38 Years Payal Kadakia Set up a business of 2600 crore, you can do so

Often it is believed that it is not easy to put any business on stand alone. But nowadays, many young people do business on their own in times of startup and they are also very successful in this. Nowadays young people believe in becoming a boss rather than working under a boss. Most of them are around 30 to 35 years old. One such girl who has built a company worth Rs 2600 crore at the age of 34 at the palace. In 2013, the girl who started her business has made her company 2600 crores in just five years. The 34-year-old girl herself earns Rs 325 crores monthly. But like everyone else, this girl also had to face defeat in her business twice.

Do not leave the passion of dance This girl is no stranger but she is a stranger. PayPal’s parents, who make dance their career, are from West India. Payal had an interest in dancing on songs from his childhood. Payal’s parents saw this when they got admission in the dance classes for dance training from the age of three. Even after going to the US with the paternal parents making dance, he did not leave his hobby. You can also take advantage of its features on the official app of the company.

It’s not easy to travel. The journey of dance is not easy for Payal. They had to be quite staggering for this. Payal first started performing in New Jersey Public School of America. Payal, who completed his studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also got a good job. But Payal’s attachment to dance as his career did not weaken on this side, but with time progressed further. In 2010, Payal introduced the CLAVY start up. Classify an online dance and fitness information web portal Tho, which failed. In 2012, starting with the passport name brought a new concept in the startup, but it also failed. Payal, who did not give up, started a new company in 2013, finally got success. Today the company has become 2600 crores.

Many services related to fitness are provided by this company Payal’s start up name is Classpass and it is a fitness start-up that was started from New York. This company gives monthly subscriptions up to 13 thousand subscribers, which you can subscribe to. After this you get a workout session with fitness as well. You are given training through yoga, pole dancing, boxing and underwater spinning. This company has a branch in 30 cities in the world, which is located in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Payal wants to start another new start-up in the future. Through this new start-up, he wants to train the cooking class, spice etc.

Bhanu Garg: