Best Karate classes in Dubai, UAE List Ranking 2023 Updated

Karate classes in DubaiKarate classes in Dubai

Karate classes in Dubai

1 martial arts dubai

About Us:-The focus of our martial arts school in Dubai UAE is on physical fitness, confidence, character development and self defense. Our goal is to build our student’s self-esteem through physical and mental challenges supported by a strong, caring community. Becoming a martial arts student means you join a family that works together toward improving physical strength, stamina, and along with balance and control, works to develop better mental focus and concentration. 

SERVICES:- This requires greater self discipline than other activities. Working at your own pace you gain experience at basic techniques, then more advanced levels can be mastered, including becoming skilled in self defense and this naturally leads to increased self confidence. For all of us at Phoenix Black Belt Academy, the practice of martial arts means respecting each other, encouraging our development, and celebrating each other’s successes. These values are especially important in working with children and families and that is the primary focus of our community – Phoenix Martial Arts School in Dubai UAE

Contact Us:-050 203 5962 / 050 765 2502 Phone hours: Fri-Sat (8am-7pm) Sun-Thu (8am-8pm).

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About Us:-Shotokan Karate Club is a branch of the Japan Karate Association. The club management believes that karate is about having fun in a disciplined manner. Anyone aged four or above can be part of the classes. The facility encourages learning at a pace your child is comfortable with. 

SERVICES:- Besides improving the fighting abilities, the focus is to develop confidence and a positive attitude in young children. The club has 11 certified instructors and an alumnus of over 2,000. Shotokan Karate club is certainly among the top karate clubs in Dubai.

Contact Us:-Location and Contact: Al Rigga | +97-55-554-9452 | Dubai Silicon Oasis | +971-55-565-8783 | Al Nahda | +971-52-956-4449 Ages: 5 and above Registration fee: AED 100

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About Us:- As one of the oldest karate centres in Dubai, this academy maintains the highest standards when it comes to teaching karate. Get fit with their individual and group lessons – for kids and adults. 

SERVICES:-Their instructors are certified and part of renowned karate associations in Japan and the US. Chief instructor Ashraf Hussein is 5th Dan and is accredited by associations in the UK, US and the UAE!

Contact Us:- Location: Office 411, Al Attar Business Centre, Al Barsha Ages: 5 years and above Contact: +971-4-344-7797

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About Us:-Melodica provides completely safe training, focused on your child’s fitness and wellbeing. We teach students to channel a positive attitude and to further their own physical and mental progress. This also aids their academic performance. Designed for kids and teenagers, our group karate classes will help your child gain self respect. Our goal is for our students to feel good about themselves. We want them to not succumb to social pressures, and to become more confident. Melodica’s karate lessons are dependent entirely on a tradition that has existed in the world of martial art for generations. Our grading and examination process is certified by the Karate Federation. Students receive state-of-the-art testing to check their progress. This promises that the students’ academic guidance is of the highest quality.

SERVICES:- They will get more active 

They will learn to find focus and stillness 

They will learn to take hits They will Gain self confidence and self respect

They will connect their mind and body 

They will learn conflict resolution 

They will learn to breath

Contact Us:- Melodica Music & Dance Institute JLT, Mazaya Business Avenue Tower AA1 – Unit 1506 Dubai – UAE +971 4 36 999 29 +971 56 380 7656

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About Us:- Golden Fist International Karate Academy, the leading martial arts and fitness centre operating in the UAE for over 24 golden years, with its headquarters in Dubai. Since 1992, and now with over 20 reputable venues throughout the Emirates, Golden Fist Karate Club conduct classes in Karate, Kung-fu, Yoga, Gymnastics, Kids Mix Martial Arts, MMA, Budokan – the ultimate weight loose program with yoga and Self-defense programs. In addition, we hold a comprehensive schedule of fitness programs on a weekly basis. Our holiday summer and winter camps are very popular with children and youths with fun filled fitness programs and games. We are proud to be the team behind the internationally acclaimed annual Karate tournament ‘Dubai Budokan Cup’ and the colorful yoga event in the Middle East ‘Dubai Yoga Mela’. Our corporate capacity extends to conducting National and International corporate yoga and fitness events. Additionally, as part of our portfolio we provide motivational speaking sessions for schools and corporate bodies. 

SERVICES:- A dedicated and qualified team of fitness instructors conducting the sessions throughout Dubai and neighboring emirates under the direct supervision of Renshi Renjith, the GrandMaster Golden Fist Karate Club. Across all our venues we pride ourselves in our positive approach to activating the UAE, by providing a top class service to ensure that our customers and venues are completely satisfied, knowing with a sense of pride that we bring quality programs delivered by knowledgeable and professional staff.

Contact Us:-  +971 50 425 0077 | +971 55 4250077  +971 4 3551029

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About Us:-“I couldn’t quite imagine when I heard that my son  would gain more discipline and self-confidence through karate  . But now he’s an enthusiastic student full of confidence and energy ” Discover the benefits of karate lessons for your child or for yourself.  See how concentration and self-confidence develop along with body tension and health.Each of us experiences stress and anxiety at times – and constant stress is bad for your body and mind. Karate training offers the intense, stress-relieving training you long for. By connecting body and mind, enforcing discipline and self-control, karate eliminates stress. The stress reduction through karate continues in your work and private life and helps you counter negative emotions

SERVICES:- Increase in fitness and health 

–  Dealing with and dealing with dangerous situations 

–  more self-confidence and self-esteem

–  Increase in the ability to concentrate 

–  greater sense of responsibility 

– more discipline and trust

Contact Us:- Albrecht-Berblinger-Str. 11UG 89231 Neu-Ulm info @ kas

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7 evolve-uae

About Us:-Karate (Meaning Empty hand in Japanese) is a traditional Martial Art that originated from Japan. Our aim is to provide you with an in depth knowledge of this art and various training methods that helps to improve your Confidence and gives you the ability to focus for longer. We offer many classes throughout the Emirates for all ages and levels. From basic katas to advanced Kumite Techniques.

SERVICES:- Wado based Japanese syllabus system. Internationally recognised Gradings. Traditional and Sport Karate. National and International Competitions. Squad Classes World Class Workshops. Annual Fight Night.

Contact Us:- Tel: 04 236 3351 Mobile: 050 289 3981 E:

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8 ace sports academy

About Us:- These lessons  will include basic instruction on stances, blocks, punches, hand strikes, and of course kicks. Your child will also learn self-defense technique against an attack. Confidence and discipline is instilled in the children. This  program combines karate with slightly more advanced training in  sparring, and defense. We give all of our students the opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace while our team of instructors motivate students to exceed their limits and achieve their goals.

SERVICES:- Are simple and effective with a modern twist. Team work, technical, tactical and mental preparation is encouraged. Balancing these elements correctly is essential in order to develop a confident athlete who is able to perform at their very best at all times.

Contact Us:- +971554522066 / +971501292204 : :

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9 karate-365

About Us:-At Karate365™, as the name suggests, we put our best efforts all year round to shape up students with outstanding qualities. We have highly experienced instructors who are capable of transforming a complete novice to well poised individual. Karate is not only a self-defense skill, but it is an art of taming mind, body and spirit. Karate improves focus, fitness, discipline and self-confidence. Our proven teaching methods are designed according to each students requirements and their physical abilities. We aim at providing a strong foundation in the basics, followed by the enhancement of personal and physical capabilities. Individual attention is the key feature of our training sessions, allowing the students to progress quickly and easily towards their goals. Karate can be practiced at any age for self-defense, to strengthen body, improve balance, breathing and overall health. Our teachings are based on age old knowledge, but our effective techniques and approaches to that knowledge sets Karate365™, apart from the other schools. Our chosen curriculum is both fun and challenging for students of all ages. At Karate365™, Karate is not just a martial art, but it is a way of life.

SERVICES:-To provide an environment where students learn self-defense skills accompanied with complete personal development. To build their strength, quicken reflexes, improve focus and self-confidence, and understands the values of courtesy, integrity, hard work and determination.

Contact Us:- Karate Martial Arts and Fitness Academy FZCO, 402 Lynx Tower, Dubai Silcon Oasis, Dubai, UAE  +971 555 65 87 83 , +971 555 65 87 84

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About Us:-Welcome to the Ninja Academy Official Website. Ninja Academy is a training martial academy which located in Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates. We are a unique organisation that exists to share, promote and preserve Martial Art culture. Ninja academy culture refers to the activities, philosophies and lifestyles. These include a number of physical and philosophic activities such as Karate, Kickboxing, self defense and yoga. In addition, as the Ninja Academy is not a self-contained entity but heavily influenced by its environment and wider culture, we are also committed to engage people with many aspects of wider japanese culture. This includes its art, language, philosophies, folk traditions and worldviews. The Ninja Academy strives to present these cultural traditions in their purest form.

SERVICES:- Now we have Promotion For Karate Pay 250 AED and 100 for Karate Uniform with Free Registration.You can pay 55 AED per class for Karate.

Contact Us:-Bin Bisher Building, Ground Floor, Office No:1, Next to Abu Hail MAX, Deira – Dubai +97156 105 0150 +9714 259 4020

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