Common Errors During Antivirus Setup

Online threats and malware are not new current IT world where a bunch of people are exploiting system vulnerability to harm your PC or Laptop. Antivirus safeguards your computer or laptop from such spyware and malwares with highly advanced protection. Selecting the best antivirus to shield your PC or laptop from virus attacks, malware attacks, hacker attacks is an unnerving job which pass through where you already have hundreds of options available in market. However, after selecting the best antivirus, there is another tedious process i.e. Antivirus setup. Most of the antivirus products gives an Insight about the product but only a few emphasize on Antivirus setup

Below are some common errors that user may face during antivirus setup

  • Compatibility: User may face error while doing antivirus setup for windows 10. Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system these days however every antivirus is designed keeping system requirements like operating system, memory etc. So, user need to be careful about system requirements while purchasing antivirus else they may end up buying incompatible antivirus.
  • Installation steps: During antivirus setup, user need to be careful about steps to be followed. It should be illustrated in pictorial way for better understanding. Steps like entering product key for antivirus activation, installing from a CD or hard drive or any other external storage should be pin pointed. However, if user have any doubt during setup, you should check installation guide or get help from antivirus customer care.
  • Blocked Installations: Couple of times your antivirus setup is blocked by existing malware or spyware on your system or due to previously installed antivirus. In most of the cases, antivirus installation guide provides steps to overcome it like uninstalling previous antivirus, turning of window’s 10 defender, creating a rescue disk etc. In case you are blocked with any such step, you should not hesitate to call antivirus customer care service number which is usually mentioned on every website.
  • Troubleshooting Installation: Windows 10 by default trouble shooting wizard to overcome installation issues during antivirus setup for windows 10. However, it is not useful in case you are trying to install from a corrupted file. Still you may give it a shot but if issue Still persists, it good to call antivirus customer service number

Most of the antivirus companies come with an online support for installing and trouble shooting antivirus where user can create an account to post their problem or chatting with a chat bot on a website or directly calling antivirus customer care. These trained professionals will surely resolve your problem and help in successfully installing antivirus to prevent your system viruses and malwares.

Bhanu Garg: