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Introduction to Blockchain Community of India

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Introduction to Blockchain Community of India

Blockchain community of India is a collaboration of business domain experts and technocrats. They have started their journey into entrepreneurship by choosing 11 traditional business domains namely the healthcare sector, education sector, banking, and finance sector, utility and e-commerce sector, hospitality sector, information technology sector, supply chain sector, in online payments popularly known as payment gateway. They have both business domain experts and technocrats who help implement the business logic into AI and Blockchain-based systems. They also have a pool of investors who have full control of the money they have invested in. Every investor in the Blockchain Community of India is part of its Board and can take decisions on how their investment into the firm should be utilized and into which project.

Business Model of Blockchain Community of India

Blockchain Community of India is a decentralized firm that has a unique business model. It does not have any central body that governs its business. Each partner is responsible for the money he has invested in the firm. He takes the decision on how and when the funds will be used and into which project. Projects that have a huge amount of investments from multiple investors are more probable to be successful for so many investors have belief in its success. The Blockchain Community of India’s central team simply takes decisions on which projects to include in the company portfolio and how the invested amount shall be utilized to gain leverage into the company operations. The direction of the company is still dependent on the decision of its investors, for they decide which project will take flight and which will not. They are the sponsor of the different projects run by the company. Also, the central team helps in doing the feasibility study of the projects whether they are financially and technically feasible or not.

How you can also gain by investing in Blockchain Community of India

The Blockchain Community of India also allows every India to be a part of this journey. For this simply you must download the e-wallet that they have developed and submit the investment amount into this wallet. You earn interest over this investment however the principal amount is still available for you to spend at any retail store while transacting it through their wallet. This way every Indian can be part of their growth journey without investing a single rupee into the firm. For more details, you can download their e-wallet and contact their customer support phone number on how and where your money will be invested and any other queries that you have about the investments and profits related to it.

How the Blockchain Community of India is Contributing towards society

The firm also helps promote young technical experts by involving them into their projects. They provide them with training and necessary support to sharpen their technical skills while guiding them through the journey of projects. They also help arrange various hackathons to bring the latest technocrats onto the table and what hidden gems they have got which can be beneficial to the company. This also helps promote the talent in the market and help them thrive on their talent they have developed so far. They thrive collaboration amongst various AI and Blockchain communities across the country to bring out healthy discussions and how they are handling challenges that are on in this area.

Culture of Blockchain Community of India

Also, for the members of the community, they provide a welcoming and collaborative culture. For they believe that every member of the community is important, and the viewpoint matters and can provide insights to lead the company towards a new height of success. They allow an open environment where each member could freely present their views and ideas. And with the consent of all members and while keeping common interest in view, they take the decision which would lead the business in the right direction. It is a collaborative community of people who are enthusiastic about these technologies and are bringing their various expertise onto the table to let companies grow and flourish.

Investments into AI and Blockchain

They have divested into two technologies – Blockchain Community India which will be inevitable in the coming future. They will be the basis of every machine and part that could relate to the internet. It is going to revolutionize the world of human beings in every aspect possible. In some time, you will realize that it’s difficult to enter this community, so now when the technologies are at its nascent stage, one should tap the opportunity and gain from it and be a part of this journey further. While we have divested into the first eleven traditional businesses, we are also gaining maturity into technology and how it could be implemented and realize various profitable projects.

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