Dubai Nuru Massage Services | The Best Massages in Dubai

Noura massage DubaiNoura massage Dubai

Noura massage Dubai

1.khmissa Beauty Salon خميسة صالون

Khmissa, is your cost-friendly salon where luxury doesn’t have to break the bank. Our well designed and thoughtful space offers you of great comfort and elegance. We ensure you feel good as you enter our Salon, our rooms and experience our treatments.

Contact no:e: +971 4 263 4558

Address :Sheikha Noura building, shop 4 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


2.Markiza Spa & Massage Center in Dubai

Markiza Health Center is the best nearby massage center that offers the best exhilarating and relaxing body massage experience. The Markiza Health Center is the best full-body massage resort, where you get numerous massage services and the best spa near the sports city.

Discover the best massage center near the stadium with a different menu of massages that help increase activity and provide health and wellness for your entire body. So when you visit Markiza Spa Sports City you can see our list of massage services and choose the right massage for your needs including Thai massage near the sports city, Vietnamese massage and Korean massages in Dubai, Indian massage and Arabian massage close to your stay, from the sports city









Contact no: +971 52 237 6977

Address :Dubai Sports City – Office 509 , At Stadium point building, Near Stadium – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Email id :Info@Markiza-Spa.Com


3.Dream Touch Deira Massage Center Dubai

Regular pressure and physical exercises can inflict significant damage on your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Left untreated, stretch and tight muscles can wear you out both physically and rationally. However, a standard back rub benefit at Deira Fortune Spa can ease your throbbing body, enhance your body’s course, improve your adaptability, enable you de-to pressure, and even lift your safe framework. Much the same as men everywhere throughout the world, men in Dubai inspire back rubs to discover alleviation from different kinds of wellbeing conditions, side effects, or wounds, and to advance their general wellbeing and health. Back rub benefits in Deira Fortune Vip Spa are useful for your physical and emotional well-being. Studies have demonstrated that only one back rub can bring down your heart rate, circulatory strain, and cortisol and insulin levels. It will lighten body hurts and help to enhance your physical execution. Back rub benefit in Deira Fortune Spa can expand your endorphin levels (the substance that makes you upbeat) and increment your torment resistance. Consider it — This is the reason competitors get customary back rubs. Steady pressure can really fuel afflictions and cause physical changes in your body that could prompt coronary illness, stroke, stomach related issues, cerebral pains, body hurts, and other perpetual infirmities. Back rub benefit at Deira scene can free your assemblage of strain from pressure, abandoning you feeling revived with a restorative body, psyche and soul. Consistent back rubs convey positive and enduring impacts to your general wellbeing and soul, prompting a more positive, fiery feeling.

Contact no:+971 54 334 2480

Address : Fortune Hotel Deira – Omar Bin Al Khattab St – Naif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


4.Amour Spa Massage Center Dubai

Amour Massage Center Dubai, We have Professional Staff from China, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, India with excellent service. Enjoy pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression with a massage therapy at home or at our centers. We also improve conditions of the back, leg, neck, headaches, insomnia, inflammatory conditions and lastly, our slimming massage and tummy-tuck fire therapy have also been shown to help you slim down. Our full body massage in Dubai pays attention to rejuvenating your mind and body and help you be more healthy and focused.

Contact no:971 55 696 4911

Address :Al Meraikhi Tower, 111 308th Road – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


5.Red Rose Spa

Contact no:971 50 803 9858

Address : Hessa Homes Building – 19th St – Oud Metha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


6.Oasis Sky al Quoz Massage Center Dubai

Contact no: +971 56 268 1696

Address :Near Oasis Mall – Shop 3 in – Al Waha St – Al Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


7.Wonderful Spa & Massage center in Dubai

Contact no:+971 55 986 2998

Address :: Green Community Village – Dubai Investment Park (DIP) –Armada Hotel in Dip 1 Near – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


8.Al barsha Valley Massage Center

Contact no:+971 50 619 6980

Address : 1 Al Barsha Rd – Al BarshaAl Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


9.Milestone Spa Massage Center Bur Dubai

Milestone Spa Center Bur Dubai

Milestone Spa Center, Best Massage in Dubai Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian Massage

If yes then Milestone Spa Center in Dubai will be your guide today and on, Call us now and book your appointment !

Milestone Massage in Dubai provides quality services, We guarantee that you will be relaxed and entertained to the fullest with our high quality massage in Dubai. There are many other massage agencies in Dubai but we are an exotic team and you will feel the difference in the intensity of love that we share with you during the massage session.

Our Massage in Dubai is situated in (Milestone Hotel Apartment, Dubai) Customers will choose from a spread of soothing massage, rejuvenating facials and wonder treatments ,including ancient Thai massage to encourage deep relaxation and reflexology-style foot massage which will leave you walking on air.

You can expect absolutely trained and fully fledged massager to tone, repair and rejuvenate tired muscles. we tend to use our own line of quality health and wonder product, as well as a variety of massage oils. The aim of our big selection of services is to alleviate your stress, aid your relaxation, and boost your energy.

Contact no:971 58 134 0258

Address :1st Floor, Regent Palace Hotel . Opp. Burjuman Shopping Centre – 41 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


10.Beautiful UK Massage Centre Spa

BEAUTIFUL MASSAGE In Dubai Marina is a luxury European Massage Dubai service of Qualified Western European Massage Therapists and a small Spa for Beautiful full body luxury massages for everyone. We Specialize in Elite Nuru, Tantric, Ayurvedic, European Massage in Dubai

There is a Seperate ladies spa and a Men’s  Seperate luxury massage and personal care service.

We have 14 years excellent reputation for specialized beautiful massage treatments from our British owners and therapists and our lady therapists are European and hold Diplomas in Physiotherapy, Swiss diplomas Cibtac. TANTRA MASSAGE healing specialist certificates and Ayurvedic massage.  

We really care about our clients and offer special treatments for returning regular clients and our VIP Massage Service. Our reputation is 5 star and we also have many celebrity and famous sportsmen on our regulars list. 

Contact no:: +971 56 103 0414

Address :Bahar 7 – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Email id :


Q: What is Nuru massage in Dubai?

A: Nuru massage is a sensual massage that originated in Japan. The word “Nuru” means slippery in Japanese, and this massage technique involves the use of a special slippery gel made from Nori seaweed, which is used to enhance the sensation of skin-to-skin contact during the massage.

Q: Where can I get a Nuru massage in Dubai?

A: There are several spas and massage parlors in Dubai that offer Nuru massage services. It is recommended that you do your research to find a reputable establishment that is licensed and employs trained masseuses who are experienced in providing Nuru massage.

Q: What should I expect during a Nuru massage session?

A: During a Nuru massage session, you will first take a shower to clean yourself before the massage. The masseuse will then apply the Nuru gel onto your body and use her hands, body, and other parts of her body to provide the massage. The massage is typically performed on a waterproof mat or bed to prevent slipping.

Q: Is Nuru massage in Dubai legal?

A: Yes, Nuru massage is legal in Dubai as long as it is provided by licensed and registered establishments.

Q: Is Nuru massage in Dubai safe?

A: Yes, Nuru massage is generally safe when performed by trained and experienced masseuses. However, it is important to inform your masseuse of any medical conditions or injuries you may have before the massage.

Q: What are the benefits of Nuru massage?

A: Nuru massage can provide a range of physical and emotional benefits, including improved circulation, relaxation of tense muscles, stress relief, and increased intimacy with your partner.

Q: How long does a Nuru massage session last?

A: Nuru massage sessions typically last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Q: What should I wear during a Nuru massage session?

A: You will typically be provided with a robe or towel to wear during the initial shower, but during the massage itself, you will be naked.

Q: Can couples receive a Nuru massage together?

A: Yes, couples can receive a Nuru massage together as a way to enhance intimacy and bonding.

Q: How much does a Nuru massage session in Dubai cost?

A: The cost of a Nuru massage session can vary depending on the establishment and the length of the session, but typically ranges from AED 600 to AED 1500.

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