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Pneumonia – Symptoms and Treatment

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Pneumonia – Symptoms and Treatment


Pneumonia is a frequent health condition which results from bacterial and viral infections (mycoplasma), and fungal infections. It affects people of all age groups. Non-infective causes include exposure to chemicals, gases and radiation from several treatments. This medical condition can occur to anyone anytime of the year. As reported by top doctors in India, children below 2 years and adults above 65 years old are more prone to risk and severity of the infection. Patients with chronic lung conditions including COPD and asthma, alcoholics, smokers, and chronic kidney and liver patients are more likely to have severe pneumonia.

Pneumonia Symptoms

Signs of pneumonia are contingent on the intensity of the illness and age of the individual. Typical symptoms include cough with yellowish, green or rust-colored sputum, and moderate to high grade fever with chills. 

In old aged patients, Pneumonia symptoms are shown through fever below normal amount mainly due to their poor immunity mechanisms, and pain in torso/chest region caused to increased breathing. Effected patients may also turn blue due to lack of oxygen. Pneumonia can further cause complications like kidney or respiratory failure, and pus formation round the lungs, resulting in passing.

Pneumonia Treatment

There are two parts to the treatment procedure of pneumonia – overall and special care. The prior consists of taking decent break, staying hydrated, eating a wholesome eating plan and throwing the sputum through mild oxygen treatment in the event there is breathing difficulties. Specific care contains treating the illness with the usage of anti-fungal or antibiotics medicine depending on the status. 

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