Leading Corporate Trainer in Gurgaon

Leading Corporate Trainer in GurgaonLeading Corporate Trainer in Gurgaon

Leading Corporate Trainer in Gurgaon

Companies nowadays expect employees to possess a range of skills; from managing projects to being tech experts. Many companies make efforts to keep their employees up-to-date on industry news, strategies and soft skills as they develop in their careers. However, keeping up with such fast demands can be tough for busy professionals. Today’s Corporations, both big as well as small, find it mandatory to provide training and development sessions to its employees so that they are able to compete in the marketplaces efficiently on the behalf of the company. This is when a Corporate Trainer can help you. 

Corporate trainers are satisfying the increasing demand for skill development in India. Corporate trainers improve the performance areas of employees like “soft skills”, “communication skills”, “selling skills”, “leadership skills”, “personal branding”, “professional presence”, and many more skills per the requirement of the organization. 

A corporate trainer is an expert who performs the role of an instructor, educator or mentor who motivates, guides or educates corporate employees to achieve specific goals. The main objective of a corporate trainer is to increase the efficiency of employees and align them with the organization’s mission and vision. Most often corporate trainers are experts in their field as well as in education and training practices.

A corporate trainer conducts a wide range of programs like leadership program, change management program, skill development program, team building, team collaboration, soft skills, leadership communication, strategic thinking, decision making, risk taking, feedback skills and many more based on the requirements of the company.

 Corporate trainers get hired full time by the large companies or work as a consultant trainer. Some corporate trainers work exclusively for one company, which is common with large corporations. Some corporate trainers work for a consulting firm which offers their services to many companies. And some of them work independently as freelancers. A corporate trainer is not only reserved for corporations. Many other organizations like  non-profit  groups and government organizations can take help from their services.

Corporate trainers will help you in many ways depending on specifics of their position and requirements of the firm. These are some of the ways a corporate trainer works and can help you:

  • They collaborate with management to know the corporation’s training needs.
  • Corporate Trainers have to work with leadership to develop course work.
  • They have to schedule suitable training sessions as required .
  • Corporate Trainers teach content and skills and also train new employees.
  • Corporate Trainers provides professional development courses for employees according to the firm’s needs.
  • Corporate Trainers have to organize and direct seminars, workshops, individual training sessions, and lectures for employees.
  • They have to develop and implement an effective training curriculum for the firm which can be successfully followed.
  • Corporate Trainers have to constantly monitor the efficacy of the training.
  • They have to develop systems to monitor and ensure that all employees are performing their job responsibilities according to training provided.
  • Corporate Trainers have to report on the efficacy of the training to leadership/management and stakeholders.
  • Sometimes they also have to teach leadership skills to management and stakeholders if needed.

Auraa Image Management & Consulting is India’s leading Corporate Training Company. AIM&C specializes in Soft Skills, Behavioral Skills, Effective Communication, Leadership & Executive Presence Training & Facilitation, Professional Dressing, Grooming, Body Language & Etiquette and also offers Leadership retreat for a holisitic transformation.

AIMC also provides hybrid models of customized coaching and training to bring about a sustainable transformation in the workforce to enhance their productivity, contribution to the organization, better working culture and happy employees.

Samira Gupta, the founder and chief consultant of Auraa Image Management and Consultancy (AIMC), is an experienced senior facilitator in corporate consultancy, learning and development. She has remarkable aptitude to deliver tangible results through her dynamic approach. 


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