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Fish aquarium shop in DubaiFish aquarium shop in Dubai

Fish aquarium shop in Dubai

1. Discus
About us: (aka Discus Fish Trading) was founded in 2015 by Hamad Al Suwaidi, an animal enthusiast and local art director who developed a connection with the world-renowned Stendker hatchery in Germany to transport their exclusive specimens to the UAE – what started out as a private collection of the first ever German discus imported into the region has grown to become the very first specialist freshwater and aquatic design store in the Middle East. Located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is designed to offer our visitors the necessary elements to develop a successful aquarium with the assistance of our professional team and specially curated supplies. The exquisite quality of our Stendker discus fish mandates us to equip our store with the finest and most reliable aquarium products, to help our customers establish a complete and long lasting environment for their finned friends.
Services: Providing access to the best fish, the best plants, and the best supplies is both a personal passion and a great responsibility which everyone at is dedicated to facilitate.
Contact: +971589672054

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2. Green Desert Aquarium
About us: Green Desert Aquarium was founded on 25th April 2015 and since then grown to be a market leader in the aquarium industry. We specialize in Fresh Water Fish, Plants, Shrimps, Show Grade Betta, Marine Fish & Corals.We are authorized retailers for Dennerle, Aqualighter, Chichiros & CZ Aqua Products.
Services: A quick glance at our aquatic store at Al-Karama – Dubai. Green Desert Aquarium (GDA) has its reputation for Customer Service & Quality in Products.

Contact: No: 6, Ivory Wasl Building, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE. Hotline: +971-56-4663340

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3. Thinkfish
About us: In 2013 Think Fish was set up by its owner and marine biologist Charlie Smillie. A professional aquarist himself, his vision was to create a fresh and contemporary aquatic company offering a modern take on aquarium retail, bespoke installations and professional maintenance solutions for hobbyists, right through to corporate clients, in the UAE.The vision is becoming a reality as Think Fish grows in popularity in every area of business, whilst gaining a great deal of respect within the industry. This has been achieved by innovate vision, a great team, and most importantly – amazing customers who appreciate what we do and share our passion!
Services: Think Fish has a dedicated aquarium design and installation team working on bespoke aquarium projects in UAE. From concept through to delivery and beyond, our focus is on delivering on our clients expectations from start to finish. We do this by working with experienced and trusted local and international partners allowing us to offer aquariums of any type and size.  Every client requirement is unique, and design and build each aquarium with the care and consideration it deserves.Types of bespoke projects we offer, include but are not limited to: Freshwater, Planted / Nature Aquariums, Marine – fish only systems, Coral Reef aquariums, Biotope Aquariums – Marine & Freshwater, Jellyfish aquariums,Ponds.
Contact: Email:

Tel: + 971 4 8850855

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About us: If you’re looking for a place that has it all – quality aquariums with proper installation and maintenance services, head over to Aqua Art. Starting in 1998, Although it is not too big, this aquarium shop in Dubai more than makes up for it with honest dealings and quality products. This place selling pet fish in Dubai now aims to expand into premium aquarium tanks that can be designed and customised to fit your requirements.
Services: Aqua Art has been a supplier of freshwater and saltwater fish and aquarium tanks to homes, big and small.
Contact: +971-4-337-1619

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About us: If you’re wondering where to buy aquariums in Dubai, Jassina Fish Aquarium is a good place to start. Located in Deira, this tiny aquarium shop is a one-stop destination for almost all your aquarium needs unless you want a giant wall-sized aquarium.

Services: Jassina Fish Aquarium sells regular-sized aquarium tanks, aquarium cleaning supplies, aquarium parts, a variety of fish and fish food. The place, however, is most popular for live water plants for aqua-scaping and the owner’s valuable free advice on raising fishes in aquariums.
Contact: +971-4-269-1665

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6. Aquarium Lives Centre
About us: Aquarium Lives Centre operates from LuLu Hypermarket’s branch in Al Barsha. This is the place you go to when you need a huge variety of fish to choose from. Since the Aquarium Lives Centre in Dubai does not have a proper store, their small outlet concentrates on providing an array of fish species, fish food and aquarium accessories. Choices for aquarium tanks are fairly limited, but you can still find some good small glass tanks to set up a small aquarium in your home.

Services: For greater aquarium variety, you can visit their store in Sharjah.
Contact: +971-4-341-8836

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About us: If you’re looking for customised aquariums in Dubai, Underwater Environments Aquarium are the experts. Their professional staff is equipped with adequate knowledge of the tanks and marine life. They guide you with your decisions, helping you pick the aquarium tank which is perfect for you and your home.
Services: You can buy one of the beauties in their extensive inventory or order a custom-made aquarium which will be unique to your space. This aquarium shop in Dubai also specialises in tropical fish.
Contact: +971-4-346-6600

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8. National Aquarium
About us: Operational since 1972, this is perhaps one of the oldest aquarium shops in Dubai. They know their business and employ a knowledgeable staff that is always ready to help you with your aquarium choices. Whether you want to buy a basic aquarium with some standard goldfish or you’re hoping for a tank that houses your pet water snake
Services: National Aquarium can walk you through the purchase. Rest assured, this is where you can get just the aquarium you want at a reasonable price. You can choose between the glass and fibreglass tanks and let the shop take care of your aquarium needs.

Contact: Contact: +971-4-330-1199

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About us: As the name suggests, this is a pet store. But you can find a decent range of aquariums tanks here. In addition to the tanks, this place has aquarium filters and cleaning supplies, making it one of the good aquarium shops in Dubai. If you’re into coral reefs, this store is home to Reeflections that deals in premium coral plants from the Gulf waters. Located near the Al Satwa area, Creatures Oasis also sells plants and other pet animals.
Services: Cleaning supplies, making it one of the good aquarium shops in Dubai
Contact: +971-4-344-2154

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About us: This small aquarium shop in Dubai has everything you need to set up your first basic aquarium. Reach out to the friendly staff for advice and let them guide you through your purchases. Whether it’s the aquarium size, the number and type of fish or the accessories you need to clean and maintain the aquarium, World of Fishes has you covered.
Services: All items are reasonably priced and there is plenty to choose from.
Contact: +971-4-396-6002

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