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How to achieve success in your life, Follow these 9 life-changing habits

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How to achieve success in your life, Follow these 9 life-changing habits

The most important question for every young professional is’ how to achieve success in your life? As a general trend nowadays, many youths have started copying successful people and whatever successful and famous people do in their daily lives, these youths imitate those actions and habits. While this may initially seem like the right strategy, if this strategy were to be truly effective, every young entrepreneur who dropped out of college would have been as successful as Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. Therefore, following successful people may be a simple and attractive trend, but it certainly does not guarantee success.

So even now, this is the most important question before us, that is, what makes Uber rich, famous, successful and different from all the other competitors? To be honest, no one in this world can give an exact answer to this question. There is no sole reason or way to succeed. In fact, there are many minor aspects and good habits in the lifestyle that can help you succeed.

Now we will discuss some of the habits that will help you succeed in every area of ​​your life:

  1. habit of getting up early in the morning

If you ask a school kid to get up early in the morning, he will immediately tell you more than 100 reasons for this. Despite such a clear and scientific reason, young professionals still find it difficult to adopt this habit, which makes their plans to achieve success largely ineffective. Whether it is work pressure, any compulsion to keep working till late night, or even a very busy routine; People always make some excuse for not getting up early in the morning. But they forget that getting up early in the morning is the key to success.

If you still want to get inspiration to wake up early tomorrow morning, here are some benefits offered to help you:

  • By waking up early in the morning you add about an extra hour to your day which gives you more time to complete your daily work.
  • During the initial hours, your brain and mental capacity are very fast, which gives you more benefits than others.
  • It keeps you calm and away from stress because you do not have to worry about arriving late at work or missing the metro / train / bus to reach your school, college or office.
  • This gives you a lot of time to schedule time for your whole day plan.
  1. Plan Your All-Day Action

Continuing the topic of getting up early in the morning, we further discuss that, when most successful people wake up in the morning on a day, they already have a to-do list or ‘to do list’ for that day. This brings a sense of discipline in their daily life and at the same time it also ensures that none of their important work is missed. By planning your entire day ahead of time, it will also ensure that you will be able to ensure your priorities in relation to your tasks, that is, do the tasks that are most important first and while doing the other tasks later in the day can do. In the same way, you can strike a perfect balance between your work and life by planning a whole day for yourself. By doing this, you not only set time for your profession, but you can also make a lot of time for your other personal activities like workout, entertainment, family etc.

  1. Exercise, be healthy

The old saying ‘Health is wealth’ may seem a bit clichéd these days, but it still has a lot of importance in our lives which every professional should adopt as the basic mantra to achieve success in their life. Wealthy and successful people understand the importance of staying healthy and hence most of them make at least some time out of their daily routine for exercise to stay healthy. It can be included to pay full attention to your eating habits as well as exercising for half an hour.

In fact, the same is true nowadays when you live a more sedentary life than on days when you exercise or eat a healthy diet; On that day you feel more active and refreshed. Many studies have also proved that exercise and good eating habits have a great impact on the overall mindset of professionals.

If you think that your sedentary and poor health lifestyle is not having any effect on your work and health, then you are thinking wrong because definitely after few years or time you’re eating habits and sedentary life Style will definitely affect your life and health. Therefore, if you want your well-being then start taking care of your health from today and eat a nutritious diet along with daily exercise.

  1. Set small goals in life

This is very difficult because most of us believe that being clear about our career goals is a very good thing. Yes! This statement is certainly correct. But while on the one hand you generally get satisfaction by looking at this statement comprehensively, on the other hand it will not give you such guidelines or any such direction which can help you in achieving that goal. Therefore, it is important for young professionals to set small, practical and easily achievable goals for themselves. These small and practical goals that can be easily achieved ultimately help young professionals to achieve that big goal.

For example, if your long-term goal is to ‘always be fit or healthy’ or ‘to get promoted’ then this is definitely a great goal. But, to achieve this, you have to set many other small goals which will act as the step to achieve that great goal.

Setting small goals is also very beneficial as it allows you to check your progress towards bigger goals, which helps you to take a positive attitude about the progress of your life. The special thing is that as soon as you have achieved your first goal, you immediately start trying to achieve your next goal.

  1. Reading

By reading a biography or article of a successful person, you definitely get information about the mantras of achieving their success. But we want to make one thing very clear here that reading an article on Facebook or scrolling through your Twitter feed cannot be included in this category.

Reading is an activity that is often enjoyed by successful and wealthy people. Those of them who like to read, their aim is to learn a lesson instead of getting any information. In simple words, it means that those who want to achieve success in their life, they read good books to increase their knowledge instead of studying only to gain new information. Reading helps you learn something new every day so that you can self-analyze and are motivated to learn skills and no teacher can teach you this.

If you are looking for some good inspirational books to read that can help you succeed in life, then you can read good books on biographies and autobiography.

  1. Take care of cleanliness

When it comes to being successful, no one considers cleanliness as the main reason behind it. Keeping all our things organized and clean seems like our daily work which has nothing to do with success. But keeping clean can create the ability to face challenges as a habit. Actually, such simple habits can be adopted very easily and then we remain stress free and calm because by keeping cleanliness and orderliness, we get everything we need easily.

For example, if you keep your work or study desk always organized, then you will love to sit there, work or study. Apart from this, you will get everything you need immediately, and you will save a lot of time in searching for that item.

  1. Make a thank you list / journal

Success and being successful in every sphere of life is an endless journey rather than a destination. Like all other journeys, in the journey of success, we feel where we are. what do we have? Where do we want to reach Therefore, it is very important for young professionals to realize and be grateful for their good fortune.

Choosing an attitude of gratitude helps a lot in developing a positive attitude in life and then you are motivated to move forward to achieve the larger goals of your life. Starting today, you should identify those three things and make a list for which you are grateful. These things can be such that you feel happy or satisfied after getting them. Whether it is a good morning breakfast or any successful meeting of yours, or anything like meeting a less crowded bus or metro, you can add it to this list.

Once you start feeling happy in such small things every day, then it also helps you to deal with big problems in your profession or personal life.

  1. Spend some time alone every day

With busy and challenging work and personal schedules, it is nowadays impossible for almost everyone to find some time for themselves. When you are constantly surrounded by colleagues, family members and friends, it becomes impossible for you to take time to think seriously about your goals and ambitions. On the other hand, with the challenging work style and pressure to maintain modern social life, you are not able to take out some ‘my time’ for yourself.

But as many psychologists believe, “While the 21st century has brought us all closer, it has set us apart from ourselves.” So, if you want to succeed, be sure to take some time every day for yourself. But, it does not mean that you should sleep or watch TV or stick to social media at that time; You should use this time to connect with yourself, to self-brainstorm, and to understand the meaning of your life as you can consider whether you are satisfied with your existing life or not?

  1. Set online limits

In this article, we are putting the idea of ​​staying away from social media in front of you and there is a very valid reason behind it. There is no doubt that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; Nowadays we have become an integral part of our everyday life and staying away from them has now become a considerable challenge.

But while on the one hand these tools are a great source of staying updated, getting information and entertainment; On the other hand, these tools waste a lot of your time every day. Therefore, be sure to set your online deadline. This is very important for you. What we mean to say is that after spending all day in front of the computer screen for your work, instead of looking at your Facebook feed while returning to your home, put your smartphone and computer aside and connect with real life Take time

Setting appropriate online boundaries will save you a lot of time that will allow you to connect better with other people, especially your friends, colleagues and family members. Initially, you can set a ‘digital detox hour’ every day for 30 minutes in your office and 30 minutes in your home during which you can turn off your computer and smartphone and do other important and more important tasks in your life.


These are some of the many different daily habits that can help you a lot in achieving success in your life. By adopting these habits, you can become a good person by touching the hearts of the people around you along with achieving business success.

In short, we cite the famous poet John Dryden of England who said that,

“We make our habits first and then our habits make us.”

Bhanu Garg

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