Best Primary schools in Singapore, Primary schools Near me 2023 Updated

Primary schools in SingaporePrimary schools in Singapore

Primary schools in Singapore

1.River Valley Primary School

ABOUT US:-Our vision of “Inspiring Learners, Edifying Leaders” describes a school that inspires and edifies the lives of our staff and students. Inspiring Learners have the passion for continuous learning, seek better ways of doing things and become committed members of our school as a learning organization. Edifying Leaders have the confidence and leadership qualities to inspire and enrich the lives of others. Our staff is inspired to edify the lives of colleagues and students by co-creating our school as a great place to work, learn and play. We are committed to imbue our staff and students with this spirit of inspiring and edifying for us to contribute to the progress of our school and nation.

SERVICE:-School Crest

Vision, Mission & Values

School Rules & Regulation

Homework Guidelines

Student Safety

ADDRESS:-2 River Valley Green, Singapore 237993

Phone+65 6737 1785

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2.Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

ABOUT US:-The emblem of the heart which forms the central motif of the school crest represents the highest of all emotions Love – the love of God for Man and the love of Man for his neighbour.When the heart is Pure and Honest, the Holy Spirit can dwell within and transform the nature of the individual, ennobling it and refining it.Summounting the heart is the torch of Knowledge and Wisdom which can illuminate the mind and broaden the vision of all who seek its light. Emblazoned in a band of burnished gold across the emblem of the heart are the initials of the school; it represents the Loyalty for the Alma Mater. The two stars that are at the base of the crest reflect the school motto, PURE & HONEST, ideals which every student should aspire to attain.

SERVICE:-Home-Based Learning

School Rules

Student Learning Space

ADDRESS:-100 Dover Rd, singapore 139648

Phone+65 6778 8431

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3.Northland Primary School

ABOUT US:-Northland Primary School first opened its doors to 800 Primary 1 to 5 students on 2 January 1988 under the leadership of its first Principal, Mrs Thio Soei Ho.  Officially declared open on 17 April 1990 by Mr Ng Pock Too, the then MP for Nee Soon Central Constituency, Northland Primary School has since firmly established itself as a school of choice in the Yishun community.   With the PERI upgrading completed in February 2015, the school is now structurally expanded comfortably to accommodate an enrolment of more than 1400 students. The current Principal Mr Jay Westly Mahardale, is assisted by his deputies, Vice-Principal Ms Jes Neo and Mr Fong Kim Wah.




 Mother Tongue Languages

 Character & Citizenship Education




  Student Leadership & Discipline

  Project Work

  Operations & Security

ADDRESS:-15 Yishun Ave 4, singapore 769026

Phone+65 6759 8884

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4.Clementi Primary School

ABOUT US:-A very warm welcome to the School Year for 2021.The past year has been tough for all of us and we look forward to a new year filled with hope and new aspirations. I am Mr Vimalenthiran Vijayasingam and will be honoured to take care of your children together with the staff of Clementi Primary School. I believe in this tenet that we will love your children first, then we will educate them. Nothing matters more than a good upbringing with love and values at the core. We hope to provide this for all Clementians and will work hard to ensure that we do.The school has been progressing well and has celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. I am sure that with your partnership, the school will achieve even greater heights. We will continue to provide a good foundation for our Clementians, nurturing them to be useful citizens for the future. We earnestly look forward to your continued partnership in nurturing our Clementians. We believe that partnerships must be the foundation for the growth of our students. School and Home partnerships are of paramount importance to us and we actively seek out parent engagement opportunities. We welcome active participation in all our events and showcases. We also value the follow-up done by our parents when the students return home. When the School and Home are in sync, then the student will truly benefit with a constant and clear communication of values and knowledge.

SERVICE:-Applied Learning Programme

Learning For Life Programme

Applied Learning Programme

ADDRESS:-8 Clementi Ave 3,singapore 129903

Phone+65 6779 7449

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5.Bukit Panjang Primary School

ABOUT US:-The first principal Mrs. Downe and her staff of three stood at attention as the Union Jack was raised to the strains of ‘God Save the Queen’. Behind them stood the first sixty pupils of the school facing a new school building built from bricks and sturdy teakwood.Bukit Panjang English School (as it was then known) was one of the very few primary schools in the northern part of Singapore. Mrs. Downe and her staff had to go round Bukit Panjang Village and district to persuade parents to send their children to school. After much effort and with the assistance of Mr. Goh Tong Liang, a prominent resident; they managed to enrol the first sixty pupils.A week after, Mrs. Downe and a teacher were transferred out because of the small enrollment. Another teacher, Miss Alvis was appointed the new Headmistress. She teamed up with another Chinese lady teacher to teach all the pupils. Word soon spread about Bukit Panjang English School

SERVICE:-English Language



Mother Tongue Languages

PE, Aesthetic & CCA

Student Development Team

Information & Communication Technology

ADDRESS:-109 Cashew Rd, Singapore 679676

Phone+65 6769 1912

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6.Eunos Primary School

ABOUT US:-We warmly welcome our beloved Eunosians back to school for a new year of rich and joyful learning and look forward to welcoming our Primary 1 students when they join us on 04 January.2020 has been a most exceptional year where the schooling experience was transformed within just the span of a few months. From teaching and learning in a classroom to home based learning, all had to learn new skills in order to adapt. While we were physically apart during that period, we are most proud that our Eunosians continued to display our school values of Care and Unity as they encouraged each other through various platforms. Despite the many changes such as recess arrangements when school reopened, our Eunosians understood the need to practise personal and social responsibility and displayed our school values of Respect and Resilience. These affirmed our Character Education efforts in developing Eunosians to be always Guided by Values in their actions.

SERVICE:-Enrichment, CCA and Sports Facilities

4 Computer Laboratories

2 AVA Rooms

2 Music Rooms

2 Art & Craft Rooms

2 Learning Support Rooms

2 Science Laboratories

1 Greenhouse

1 Herbs and Spice Garden

1 Sensory Garden

Eunos Boulevard (Science Trail)

Media Resource Library

Inno-Fusion Room (Kitchen Science)

“Skyline” Parade Square / Netball Court

Multi-Purpose Hall

Football Field

Basketball Court

Active Cove

Floor Games

After School Care Room (Carehut

ADDRESS:-95 Jln Eunos, singapore 419529

Phone+65 6746 3336

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7.Jurong Primary School

ABOUT US:-At JPS, we nurture our students and prepare them to excel in life beyond exam grades and beyond obtaining paper qualification.  We encourage the shift of mind-set of students and parents, from aiming for an A-star in exams, to growing into a life-star – for success in life. We have had an eventful, enriching and rewarding 2018.  Our students have experienced and enjoyed a comprehensive and vibrant range of programmes and activities to help our students to learn, and to learn with joy, in the classroom, out of class and out of school. Our students collaborated and competed with, and complemented one another.  They had fun while learning at camps, competitions, celebrations and learning journeys.  They danced at our JPS-patented Groovy Tuesday and JPS Showtime.  They developed a strong sense of multiculturalism and the Singapore spirit as we commemorated festivals and national events.

SERVICE:-Every Child Leads in an Instrumental Performance (ECLIP)

Every Child is A Leader (ECAL)

Signature Programmes

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

Co-Curricular Activity (CCA)


ADDRESS:-320 Jurong East Street 32, singapore 609476

Phone+65 6561 8837

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8.Rulang Primary School

ABOUT US:-2020 marks the 90th anniversary of Rulang Primary School, and it is my great honour to join a school which has distinguished herself as an institution of excellence, with a long illustrious history and sterling reputation of providing her pupils with unique holistic educational experiences. A common thread binds generations of Rulangnites – one of innovative thinking, coupled with a passion to learn and excel and a selfless dedication to lead, serve and contribute to society. From a humble village school of 34 pupils in 1930, Rulang has since established herself to be one of the most sought after schools in Jurong.

SERVICE:-Accelerated Education Programme (AEP)

Instructional Programme

Co-Curricular Special Programme (CCSP)

Sexuality Education

ADDRESS:-6 Jurong West Street 52, singapore 649295

Phone+65 6565 7771

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9.Tanjong Katong Primary School

ABOUT US:-Tanjong Katong Primary (TKP) started in 2001 as an amalgamation of 3 schools, Fowlie Primary (a result of an earlier merger between Fowlie and Seraya Schools), Haig Boys’ and Mountbatten Primary Schools. In its earlier years, Tanjong Katong Primary was well-known for its higher proportion of international students. Even up till today, the school continues to boast of a student population that comes from diverse backgrounds in terms of their nationality and ethnicity. Since TKP opened its doors, it has made a name for itself with the all-round, balanced education it provides as well as the caring culture within the TKP community.

SERVICE:-Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Lifelong Learning Programme

ADDRESS:-10 Seraya Rd, singapore 437259

Phone+65 6344 4728

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10.Rosyth School

ABOUT US:-Rosyth School’s vision espouses a community of life-long learners who are motivated and competent to learn. As compassionate and active citizens, Rosythians aspire to use their knowledge, skills and talents to care and serve for the betterment of others and the community.  We envision Rosythians to grow up as leaders in their own lives as they take on different leadership roles in their development, set goals to pursue their dreams and value the talents within themselves, thereby blossoming into confident and fulfilled individual.Pursuing this vision is an innovative mind-set that the school and staff embrace. We continuously seek new ways to improve our teaching and learning programmes in the Rosyth experiences to develop our students holistically. These are underpinned by the unifying Rosyth’s I-CARE values of Integrity, Care, grAtitude, Respect and Resilience, and Entrepreneurial Spirit.In the 21st century, globalisation and advancement in technology will affect nearly every aspect of our lives. The way we work, learn and live is getting more dynamic and involves rapid changes. In Rosyth, information communication technology (ICT) is a key engine to innovate our teaching and learning to better engage and prepare our students for the future. Our students can look forward to expressing their creativity in the Manga digital art programme and engaging in self-directed and collaborative learning through ICT enhanced flipped lessons. Importantly, we want our students to grow up as responsible and ethical users in the digital age through our Rosyth’s active cyberwellness ambassador programme where they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate in the dynamic world. 


CCE Department

English Language

Gifted Education Programme (GEP) in Rosyth School

ICT Department


Mother Tongue Languages

Staff Development @ Rosyth

Physical Education & Co-Curricular Activities


ADDRESS:-21 Serangoon North Ave 4,singapore 555855

Phone+65 6481 2273

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