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Miss England Bhasha Mukherjee decided to work as a doctor for Covid-19

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Miss England Bhasha Mukherjee decided to work as a doctor for Covid-19

In view of the increasing infection of the coronavirus in the world, Miss England’s daughter Bhasha Mukherjee has decided to work as a doctor once again keeping her crown on the side. Bhasha Mukherjee was a junior doctor at a hospital in Boston before becoming Miss England. The 23-year-old language resident of Derby has two bachelor’s degrees.

She has also graduated in medicine and surgery with medical science from Nottingham University. She can speak five languages, Hindi, English, Bangla, German and French. The Indian-born language had reached England with her parents at the age of nine and her family settled there after that. Everyone is working together in this battle with Coronavirus.

According to a CNN report, Mukherjee, born in Kolkata, became Miss England last year. However, after winning the crown, she has been working as an ambassador for many charity related work and due to this she has to roam in many places around the world. She has come and is once again serving the people.

The Doctor Mukherjee won the title of Miss England (Miss England) at Newcastle upon Tyne in north-eastern England. A few hours later on Friday, She started a doctor’s job at Pilgrim Hospital in Lincolnshire, Boston, which was already scheduled.

Bhasha Mukherjee has defeated the contestants by competing in the crown. His high IQ level proved to be very helpful in winning the competition. The IQ of this genius beauty is 146. At the same time, IQ level of famous scientist Einstein was 160.

In an interview before the last leg of Miss England, she said, ‘Many people think that girls who win beauty pageants are fools. But we are all here for some purpose. Between medical studies, I thought about participating in such a competition. For this, I had to explain myself a lot. Recalling the school days, she said that she was always enthusiastic to learn and hence loved her teachers. He also received the Einstein Award for being the smartest in the class. She also runs a social organization. In 2017 he started the Generation Bridge Project which helps the elderly struggling with loneliness.

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