Top 10 Birds shop in Dubai 2024 – Ranking & Update

Top 10 Birds shop in DubaiTop 10 Birds shop in Dubai

Top 10 Birds shop in Dubai

Explore the Top 10 Birds shop in Dubai 2024! Our  list ranks the top 10 stores, providing reviews and the latest updates on avian supplies, species, and expert services.

Top 10 Birds shop in Dubai 2024

1. Pet Corner

About us: For everybody who loves their furry little friends and wishes to provide them with the very best of care, here’s one of the best pet shops in Dubai at your service. Pet Corner is not just a bigger store, it’s a better one. It is one of the best pet stores where you can get different kinds of cat, dog and bird food in Dubai.      
Services: With an active online pet shop as well as a physical store, efficient payment, delivery system, and customer care, our pet shop in Dubai promises a satisfying experience to every customer. Besides a wide range of over 3,000 top-quality pet products, we also provide services of the next level such as pet administrations including canine handling, pet grooming procedures and techniques.
Contact: +9714 885 36 37


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Me and my friend Hisham started a pet shop in UAE. We found SM Bros Group – SMBG B2B with great collection of pet & aquatic supplies. It was very nice to deal with them and they gave all the support for our shop and products.

Services:  Pet grooming, foods and bowls, cage, top quality pet products.

    PO Box #: 92040 Office #206
    Al Qusais Plaza Dubai, UAE
    92040 UAE
    United Arab Emirates
  • +971 54 441 5734 / +971 6 531 0941
  • +97165310942


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3. The Birds and Pets Market
About us: The Birds and Pets Market is one of Dubai Municipality’s public markets. It houses shops that sell birds and animals and their food and decorative accessories. It also includes a veterinary quarantine service and many support services. The market shops include:
Pets and ornamental birds shops
Bird feed shops
Bird accessories and supplies shops
Ornamental fish shops
Guard dogs and guard dogs ornaments shops
Cat shops
Rabbit shops
Services:  The Market offer several support services, such as:
Veterinary animal examination clinic
Performing surgeries
Animal vaccination
Veterinary pharmacy
Contact: 4456482095

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4. The pet shop
About us: We stock a large range of bird items for all bird types; Amazones, Macaws, African Gray, Conures, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Budgies and different Softbills like; Finches, Canaries, Toucans and Mynahs.
Services:  Our range offers both premium bird food from brands like ZuPreem, Harrison`s, Beaphar and Kaytee, beside bird supplements, birdcages, bird toys and birdcage accessories.
Contact: 048878218

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5. Animal World
About us: We at Animal World recognize that keeping a pet is a huge commitment, you are promising to look after and care for your pet throughout its life, therefore we always promote and are always providing support and help to ensure responsible ownership; and strive to match the owners with the right pet in order to ensure that each and every animal is a part of the family.

Services: Animal World prides itself in offering nothing but the best quality to its customers; as part of our vision we provide an unmatched level of pre-purchase assistance and services as we expand and grow with the ever-changing needs of pet ownership. Animal World prides itself on its reputation of being a unique pet boutique providing unmatched quality to its customers by continuing to grow and offer the finest range of domestic pets and pet products within the UAE through personal care and a friendly neighborhood feel.

Contact: +9714344 44 22

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About us; With the increasing number of pet-friendly communities in Dubai, more and more of the emirate’s population are welcoming new additions to the household from the animal kingdom. Having these furry, feathery or sometimes even scaly species becoming part of our family is one of life’s true pleasures. Pet parents in the city know that having a pet ensures companionship, as well as a fun and loving presence in your home. When you’re ready to take the plunge, the Dubai Birds and Pets Market is the perfect place to find your new beloved pet.
Services:  Here’s some of the other facilities at the market:

Area for auctions and bird exhibitions
Vaccination centre
Veterinary pharmacy
Animal examination and surgery clinics
Accommodation for bird market employees
Contact: +971-4-287-3463

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7. Pet sky
About Us: Many years of service to pet parents, Petsky Online is a leading pet specialty retailer that obsesses about delivering health and happy experiences for pets and the people who love them. We do this by providing the products, services, advice and experiences that keep pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy.
Services: Our pet shop values quality, comfort and individuality of the products we sell. We want our clients and their pets to receive the best service and goods, that’s why we work only with proven and respected manufacturers.
Contact: +971 4 456 22 02

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8. Pets Lovn
About us: Unconditional Love, Admiration, Loyalty, Friendships are a few of the many things that our pets give us, and in return, as pet parents, we must give them loads of love, delicious healthy food, belly rubs, playtime, and take good care of their health. Growing up and living with pets is a memorable experience and one that I hope everyone has. Being a pet parent comes with great responsibility and lots of questions.
Services: Our experience in the pet industry helps us provide quality products and services that are the core parts of our DNA. We are here to guide, provide, and spoil you and your pets for

choices relating to food, treats, wellbeing, healthcare, protection, and hygiene, to name a few.
Contact: +971585927048

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9. Zoo and pet supplies pet food pet shop UAE
About us: Zoo and pet supplies pet food pet shop UAEis a category defining health and wellness with premium high quality pet supplies accessories in with free delivery shipping same or next day with specialty different products by cost attributes.
Services: Bird Supplies bird food UAE bird products Bird Shop dubai, Sharjah bird accessories store Bird Products. Baby bird hand feeding, bird health and supplement.
Contact: +971 55 134 2003

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10. Petpro
About us: is a specialty online pet store with the aim to provide the lifetime needs of your pets. With proper manpower and facilities, we assure that every single transaction will be handled with care and efficiency. believes that life is better with pets. We understand the feeling you get when your dog greets you at the door or the warmth of your cat curled up on your lap. At we know the unconditional love that pets bring to our everyday lives.
Services:  Dry cat food, Wet cat food, cat treats, healthcare, Grooming, accessories.
Contact: +971 50 864 7403

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