Product based companies in India List 2023 Updated

Product based companies in IndiaProduct based companies in India

Product based companies in India

It is rightly said,

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology”

So many of us are graduates from a technical field? I can see a multitude of hands here! I know that there must be one question which must be a bee in your bonnet for a very long time and that is: “What next after graduation?” Of course, you would want to join a software or an IT company, right? Now let’s just segregate you all on one more basis. How many of you want to work in product-based Indian software companies? Alright so after receiving this huge response from you all, let me paddle your canoe and put you on the shore of the top 10 product-based software companies in India. Choose the one which suits you the best!


How many of us at some point of time in our lives dreamt of having wings so that we can fly anywhere in this world without having to climb the Achilles hill of getting the passport and visa? Almost all of us, it seems. Well then, this company simply provides you with the wings to enhance your technical skills. You know what’s in store for you here? Scout for its flagship product which is basically a website testing platform and you know what it is called? It is called as Visual Web Optimizer (VWO). With its technical tools, this company will never clip the wings of your imagination. Want to know further about it? Log on to its website then!

Contact Details :

14th Floor, KLJ Tower North,
Netaji Subhash Place,

Pitam Pura, Delhi 110034, India
Phone: +91-11-30017679

402, Zero One,
Near Passport Seva Kendra,
Mundhwa, Pune,
Maharashtra 411014, India
Phone: +91-11-30017679



How many of us find it too daunting a task to manage our work with those endless piles of papers caving in on us and not to forget those unending phone calls and messages which pretend like a bear with a sore head! Well then, here is this company wanting to rescue you to safety! Want to know how it gets things done? Let me give you a glimpse of it then! Basically, Wooqer is a mobile and web application whose avowed intent is to make working, managing of data and communication a cake walk. To know more, how it does this jaw-dropping task, check out their website!



Just try to go into flashback and recollect the time when you visited a certain place and wanted to inquire about something. So what is the first thing that jumps into your mind? Where is the help desk, right? So let me tell you that Freshdesk performs a similar task. With its cloud-based customer support software, Freshdesk helps you to address client queries and also helps support clients through mobile phones, e-mails or social media platforms. Want to check out what more it does? Then visit the link to their website!



A hub of software tactics, as the name very much suggests, this company has an array of different technical strategies. Different strokes for different folks! We often have our back to the wall when we have to maintain backups of data. We also tend to carry a can of worms when we want our files to be safely transferred. With a combination of the myriad of strategies to help you out of these mud pits, this company is a one-stop destination for all technical geeks. Don’t believe me? Check out their website!

Contact Details :

Muttha Chambers II, Level VI
Senapati Bapat Marg
Pune, India 411016
Main: +91 (0) 20 6726 3300
Sales: +91 (0) 20 6726 3300
Support: 000-800-100-4557



Entered into a catch 22 situation? Feeling the chill wind of approaching technical problems with no solution? Then don’t worry, you have Eka Software Solutions to your rescue! With its myriad collection of solutions, ranging right from CRTM solutions to bulk handling to ERTM solutions, they have answers to all your technical problems. So what are you waiting for? Approach them soon by logging on to their website. Here’s the link:


  1. NEAR

Have you ever heard that we can get the information about the location of a particular person or company without the use of our most prominent GPS devices? Feels like a figment of our imagination, right? Well then, let me tell you this is not at all a flight of fancy! AdNear has made this come true! With its proprietary technology, it can get hold of location information by its neck and use it to lend a helping hand to the advertisers so that these advertisers can target the correct audience. Want to peep into its strategies? Have a look at its website then!

Contact Details :


Near India Private limited
No. 71/72, 4th Floor JNC Rd,
Koramangala 5th Block
Bangalore 560 095



 Remember those never-ending queues which would make us stand the whole day with that hot sun sitting right on our head, to just get that one reservation done? Now forward your mind a bit and come to the present world. Imagine yourself sitting on the computer with your reservation just a click away! No dodging of bullets. No standing in the scorching heat. What a sigh of relief! IBS Software Services provide you with such reliefs! With an array of software products in its kitty to cater to the online reservation system, be it for an airline or a bus tour booking, and not to forget the hotel management system, this company is a one-stop destination for all needs! Check out its website.



Ever wondered how digital editing came into picture long time back? Today, of course, we have plenty of apps to edit our photographs, but let me fill your pockets with some knowledge now. This company was conducive to bring computer-based digital non-linear editing to India. What sets it apart from others is that it is the only Indian company, amongst a handful of other foreign companies, to comply with DCI cinema technology. Thus, making it one of the most superior companies working in the film, audio and video domains. Want to know more about it? See its website:

Contact Details:



Do you know what a nucleus is? I’m sure you must have heard this word quite often in your science classes way back in the school. Well, let me stretch your imagination a bit and remind you. A nucleus is basically the innermost part or you can say the core of something. Completely adhering to its name, this company goes to the core of the technical problems and finds the most optimal solution to them! So are you lately facing any technical problem? Then what are you waiting for? Check this website out!

Contact Details

  • A-39, Sector-62, Noida
    Uttar Pradesh – 201307
    Tel: + 91-120-4031400
    Fax: +91- 120- 4031672



With the avowed intent to serve the companies with the most efficient solutions to foster its target audience and find the most optimal way out to maximize their profits, this company is on the rage among the marketers. So follow the trail and see what more they have to knock you down with the feather!

Contact Details :

TEL : 022 – 61561100

FAX : 022 – 61561187

Times square Building,
2nd Floor, Western express highway,
Beside Sai Service,Andheri East,
Mumbai 400069


So, people, I hope you must have decided which company suits you the best. So don’t wait for the opportunity to knock, just build a door and get hold of the opportunity!

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