How to Generate Leads : Top 5 Lead Generation Tools for Your Business

Web-based advertising may have made a lot of things possible for business owners but they still lag behind in the most important aspect of their business, that is, lead generation. In spite of the various alternatives available lead generation can still prove to be a challenge for business owners, especially, small and medium-sized businesses.

Many of the business owners are employing much of their time on creating websites, optimizing it, and, promoting their business on social media but are not getting the desired results. To attain the maximum returns on your time investments, you should try using these amazing lead generation tools available at your disposal and can go with one that yields you the best results.

Referral Rock

Referral Rock is a user-friendly software offering a high level of customization as per the particular needs. It allows its users to create customized text and messages and custom email templates for their customers. Referral Rock has a lot of inbuilt features like dual sided incentives, personalized links, notifications on the go automatically, performance statistics, and social media sharing updates. This tool allows its users to detect for any fraud and suspects and those suspected can be removed at any time to save oneself from any kind of abuse. This fraud and suspect feature is not available in other close alternatives of Referral Rock.

This software has a reward payout feature that helps the user maximize its marketing campaigns. It also offers gift cards, discount coupons, and, prepaid visa cards. Though the user can control its reward feature completely, the software will still make tracking and calculations of the rewards to make the process easy.

Features of Referral Rock

  • Widgets
  • Dedicated Referral Website
  • Single Sign-on and registration
  • Unique Code and URL/Link
  • Reward Distribution
  • Fraud Detection

Sales Flare

Sales Flare is the tool that makes your selling process easier to a phenomenal extent. Sales Flare accepts private beta sign up. It provides its users a mobile-friendly interface with great customer relationship management features. It enables the tracking of the performance and statistics to let its users recognize as to how much of their marketing campaigns have reached the prospective customers.

Sales Flare allows its users to identify new interaction opportunities, identify the sales and probable reasons that may be causing a problem in the sales funnel and to track the conversion rates. Sales Flare works in a way that it gives a pleasing experience to the customer by chatting with them on their mobile phones and at the same time it enables them to read about the recent marketing offerings by the business owner.

Features of Sales Flare

  • Business Integration Tools
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Problematic areas n sales funnel
  • User-friendly
  • Activity notifications


Needls is the tool that helps users generate leads via social media channels. This tool is easy to use and can be used by freelancers, small business owners as well as by giant businesses. This tool has a user-friendly interface and budget friendly too. Needls is the SaaS platform that connects the user with potential leads over social media channels by filtering the leads according to the pre-existing leads.

Needls automatically post curated content to the social media pages of the user that is relevant to the user’s business. Needls help users post the most amazing articles from the leading news outlets around the world through its extension needle.ENGAGE.

Features of Needls

  • Business Integration tools
  • Great UI/UX
  • High-Quality Content

Visible to Me

Visible to Me is the tool that provides Apple and Android users an App that helps the business owners connect with the potential business leads and offer them their offerings. This tool enables its users to find the complete information about a business in a particular location. It is a simple to use tool and is budget-friendly and can be used by any business owner varying from small to large-scale organizations.

Features of Visible to Me

  • Secure integration
  • User-friendly
  • Performance tracking

Contact Us

Contact Us is the tool that offers a variety of contact forms allowing customization as per the needs. These forms could vary from facebook Contact Us form to particular mobile website Contact Us form. The business owner can put any relevant questions that they need for further dealing with the prospective buyers. This helps save the time of both the prospective lead as well as the business owner. This tool also allows the users to track call analytics, A/B report testing and notifications for the sales made,

Features of Contact Us

  • Sales Alerts
  • Performance statistics
  • Customized Forms

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If part of your business depends primarily on generating leads, then designing an appealing and informative website along with these tools should be a part of your marketing strategy. By using these tools, you can generate leads easily by keeping a track of those who actively seek your information. Using tools such as Referral Rock or Sales Flare, you will be a hero in the marketing world by acting instantly whenever a prospective buyer comes into sight.

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