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Top Scope of mobile application development 2023 Updated

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Top Scope of mobile application development 2023 Updated

Scope of mobile application development

As technology is increasing day by day, the career of all information technology related fields will be increasing in the future. But we have one best field in which you can find your scope better than others which is Mobile application development because everyone uses mobile and it’s an important part of everyone’s life.

Here are scope of mobile application field-

1- Future of different types of cross- Platform applications-

In the future the application which is going to develop will be the application which can be used for both IOS and Android platforms. The development of cross Platform application can be done as the original application can be made on native platform which can be used for many Platforms like ios and Android or it can be transferred. The cross platform is very useful and increasing market for android application development 

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2-Reality future mobile app industry-

Role of AR and VR in the future mobile app industry is devastating. Ar stands for Artificial Intelligence and VR stands for virtual reality . In future these technologies will become very advanced and will be part of a great revolution in developing gaming and entertainment mobile apps. Nowadays also the Ar and VR are becoming very popular in the gaming industry and it is also being used in mobile devices as well. In today;s era people are using Vr in mobile phones also for watching movies ie for entertainment purpose and also for playing games ie also for entertainment purposes and in future the applications will be developed for promoting these reality industries.

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3- Future of Swift programming language-

Swift programming language is used to develop IOS applications and offers many features that have never been used by the developers of other native languages. Swift programming language has more features like mobile app development and automated memory management. Swift programming language will play a very critical role in future mobile app development and that;s why it has become part of future mobile trends that increase the speed of app creation whereas reducing overall costs.

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4-Artificial intelligence in mobile apps-

AI (Artificial Intelligence) sets its sight on translation on conversation in real time.This will help in understanding the user behaviour by technical devices like mobile phones.The AI can take mobile application development to different levels and can change the face of technology. As the people or users will engage more on the mobile application the future of Ai will increase. Mobile users use more various mobile devices for gaming, entertainment and many other purposes as the mobile has come very important for our daily life and mobile also has many features which are making people more dependent on it.

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5-Integration of cloud-

Cloud or ITO(Internet of Things) can be a really great platform for the android application developers as it is a platform which has the capability to store excessive data which is very important in future for the developers. As the application is going to develop which could be transferred to different platforms like android , Ios or blackberry extra which is also known as cross platform application development and its future is very astonishing.

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6-Open source operating system-

Android is an open source operating system why? Because if it helps developers to develop and register apps by only registering on it once. You need to pay one time fees and then you will be able to publish multiple android apps by paying the fee once in a while.For paid apps they charge 30%-40% fees for any paid app and if the apps are free then they don’t charge any fee. You can make your free apps live on google play store without paying any fees and can test it as you like. 

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7-Apps huge market-

Android developers can publish their apps on many different platforms and they can do it for free as well. There are many platforms like opera mini, mabango etc. These platforms have a huge audience which is known as a huge market for apps. These kinds of platforms create huge market for application developers and if they can they can use it in very unique ways and can utilize it fully.

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8-Low maintenance Android Software Development kit-

Developers software kits are very cheap as the developers need to pay the registration fee once and then they can learn and can build multiple applications. There is no limit for building applications with such a minimal cost. This kit is really helpful for the android developers as when they will build more applications and will practice more they will grow accordingly. As we know practice makes man perfect and this kit is not only for practicing but also engage more user engagement. Thus end users will get more benefit by using interactive apps which can increase user engagement and will help in increasing their profits as well.

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9-Large scale users-

As we know nowadays people are using android mobile phones more than any other and the number is increasing day by day as the population is increasing ie it will grow continuously, big or small all the companies are getting benefit from these numbers of growth. Android allows developers to develop many games and apps for millions of users and from this they can earn good money. Thus reaching a large number of users in the market can give a boom to the career and scope of android developers.

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10-Scope in different fields-

Android application scope is not only valid to IT fields but also they are popular among many fields such as Banking,Gaming or E-Commerce-

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For example in Banking-

After prime minister Modi’s announcement of digital India has brought a lot of changes in the banking sector. Very transactions are becoming cashless and with this classless transaction and also people nowadays are preferring more of cashless transactions like online payments and paying all their bills online  with this increase banking applications is being demanded. Banks can pay a high salary to the well experienced developer for meeting the demand of the people which will lead to an increase in profit of their banks.

Conclusion is as the population will increase the demand for mobile will increase. The application users will also increase day by day which will lead the good scope of Android Development fields. 

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