s buildings and leading property management companies all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

ProTech Security has a very experienced operations staff that includes our Portfolio Managers, Account Managers, Scheduling Manager, Human Resources Manager, Training and Development Manager and Benefits Manger and 24-hour Field Supervision team. ProTech Security’s management team has extensive industry experience and is ready and capable of handling any situation.


ProTech Security Services, Inc. specializes in supplying security professionals to commercial high-rise buildings. Our guards are trained to use fire life safety systems, access control applications, and CCTV equipment. They have exceptional customer service skills and are always attired in upscale suits.

ProTech Security Services, Inc. supply’s guard service to a variety of work environments including commercial hi-rise buildings, residential high-rise buildings, medical complexes, museums, commercial and industrial complexes.

Contact no: +1 415-243-2100

Address:11 Sutter St Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States


10.Command Security Corporation

With more than 40 years of service and more than 4,200 trained personnel, Prosegur Services Group (PSG) is an experienced provider of full-solution security services. The executive team brings a combined 200 years of expertise in high-level security positions for the homeland security and defense marketplace, allowing them to provide the ultimate security perspective.

Our Services

Security Services

Aviation Services

Contact no:+1 415-346-0911

Address: 1581 Webster St #265, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States


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