Book Publishing companies in Houston Texas List 2023 Updated

Publishing companies in HoustonPublishing companies in Houston

Publishing companies in Houston

1.Opportune Publishing

Opportune Publishing is a full-service book publishing company that focuses on non-traditional authorship. We love first-time writers, children, people who think they can’t write well, and everyone else in between. It has become our mission to fall in love with every great concept or idea, and not judge by the initial manuscript or pieces of writing.

We are based in Austin and Houston, TX, but service writers from all over the world. Only 10% of our authors are local to the city, so we make great use of several communication channels to always stay connected and available.

Opportune publishing has made it our business to keep a diligent emphasis on quality and precision, while always allowing innovation and creativity to seep through. Unlike many other publishing companies, all genres are welcomed here.


ISBN assignment

Book Cover Design & Internal Illustrations

Book Formatting

Ebook Publishing

Multi-language translation

Advanced reading copies (mock books)

Marketing Materials


Contact no:+1 832-263-1700

Address: 113 N Live Oak St, Houston, TX 77003, United States


2.A Wee Publishing Company, LLC

The third novel in the epic Celtic historical fiction Conall series by Belfast-born author, David H. Millar, is now available on Amazon and soon on Kindle.

Conall III: The Sisters—Na Deirfiúracha  is an epic tale of vengeance and tragedy, of courage and the frailty of body and spirit, Conall III: The Sisters is the story of the women that surround Conall.

“The driving beat of bodhráns echoes off mountain slopes. In dense forests, the mournful wail of war-horns reverberates. Red and gold banners of king and tribe flap in gusting winds.

Under Conall Mac Gabhann, the Gaels from Ériu and Northern Albu unite with the Painted Ones. They march against a common enemy—Kartimandu, the ageless, malevolent queen of the Aos na h-Àirde.”

Books by Belfast-born Author David H. Millar

About the Author

Born and bred in Belfast, Northern Ireland, David H. Millar is the founder, president, CEO, and Keurig operator of a boutique strategy-consulting group and the founder, managing director, and author in residence of A Wee Publishing Company – a publishing company that promotes Celtic literature and art. 

Millar moved from Ireland to Canada, in the 1990s. After ten years shoveling snow, he decided to relocate to warmer climes and settled in Houston, Texas, where he is a member of the board of directors of the Irish Network Houston.

An avid reader, armchair sportsman, and Liverpool Football Club fan, Millar lives with his family and Bailey, a Manx cat of questionable disposition known to his friends as “the small angry one.”

Contact no:+1 713-839-5516


3.Portland Publishing House•°○

Portland Publishing was formed to not only publish The Bridge To The 21st Century and future works by Cary Coole, but to also seek out and publish works from other authors—novice or professional—both fiction and non-fiction; particularly works that deal with the America of the past and how that may impact the future. Publications and small press publishers have expanded dramatically during the past ten or twelve years. After all, isn’t this the “information age”? The world is growing smaller-and as a result, the wealth of information is growing greater; like a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, a small world communicates more! New cables of communication are being installed. Access is easier and quicker. Much of this advancement has been accomplished, not only by the small publisher and organizations such as Publishers Marketing Association (PMA) and Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN), but also by independent booksellers. It is exciting to be part of the information age!


Bridge to the 21st Century: Reflections on the Soul of a Nation

Contact no: +1 832-358-2800

Address:1630 S Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77063, United States


4.Heavenly Realm Publishing Co

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online outlet store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog and online outlet mall.







Contact no:+1 866-216-0696

Address:505 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77060, United States


5.Elite Online Publishing

In the world wide web, there are no longer any gatekeepers to keep you from publishing your book. But there are also no maps, signs, or even roads to help you on your journey to success. It’s in this jumbled and confusing abyss that Elite Online Publishing was created.

Elite believes that you have a story to tell, and we know that the lives of your readers will be vastly improved from learning your expertise. And just like an unlabeled book placed on a shelf in a library the size of five football fields combined, we also know that simply uploading a book to the digital world does not guarantee that it can be found.


Self Publishing Book Services

VIP Book Writing Day

Self Published Book Marketing



Graphic Design

Author Website

Author Concierge Service

WSJ/USA Today Bestseller

Bestselling Book Campaign

Anthology Books

Contact no:+1 832-224-6906


6.East 26th Publishing

I founded East 26th Publishing as a pursuit of my true passion and lifelong dream after having worked many years in publishing as a writer, editor and marketing director; and as a business executive and consultant in the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and oil & gas industries.

I am Michigan native, Houston-transplant with a true passion for writing, reading & editing. When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I decided to combine my talents in language & business to help authors realize their lifelong dreams by editing, designing, and publishing their books for the world.

East 26th Publishing is a small publishing house located in downtown Houston, TX. I specialize in writing, editing, designing and publishing books for today’s writers – who want to publish books without giving up control over the final outcome of their work.








Contact no:+1 832-627-1808

Address: 118 E 26th St, Houston, TX 77008, United States


7.Gulf Publishing Co

Gulf Energy Information—a leading provider of media, marketing and market intelligence services—provides in depth insights, technical content and strategic direction to the international energy industry.

Gulf’s market-leading brands—Petroleum Economist, World Oil, Pipeline & Gas Journal, Hydrocarbon Processing, Gas Processing & LNG, Pipeline News and Underground Construction—serve their markets with traditional print publications as well as digital media that leverage large audiences.

Moreover, Gulf also provides market intelligence solutions to the international energy industry through the Energy Web Atlas (EWA) and the Construction Boxscore Database.

Our Brands

Energy Web Atlas

Gas Processing & LNG

Gas Utility

Global Energy Infrastructure


Hydrocarbon Processing

PE Media Network

Pipeline & Gas Journal

Underground Construction

World Oil

Contact no:+1 713-529-4498

Address:: 2 Greenway Plaza # 1020, Houston, TX 77046, United States


8.Advance Publishing Inc

One of the best methods to impart SEL skills is to provide children with action-filled storybooks that promote SEL skills, and that they enjoy reading or having them read. The greater the emotional enjoyment children receive from their education, the greater the effectiveness of their training. All award-winning Sommer-Time Story books weave in their inspiring stories positive character traits that encourage children to desire successful SEL skills. Children love Sommer-Time story books so much that librarians have reported they cannot keep the books on their shelves (See: Endorsements). The Sommer-Time resources of storybooks, read-alongs, and videos have won over 65 prestigious national awards (See: Awards) .

Successful education requires more than teaching the 3 Rs. Educators must provide an environment where children are taught the social and emotional skills that will benefit them in their entire pursuit of education. Encouraging and teaching foundational social emotional learning (SEL) skills are especially critical for children in their early formative years.


Social Skills

Emotional Skills

Learning Skills

Contact no: +1 713-695-0600

Address: 6940 Fulton St, Houston, TX 77022, United States


9.Wise Wit Publishing Company

Society is dysfunctional. Special interest groups use bullying tactics to make others submit to their agenda. This leaves many people with no voice. To have an effective society, we need effective organizations. To have equality for all, we need to hear everyone’s voice, and not just those who scream the loudest, have the most money or who control the information flow.  Democracy is for everyone. Learn the fundamental principles of order in the democratic process from a ground-breaking guide designed specifically for children from kindergarten through 5th grade.  Roberts Rules of Order used to be taught to many school age children. When it was taught, it was not applied to everyone. Robert’s Rules for Kids provides the basics of Robert’s. It becomes a structure for communication and problem solving now and for life. Everyone’s voice can be heard. 

Contact no: +1 281-546-6793

Address: 12137 Stone W Dr, Houston, TX 77035, United States


10.Inklings Publishing

 Inklings Publishing is a small press organized under a traditional publisher model. Our goal is to create opportunities for authors to publish work, attend writing workshops and retreats at minimal expense to them, and build dynamic writing careers. We do this by publishing engaging, high quality works for a wide audience of readers. We publish the books we would love to read!


Authorology Contest

Eclectic Series Submissions

Novel Submissions

Perceptions Series Submission

Contact no:  +1 281-736-7168

Address:3418 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77082, United States


FAQ: Book Publishing companies in Houston Texas

Q1: What services do publishing companies in Houston offer?

A1: Publishing companies in Houston provide a wide range of services, including manuscript editing, book design, printing, distribution, and marketing assistance. They help authors navigate the complex process of turning their ideas into published works.

Q2: How can I find the right publishing company for my book?

A2: To find the right publishing company for your book, consider factors such as their expertise in your book’s genre, their reputation in the industry, the services they offer, and their approach to working with authors. It’s essential to research and compare options before making a decision.

Q3: Can self-published authors benefit from these publishing companies?

A3: Absolutely! Many publishing companies in Houston offer services tailored to self-published authors. They can provide assistance with editing, formatting, cover design, and even distribution. Collaborating with professionals can enhance the quality and reach of your self-published book.

Q4: What genres do these publishing companies typically work with?

A4: Houston’s publishing companies work across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, academic works, poetry, and more. Whether your book is a novel, a research paper, or a collection of poems, you can likely find a suitable publishing company in Houston.

Q5: How involved will I be in the publishing process?

A5: The level of involvement you have in the publishing process can vary based on your preferences and the publishing company you choose. Some authors prefer a more hands-on approach, while others may want professionals to handle most aspects. Discuss your preferences with potential companies to find the right fit.

Q6: What benefits do these publishing companies offer compared to self-publishing?

A6: Publishing companies offer several benefits, such as professional editing, cover design, wider distribution channels, and marketing support. While self-publishing provides control, working with a publishing company can save time and ensure a higher level of quality and visibility for your book.

Q7: How can I get in touch with these publishing companies?

A7: You can get in touch with Houston’s publishing companies by visiting their websites, where you’ll find contact information, submission guidelines, and details about their services. Reach out to inquire about your specific needs and to discuss how they can assist you in your publishing journey.

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